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Daily Log

Daily Log: 12-12


Bay Park Community Hospital

Guadalupe Hernandez, Bono, Ohio, boy, Dec. 10.

Sarah Henneman, Oregon, girl, Dec. 10.

Flower Hospital

Amber Ridley, Toledo, girl, Dec. 8.

Amanda and Aaron Wozniak, Toledo, boy, Dec. 8.

Jennifer Greiner, Temperance, girl, Dec. 9.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Brenna O’Donnell and Josh Patterson, Toledo, girl, Dec. 2.

Alinia Christianson, Toledo, boy, Dec. 9.

Trankeeya Johnson, Toledo, girl, Dec. 10.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Vanessa Rousn, Toledo, girl, Dec. 10.

Kristen Zomkowski, Rossford, boy, Dec. 10.

Abigail and Brad Cymbola, Liberty Center, Ohio, boy, Dec. 10.

Jean and Matthew Bucher, Whitehouse, boy, Dec. 10.

Megan Harrison, Toledo, boy, Dec. 11.

Toledo Hospital

Sophia Coleman, Toledo, boy, Oct. 29.

Tianna and John Young, III, boy, Dec. 5.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Dec. 9, 2013

Brandon Rudd, 29, machinist, and Jamie Thompson, 23, both of Holland.

Roger Newman, II, 31, maintenance, and Marilyn Newman, 31, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Steven Urvanowski, 59, retired, and Judith Miller, 59, nurse, both of Maumee.

Joseph Trembach, 27, boxer, and Carmella Davis, 21, nurse’s aide, both of Toledo.

Wesley McRobert, Jr., 36, laborer, and Julie Pines, 38, social worker, both of Tecumseh, Mich.


Lucas County

Abrell, James, 63, Luna Pier, Mich., cerebrovascular accident.

Adcock, Theresa, 104, Mary Allen Drive, Oregon, congestive heart failure.

Anderson, Lillian, 84, North Summit Street, dementia.

Bender, Marie, 85, Daleford Drive, stroke.

Brieschke, Frederick, Jr., 83, Blissfield, Mich., cancer.

Cappelletty, James, 73, Oakridge Drive, cerebrovascular disease.

Chappell, Rita, 56, Brownstone Boulevard, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Chrzan, Fern, 83, Sylvania-Metamora Road, Sylvania, myocardial infarction.

Conroy, Phyllis, 86, Ryewyck Drive, coronary atherosclerosis.

Cromly, Charles, 92, Perrysburg Holland Road, Holland, cerebrovascular accident.

Doherty, Susan, 64, Winding Creek Place, Sylvania, coronary heart disease.

Edwards, Wilma, 96, King Road, Sylvania, multiorgan system failure.

Endres, Maureen, 71, Bowling Green, intracranial hemorrhage.

Francis, Gaylord, 82, McIntyre Lane, Maumee, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Globig, Robert, 86, Christie Boulevard, pending.

Grodi, Dorothy, 83, Perrysburg, cardiogenic shock.

Guerin, Melvin, 66, Navarre Avenue, Oregon, cancer.

Harris, Minnie, 76, Tecumseh Street, cancer.

Hoffmann, David, 77, Perrysburg, coronary artery disease.

House, Jeannine, 76, Clyde, Ohio, pneumonia.

Humberston, Betty, 91, Ashley Road, Sylvania Township, aspiration pneumonia.

Jacobs, Paul, 72, East Glastonberry Road, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Jordan, Belva, 86, Shaffer Road, Swanton, dementia.

Lake, Carlton, 80, West Bancroft Street, coronary artery disease.

Lewallen, Deborah, 51, Liberty Center, Ohio, cancer.

Lingohr, Jerri, 67, 302nd Street, carcinosarcoma.

Lynch, Florence, 83, Middlesex Drive, presumed cancer.

Mishka, Janet, 78, Arletta Street, pneumonia.

Orosz, Julius, 92, Brown Road, Curtice, Parkinson’s disease.

Palmer, Florence, 87, North Ontario Street, cancer.

Poisguy, Ann, 74, Eastvale Avenue, Oregon, hypertensive heart disease.

Raszka, Geraldine, 80, Clover Lane, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Roberts, Terry, 73, Larkhaven Drive, coronary artery disease.

Rogowski, Helen, 78, Fassett Street, accident.

Rogowski, Joseph, 84, Fassett Street, accident.

Rowlett, Sarah, 84, Fernwood Avenue, multisystem organ failure.

Sedlar, Loretta, 82, Erie, Mich., septic shock.

Siebert, Cecelia, 66, Fremont, coronary syndrome.

Sieja, Linda, 67, Pine Trace Drive, Maumee, cancer.

Smith, Burl, 87, Monclova Road, Maumee, accident.

Smith, Donald, Jr., 48, Stirrup Lane, pending.

Snyder, Kent, 55, Grand Rapids, Ohio, adenocarcinoma.

Wood, Norma, 84, Glenbrook Drive, cancer.

Crime reports


Antoine Shyne, TV, clothes, and shoes from residence in 900 block of Brookley.

Latrisha Richardson, welfare card and Social Security card from residence in 900 block of Coventry.

Tiara Osborn, TVs from residence in 400 block of 4th.

Shirley Reynolds, refrigerator and stove from residence in 700 block of Oak.

Carrington Home Solutions, copper pipes from residence in 5100 block of South Willcrest.

Alfreda Brown, laptop computers from residence in 400 block of Southgate.

Tiangela Overton, TVs and video-game systems from residence in 1000 block of Prospect.

Stephanie Thatcher, jewelry, safe, TV, and camera from residence in 1500 block of Brooke Park.

Reginald Grace, jewelry, TV, and computers from residence in 700 block of Waverly.

Youjia Gong and Yixui Liu, music player, cell phone, and bag with personal documents from residence in 2300 block of Cheltenham.

Jerome Ditmyer, lawn maintenance equipment from shed in 2100 block of Eastbrook.

Nelson Collins, cash, gold coins, jewelry, cell phone, TVs, video game systems with games, laptop computer, DVDs, and CDs from residence in 3100 block of Kimball.

Kimberly Cundick, garage door opener and DVD player with movies, and case from garage in 5600 block of Ryewyck.

Taylor Jankowiak, cash from residence in 800 block of Delence.

Janelle Holmes, jewelry and safe with personal papers from residence in 900 block of Collins.

Betty Dyer, TVs, computers, and video game systems from residence in 100 block of West Park.

Andrew Stichter, copper pipes from residence in 3300 block of Goddard.

Jacob Welch, jewelry, TV, and video game system with games and controllers from residence in 800 block of Turner.

Kelly Reinhart, cash from residence in 4100 block of Mayfield.

Anna Wlodarski, bunk bed mattress and frame from residence in 2200 block of Castlewood.

Thomas Hutton, ladder, tools, and lawn maintenance equipment from garage in 1600 block of Belmont.

AmeriMade Realty, copper pipes from residence in 1300 block of Luscombe.

Broderick Williams, bicycle from garage in 2800 block of Merrimac.

Kathleen Campos, cash, jewelry, DVD players, and Christmas presents from residence in 5200 block of 305th.


Cesar Gutierrez and Janet Gutierrez, bags of clothes from vehicle at Airport and South Reynolds.

Todd Navarre, digital camera from motel in 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Jaclyn Grusy, purse, wallet, personal documents, bank cards, and checkbook from vehicle in 4700 block of Shinnecock.

Dorothy McCoy, purse with checkbook and vehicle title from residence in 3300 block of Glenwood.

Rochelle Petrey, medicine from residence in 800 block of Spencer.

Stephen Griffin, music production equipment and tablet computer from parking lot in 4500 block of Angola.

Mary Tran, jewelry from residence in 700 block of Yates.

Michael Willard, medicine from residence in 4900 block of Suder.

Gary Dickerson, lawn maintenance equipment from vehicle in 700 block of Chicago.

Dwight Macon, debit card and personal documents from vehicle in 600 block of Pine Valley.

Ricky Tyree, aluminum from residence in 1000 block of Vinal.

Rephaiah Carpenter, jewelry from residence in 2200 block of Charlestown.

Sharon Magrum, cash from residence in 6000 block of 323rd.

Victor Woodmore, Social Security check from residence in 400 block of West Bancroft.

Melvyn Neal, checkbook from residence in 1100 block of Indiana.

Lindsey Hussar, tablet computer and school books from vehicle in 5800 block of North Yermo.

Michael Wilson, tools and building equipment from work van in 3900 block of Orono.

Lori Hicks, purse with cash, credit cards, personal documents, and medicines from residence in 1800 block of Homer.

Charlotte Weaber, purse, wallet, cash bank cards, store cards, checkbooks, and personal documents from vehicle in 2900 block of Glendale.

Frankie Miles, debit card and ID card from hotel in 1100 block of Jefferson.

Tracy Todak, tools and welding equipment from vehicle in 300 block of East Pearl.

Roderick King, TVs, video mixer, and projectors from bar in 3100 block of Airport.

Benjamin Rochat, vehicle trailer from residence in 1200 block of Oak.

Michael Bulger, smartphone with charger from vehicle in 3100 block of West Alexis.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Christine Wieczorek from Gregory Wieczorek.

Ericka Mathis from Kenneth Hatley.

Dawn Schings from Jacob Schings.

Tammy Futrell from Aaron Futrell.

Ben Cheatham, Jr., from Gwendolyn Cheatham.

Stephanie Martinez from Mark Martinez II.

Joshua Hood from Lauren Hood.

Jerry Conley from Kimberly Conley.

Amy Patterson from Camden Patterson.

Robert Tipton, Jr. from Sharon Tipton.

Jennifer Bellamy from Dakila Bellamy.

Harvey Munguia from Victoria Munguia.

Veronica Coleman from Barry Coleman, Sr.

Tobi Burt from Jeff Burt.

Tricia Maassel from Aaron Maassel.

Aaron Maassel from Tricia Maassel.

Patricia Hendrix from Richard Hendrix.

Lori Donaldson from Scott Donaldson.

Scott Donaldson from Lori Donaldson.

Abigail Hook from Phillip Hook.

Phillip Hook from Abigail Hook.

Joshua Franklin from Kathleen Franklin.

Priscilla King-Kirk from Aris Kirk.

Tara Hashim from Darrell Cechin.

Tiffany McDuffey from Michael McDuffey.

Fred LeFebvre from Donna Kwik-LaFebvre.

Malynnda Burton from Eric Burton.

Tammy Stevens from Jesse Stevens.

Gayline Diller from Blaine Keefer, Jr.

Blaine Keefer, Jr. from Gayline Diller.

Nancy Delong from Thomas Delong.

Thomas Delong from Nancy Delong.

Wayne Lewis from Loretta Lewis.

Asilee Wright from Allen Wright, Jr.

Angel Rose from Christopher Rose.

Kiley Donnally from Kevin Bayer.

Kevin Bayer from Kiley Donnally.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Kayla Sykes and Christopher Sykes.

Deleashia Kosloski and Robert Kosloski, Jr.

Naomi Sears and John Sears.

Richard Leffler and Pamela Leffler.

Nellie Hutchinson and Linnie Hutchinson, Jr.

Shannon Speer and Jamie Speer.

David Burkey and Crystal Burkey.

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