Daily Log: 1-22



Bay Park Community Hospital

Danielle Ayala, Toledo, girl, Jan. 20.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Crystal Ollom, Gibsonburg, Ohio, boy, Jan. 18.

Casie and Colin Mitchell, North Baltimore, Ohio, girl, Jan. 19.

Steffany Shagan and Leroy Alcorn, Toledo, twin girl and boy, Jan. 19.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Boskey and Mike Patel, Maumee, girl, Jan. 20.

Toledo Hospital

Amber and Justin Kreischer, Metamora, Ohio, boy, Jan. 19.

Cypress and Jacob Urrutia, Toledo, boy, Jan. 19.

Michelle and Robert Swan, Montgomery, Mich., girl, Jan. 20.

Emily and Ryan Hamen, Toledo, boy, Jan. 20.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Jan. 17, 2014

Raymond Miller, Jr., 34, HVAC, and Angelica McDaniel, 38, sales representative, both of Toledo.

Brian Wahl, 37, sourcing leader, of Monclova Township, and Breanna Hassan, 33, transportation analyst, of Perrysburg.

Seth Edmondson, 22, U.S. Army, of Newport, Va., and Rebecca Gillis, 21, cook, of Toledo.

Dominique Smith, 19, and Rebecca Wright, 21, packer, both of Toledo.

Robert Madden, 29, production operator, of Toledo, and Danielle Kovacs, 29, of Rossford.

Christopher Weissenberger, 27, food manager, and Michelle Rogers, 26, bakery team leader, both of Toledo.

Cody Smith, 25, U.S. Army, of Woodville, Ohio, and Stephanie Finn, 23, teacher, of Toledo.

Kevin Briner, 36, client service representative, and Sandra Hope, 29, pre-analytic technician, both of Maumee.

Crime reports


In and Out Mart, cash from clerk by man with gun in 4700 block of Lewis.

Todd Moore, prescription medication and video game by man with gun in his residence in 300 block of North Wheeling.


Charles Edwards, unknown person broke into garage of residence in 1500 block of Nebraska, no loss reported.

RLM Fabricating, steel pieces from business in 5400 block of Enterprise.

Aimie Haynes, bed, space heaters, clothing, food, and cleaning supplies from residence in 5300 block of Lewis.

Joyce Brown, refrigerators, freezer, and bed from residence in 600 block of North Detroit.

Tiffany Allen, TV, video game, and laptop computer from residence in 5700 block of Ryewyck.

Joseph Ridley, unknown person broke into residence in 2600 block of Collingwood, no loss reported.

Denise Kaufman, Bates, Perrysburg, unknown person broke into residence in 4000 block of Caroline, loss undetermined.

Debbie Kirby, snow blower from garage of residence in 200 block of Valleywood.

Ieisha Darrington, TV and DVD player from residence in 1200 block of Collingwood.

Salvador Ruiz III, 300 block of Paine, snow shovel, assorted tools, and extension cord from residence in 100 block of Essex.

Michael Shaffer, assorted prescription medication from residence in 2400 block of Cheyenne.

Jessica Centeno, assorted jewelry from residence in 800 block of Byrneport.

Eboni Banks, unknown person broke into residence in 500 block of Myers, no loss reported.

Peter Hill, unknown person broke into residence in 1000 block of North Byrne, no loss reported.

Kayla White, known person broke into residence in 3500 block of Burton, no loss reported.

Traci Curns, stereo equipment, TV, radio, satellite receiver, and jewelry from residence in 100 block of Dearborn.

Apex Metal, steel from business in 5300 block of Enterprise.

City of Toledo, unknown person broke into business in 400 block of Main, no loss reported.

Timothy Blackford, watch from residence in 1700 block of Fairfax.

Sheryl Custer, laptop computer, cash, and jewelry from residence in 3800 block of Sherbrooke.

Destin Porter, stereo equipment, TV, and radio from residence in 400 block of Whittmore.

Shawndreka Moten, TVs, stereo equipment, CD, and copper pipes from residence in 2100 block of Woodford.

Samantha Cole, TVs, stereo equipment, computer monitor, and computer hardware/software from residence in 800 block of Parkside.

Michael Bourquin, video game from residence in 3400 block of Middlesex.

Tionna Brown, iPhone, TV, computer hardware, and stereo equipment from residence in 900 block of Evesham.

Renita Lane, jewelry, cash, and money order from residence in 800 block of West Alexis.

Mary Sumrow, unknown person broke into residence in 2300 block of Fulton, no loss reported.

Roger Raymor, radar detector from residence in 2300 block of Glenwood.

LKQ Toledo, car batteries, stereo equipment, tires, and amplifiers from business in 5200 block of Lewis.

Corey Stewert, TVs, stereo equipment, video game, and jewelry from residence in 4100 block of Thornton.

Joseph Disher III, TV and stereo equipment from residence 900 block of Custer.

Ania Maddox-Moore, personal papers from residence in 3600 block of Torrance.

Matthew McClanahan, TV and stereo equipment from residence in 1700 block of Nevada.

Misty Langschied, known person broke into residence in 2700 block of Robinwood, no loss reported.

Tony Miller, chop saw, air compressor, table saw, and assorted hand tools from residence in 800 block of South Erie.

Ronita Jones, assorted food from residence in 1900 block of Delence.

Jason Bartschy, Lambertville, copper pipes and vanity sinks from property in 2100 block of Broadway.

Gregory Johnson, TVs, stereo equipment, clothing, shoes, boots, and dishwasher from residence 1300 block of Hamilton.

David Fleeson, video game, laptop computers, and TV from residence in 2000 block of Brame.

Leigha Bishop, cash from residence in 2300 block of Berdan.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Jeremy Krontz, Sr. from Christina Krontz.

Christina Krontz from Jeremy Krontz, Sr.

Kristen Montrie from Dustin Montrie.

Amy Langenderfer from Garylee Langenderfer.

Hannah Lewis from Michael Lewis.

Stephanie Brown from Mathew Brown.

Celeste Konecny from John Konecny.

Margaret Czop from Lawrence Czop.

Lawrence Czop from Margaret Czop.

Andrea Marshall-Ziemke from Edward Ziemke.

Danielle Frymire from Matthew Frymire.

Ronald Leslie from Sarah Leslie.

Amanda McNeil from Myron McNeil.

Daphne Whaley from Lee Whaley.

Angela Schutt from Gary Schutt, Sr.

Pamela Armentrout from Michael Armentrout.

Jennifer Smith from Douglas Smith.

Becky Moore from David Moore.

Martin Howard from Karen Howard.

Karen Howard from Martin Howard.

Angelica McDaniel from Troy McDaniel.

Troy McDaniel from Angelica McDaniel.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Lynette Akiki and Kenneth Akiki.

Laura Notestine and Warren Notestine.

Jennifer Davis and Michael Davis, Jr.

Bradley Katafias and Tara Reile-Katafias.

Deann Baker and Kent Trobaugh.

Katrina Mayhugh and Kelly Mayhugh.

Jennifer Schacht and Brent Schacht.

Annie Kim and Randell Kim.

Kaylah Gump and Matthew Gump.

JoAnn Althoff and Thomas Althoff.

James Belcher and Angela Belcher.

Dawn Cousino and Barry Cousino.

John Tasnadi and Heidi Tasnadi.

David Shafer and Kari Shafer.

Allison Scott and Jeremy Scott.

Julie Allred and Jack Allred III.

Janelle Schneider and Jon Kuhlman.

Rehaman Scholz and Sarah Scholz.

Judith Vipond and Mark Vipond.

Jamie Litten and Greg Litten.

Janine Laferriere and Glen Laferriere.

Ashley Beyer and Christopher Beyer.