Daily Log: 11-23



Bay Park Community Hospital

Rebecca Rich, Toledo, girl, Nov. 21.


Flower Hospital

Megan and Troy Boze, Temperance, boy, Nov. 20.

Heather and Erik Johnson, Waterville, boy, Nov. 20.


Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Lanee Gardiner, Toledo, boy, Nov. 19.

Jessica Noethern, Toledo, boy, Nov. 20.


Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Christine and Benjamin Albright, Toledo, boy, Nov. 19.

Rosalinda Guerrero, Toledo, girl, Nov. 20.


St. Luke’s Hospital

Kimberly and Randy Ayers, Perrysburg, boy, Nov. 21.

Amanda and Daniel Pawlinski, Swanton, girl, Nov. 22.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Nov. 21, 2013

Larry Miller, 21, and Shanice Banks, 20, customer service representative, both of Toledo.

Kevin Radwanski, 57, teacher, and Heide Paris, 53, both of Toledo.

Eulan Tucker III, 50, mechanic, and Terri Berry, 50, cashier, both of Oregon.

Joshua Engram, 20, and Kirsten Protsik, 20, both of Swanton.

Keith Davis, Jr., 31, student, of Toledo, and Amanda Hines, 31, pharmacy technician, of Genoa.

Tyler Ault, 26, coach, of Toledo, and Julie Katschke, 24, admissions counselor, of Oregon.



Lucas County

Al-Abed, Eisha, Wexford Hill Lane, Holland, glioblastoma.

Bartlett, Kathleen, 61, Oakdale Street, sepsis.

Bethel, Dawn, 51, Violet Road, anoxic encephalopathy.

Boxenbaum, Jennie, 89, Edgebrook Boulevard, failure to thrive.

Boyd, Denise, 53, Dorr Street, pending.

Cowell, Harry, Jr., 88, Eaglewood Drive, Sylvania, vascular dementia.

Eaton, Kenneth, 78, Manatee Court, Maumee, dementia.

Garland, Marcus, 42, Chase Street, pending.

Gonyer, James, 66, Glendale Avenue, heart disease.

Gordon, Sidney, Jr., 78, Dunhill Drive, Sylvania, septic shock.

Heuerman, Bonita, 67, Valencia Drive, cancer.

Holst, Joyce, 80, Kingston Avenue, cancer.

Howard, Rose, 97, Estero Place, congestive heart failure.

Keigley, Alice, 91, Swan Creek Lane, aspiration pneumonia.

Mazzola, Kelly, 37, Milan, Mich., accident.

McIlwain, Coral, 74, Forestlawn Road, pneumonia.

Peters, William, 72, Kirkland Road, renal disease.

Pletz, Florence, 98, Orchard Trail Drive, coronary artery disease.

Reineck, Paul, 62, Wendover Drive, pending.

Reiter, Nicholas, 51, Gibsonburg, Ohio, shock.

Russell, Cecil, Jr., 81, Naomi Drive, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Scheiber, Elizabeth, 89, Tiffin, accident.

Smith, Brenda, 60, Wamba Avenue, cancer.

Smith, Mary, 68, Northwood, liver disease.

Wahl, Edward, Jr., 49, Jermain Drive, pending.

Wilbarger, John, 68, Colburn Street, multisystem organ failure.

Zawisza, Joan, 90, South Wynn Road, Oregon, dementia.


Crime reports


REMAX Masters, copper plumbing and water meter from 1000 block of Woodsdale.

Yvonne Kulwicki, clothing from residence in 2200 block of W. Laskey.

JB Goodwin, TV, video game system and several games, and knives from residence in 900 block of Ontario.

Helen Wanamaker, purse, cash, and video game system from room in nursing home in 4600 block of Lewis.

Keith Langlois, tobacco pipes, assorted DVDs, and video game system software from dwelling in 3900 block of Hoiles.

Felix Alcala, safe, cash, and cashier's check from residence in 1200 block of N. Ontario.

Neva Singer, cash, jewelry, and two watches from residence in 2700 block of W. Laskey.

Barbara Ploof, cash, TV, CD player, and assorted frozen meat from residence in 1200 block of Kelsey.

Marc Coleman, cash, DVDs, computer, and digital camera from dwelling in 500 block of Shasta.

Eric Ruiz, three air conditioner units, clothes dryer, four children's bicycles, miscellaneous tools, and lawnmower from dwelling in 300 block of Heffner.

Anastasha White, shoes and clothing from residence in 1000 block of N. Holland-Sylvania.

James Stevens, trailer with log splitter, farm tractor, chain saw, assorted tools, and stump grinder from grounds of residence in 5500 block of Telegraph.

Dustin Webster, DVD player, prescription medication, and personal papers from dwelling in 3600 block Hill.

Doug Mallette, copper tubing from residence in 3300 block of Island.

STS Management, copper wire from commercial building in 3100 block of South.

Brian Przeslawski, mountain bike, eight Kenda tires, DC 3.0 rims, Rock shox front forks, white seat, and white grips from residence in 5800 block of Firethorne.

Medina Johnson, personal checks and clothing from dwelling in 100 block of W. Central.

Sharlynda Gregory, TV from residence in 1100 block of Paxton.

Edward Hojnicki, TV from residence in 3200 block of Elm.

Unique McCadney, TV from residence in 400 block of Martin by three men who fled in white pickup.

Fannie Mae, copper piping, smoke detector, and water meter from dwelling in 900 block of Woodsdale.

James A. Hubbard, TV from dwelling in 700 block of Vance.

Karrie Wiedman, router from residence in 500 block of St. Louis.

Valerie Gulley, air conditioner, copper tubing, and water heater from residence in 700 block of Greene.

Drucilla White, hot water tank, furnace, kitchen stove, and refrigerator from dwelling in 1300 block of Hamilton.

Brian Roth, TV, video game system and 15 games, cash, jewelry, purse, and computer from residence in 2200 block of Drummond.

Ernesto Valdez, two video game systems, electronic reader, computer, and personal papers from residence in 3300 block of N. Detroit.

Maxine Mitchel and, Ketann Wyatt, TV and video game system with controllers from residence and personal papers from vehicle in 2300 block of Nebraska.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Ezekiel Kinkaid and Amy Kinkaid.

Sarah Schobinger and Christopher Schobinger.

Stephen Walbolt and Corrina Walbolt.

Lisa Rosner and Matthew Rosner.

Jamie Lenhart and Jason Lenhardt.

Lucinda Springer and Dale Springer.

Roland Smelter and Rebecca Harrell-Smelter.

Ronnie England, Jr. and Kimberlie England.

Marie Wetzel and Henry Wetzel II.

Pamela Gerhardinger and John Gerhardinger.

Rebekah Prior and Ryan Prior.

Rodney Farthing, Jr. and Carla Farthing.

Lawrence Emery, Jr. and Briana Emery.

Ronald Robinson and Nicole Robinson.

Shannon Olah and Michael Olah.

Christine Perry and Kevyn Perry.

Ronnie Maran and Brenda Maran.

Maria Wheeler and Hugh Wheeler.

Nicholas Morgan and Stephanie Morgan.

Paul Kniss and Elena Kniss.

Zachary Lovato and Holly Lovato.

Amy Longsdorf and Eric Longsdorf.