Daily Log: 12/24



Bay Park Community Hospital

Amanda Wymer, Toledo, girl, Dec. 24.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Julie and Brendan Foley, Toledo, girl, Dec. 23.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Melissa and Nathaniel Freeborn, Helena, Ohio, boy, Dec. 21.

Ashley and Noland White, Toledo, girl, Dec. 23.

Tera and Daniel Stevens, Woodville, girl, Dec. 23.

Ashley and Benjamin Kinkaid, Waterville, boy, Dec. 23.

Kerrie and Josh Minor, Rossford, girl, Dec. 24.

Toledo Hospital

Monica and Kyle Leppelmeier, Northwood, boy, Dec. 23.

Rachel and Randy Colon, Monroe, boy, Dec. 23.

Abir Hamadi and Mahmond Bouchoucha, Toledo, boy, Dec. 23.

Courtney Pettry, Toledo, girl, Dec. 23.

Marriage Licenses

Lucas County

Dec. 23, 2013

Alex Cocagne, 21, U.S. military, of Erie, Mich., and Christina Keel, 23, sales associate, of Toledo.

Joshuah Romanchik, 23, autoworker, and Gabrielle Moline, 21, both of Toledo.

Ronald Crayton, Jr., 19, stock, and Alyssa Jones, 22, manager, both of Swanton.

Stanislaw Stepkowski, 66, professor, and Beata Mierzejewska, 55, physician, both of Holland.

Robert Ott, II, 50, aircraft technician, and Linda Dennis, 51, hair dresser, both of Toledo.

Christopher Benson, 22, clerk, and Paige Harris, 23, food service, both of Toledo.

Anthony Chochard, 26, U.S. military, and Erika Johnson, 24, saw operator, both of Toledo.

Charles Boyer, 66, retired, of Bellbrook, Ohio, and Amelia Hart, 64, retired, of Toledo.

Richard Dohbit, 31, nurse, and Mildred Shuneh, 27, nurse, both of Toledo.

Clinton Chambers, Jr., 50, minister, and Tiwana Alexander, 40, self employed, both of Toledo.

Efrem Smith, 38, and Raketa Sawyer, 32, cashier, both of Toledo.

Marcus Garrett, 30, assembly, of Holland, and Nichole Tillman, 25, assembly, of Toledo.

Daniel Adams, 30, physician, and Patrice Bellanti, 30, physician, both of Maumee.

Robert Degler, Jr., 36, laborer, and Lee Yeager, 34, production, both of Toledo.

Jeremy Rincon, 20, laborer, and Josephina Orozco, 21, both of Adrian.

Matthew Marshall, 21, U.S. Marine Corps, and Alyssa Rocha, 21, pharmacy technician, both of Toledo.

Jamie Gordon, 40, and Jenifer Arnold, 43, autoworker, both of Dundee, Mich.

Ryan Aiello, 23, U.S. Air Force, of Perrysburg, and Corey Woods, 23, server, of Toledo.

Crime reports


Karen Cousino, threatened with handgun at ATM in 5900 block of Lewis by man who was trying to rob her.

Drew Conlee, stabbed outside bar in 3500 block of Dorr by man who was trying to rob him.

Felonious assaults

Myron Austin, shot at on street at Chorus and Carol.

David Bragg, stabbed at residence in 3100 block of Enright.

Robert Grant, assaulted on street at Oakland and Stickney.

Marcus Miles, stabbed at residence in 700 block of Locust.