Daily Log: 12-3



Bay Park Community Hospital

Melanie Pacetti, Toledo, girl, Dec. 1.

Marquita Gilmer, Toledo, boy, Dec. 1.

Rachelle and Kyle Hoffman, Genoa, boy, Dec. 2.

Flower Hospital

Sirena Fisher, Toledo, boy, Nov. 26.

April Marbais, Toledo, boy, Nov. 26.

Tamisha James, Toledo, girl, Nov. 27.

Britney and Nathan Duggan, Toledo, boy, Nov. 27.

Heather Alberts, Toledo, girl, Nov. 28.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Allison Hilt, Toledo, boy, Nov. 29.

Christie and Jason Ford, Toledo, girl, Nov. 30.

Laura and Edward Strietelmeier, Swanton, girl, Nov. 30.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Danielle Burner, Toledo, girl, Nov. 30.

Teaira and James Sherman, Toledo, girl, Dec. 1.

Toledo Hospital

Alexisjoy Haynes, Toledo, boy, Dec. 1.

Sierra Moore, Toledo, girl, Dec. 1.

Susan Morrison, Northwood, boy, Dec. 1.

Brandy Rachuba, Toledo, girl, Dec. 1.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Nov. 27, 2013

Daniel Effler, 28, real estate broker, and Theresa Gallup, 32, physician, both of Toledo.

Steven Switzer, 29, recruiter, of Maumee, and Allison Marquette, 24, teacher, of Rossford.

Adam Laurell, 28, accountant, and Danielle Surace, 27, teacher, both of Oregon.

Larry Burns, 26, tower climber, and Ashley Mugler, 28, nurse, both of Toledo.

Timothy Owens, Jr., 35, self employed, and Likita Jones, 22, both of Toledo.

Christian Trejo, 20, service technician, and Ornelas Urbieta, 18, both of Toledo.

Joseph Torres, 36, factory worker, of Toledo, and Rosalee Youngblood, 40, of Detroit.

Clarence Ellerson, Jr., 47, refrigeration technician, and Angela Harrington, 43, account specialist, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Baumker, Thomas, 50, 307th Street, pending.

Bird, Marlene, 82, Lewis Avenue, cancer.

Bonneau aka Dion, Judith, 90, Whiteford Road, Sylvania, hypertension.

Brooks, Marilyn, 69, Upper Sandusky, respiratory failure.

Carmon, Delores, 75, LaSalle, Mich., stroke.

Copelin, Mildred, 87, Rood Street, stroke.

Duvall, Wanda, 91, Cushman Road, Sylvania, coronary artery disease.

Easterwood, Eugene/Richard, 71, Shea Street, kidney disease.

Einfalt, Olga, 86, Lambertville, congestive heart failure.

Fisher, Frank, Jr., 84, Northwood, dementia.

Forgette, Lee, 70, Cherrylawn Drive, multiorgan failure.

Giovannozzi, Lucia, 50, 317th Street, stroke.

Gratz, Jean, 71, Cloverdale Road, multiorgan system failure.

Hersch, Ann, 58, Darlington Road, multiple sclerosis.

Hill, David, 59, Dearborn Avenue, malignant melanoma.

Kasprzak, Michael, 79, North Berkey-Southern Road, Richfield Township, cancer.

Kidwell, Dana, 61, Tiffin, cardiorespiratory arrest.

Konopka, Sylvia, 92, Townhouse Drive, Oregon, aortic stenosis.

Lemle, Clyde, 81, Murd Road, Richfield Township, respiratory failure.

Mix, Evelyn, 90, Rulo Road, presumed cancer.

Myers, Crystal, 27, Key Street, pulmonary hypertension.

Never, Bernard, 77, Northgate Parkway, stroke.

Olsen, Jane, 81, Parkcliffe Lane, dementia.

Pappas, Bonnie, 74, Heatherlawn Drive, coronary artery disease.

Peterson, Bonny, 54, Defiance, sepsis.

Sanchez, Gloria, 47, Howland Avenue, diabetic ketoacidosis.

Sendelbach, Lawrence, 63, Monroe Street, heart disease.

Wagner, Mary, 70, Huntington Road, Sylvania Township, cancer.

Waldron, Dorothy, 91, Forest Grove Drive, congestive heart failure.

Walker, William, 89, Sandusky, accident.

White, Robert, 64, Douglas Road, cancer.

Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Bobby Brown, assaulted at residence in 800 block of Fernwood.

Christopher Stevens, shot on street in 500 block of Dexter by man or teenage boy trying to rob him of cash.


John Wolf, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash on street in 2700 block of Tremainsville.

Allen Edwards, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash and backpack with work gloves and food on street at Airport and South Byrne.

Eric Whaley and Allen Baranowski, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash and smart phone on street at Rohr and River.

Joshua Krieg, threatened with knife and robbed of cash in alley in 500 block of East Broadway.

Family Dollar, employee threatened with handgun and robbed of cash at chain store in 1100 block of North Reynolds.

Heather Haske, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash in alley near Lewis and Sylvania.

Shaun Eller, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash, credit card, and ID card on street in 900 block of Avondale.

Javier Villegas, threatened with handgun, assaulted, and robbed of cash at residence in 2100 block of Bakewell.

Jacob Kusz, assaulted and robbed of cash and ID card on street at Berdan and Upton.

Justin Olds, assaulted and robbed of cell phone on street at Madison and North Ontario.

James Shook, robbed of bicycle on street at South and South Westwood.


Mylow Walls, TVs from residence in 600 block of Belmont.

Janice Kopietz, music player and purse with cash, debit card, and driver's license from residence in 1900 block of Northwyck.

Stef’s Comboz, merchandise and safe with coins from business in 5800 block of Dorr.

Tiffany McClain, TV from residence in 1200 block of West Delaware.

James McDuffey, TVs and video game system with games from residence in 1500 block of Cone.

Altisource Co., copper and sinks from residence in 2400 block of Glenwood.

Amanda Wright, copper pipes from residence in 5400 block of San Juan.

Davida Chong, TV, DVD player, microwave oven, and purse with child support card and personal documents from residence in 400 block of Starr.

Audrey Chilner, TV from residence in 2500 block of Consaul.

Jeanne Elghaiaty, TV, computer with accessories, video game controller, video games, and jewelry box with costume jewelry from residence in 4300 block of Boydson.

Guy Buys Books LLC, merchandise from business in 3200 block of West Central.

Janice Meredith, copper pipes from residence in 1200 block of Harvard.

John Suess, air compressor, arc welder, oil stove, and tool boxes with tools from garage in 800 block of National.

Amy Wakefield, keys and wallet with cash, bank card, and Social Security card from residence in 3200 block of Glendales.

Tammy Futrell, ATM card from residence in 2000 block of Bakewell.

Rachelle Dunning, TV, laptop computer, and stereo system from residence in 400 block of Darrow.

Mark Fox, cash, jewelry, computer, and video game system with games from residence in 2500 block of Drummond.

Richard Lusk, computers and medicines from residence in 3900 block of Hoiles.

Stephanie Bulger, water heater and furnace from residence in 200 block of Ferris.

Lauretta Osley, TV and video game system from residence in 400 block of Kenilworth.

John Rollf, video game system with accessories from residence in 500 block of Jervis.

Wanda Tyler, TVs and DVD player from residence in 600 block of Hamilton.

John Perry, Jr., leather coats and video game systems with games from residence in 2900 block of Mulberry.

Pamela Sudduth, jeans and home fragrance bulbs from residence in 5500 block of Glenridge.

Abdul Rahim, refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, sinks, carpet, cabinets, furnace, and water tank from residence in 2700 block of Glenwood.

Carmell Brown, TVs and water heater from residence in 1500 block of Waite.

Dollar General, cartons of cigarettes from store in 300 block of West Bancroft.

Tara Lawrence, jewelry, TV, and video game system from residence in 300 block of West Bancroft.


Tina Robinson, cash, credit cards, checkbook, TVs, video game systems, cell phone, binoculars, and food from residence in 1500 block of Mott.