Daily Log: 1-30



Bay Park Community Hospital

Cori and Jason Wagner, Maumee, girl, Jan. 27.

Kayeleigh Pohlman, Toledo, boy, Jan. 27.

Lisa and Aaron Escareno, Toledo, girl, Jan. 28.


Flower Hospital

Jamie and Joe Migliori, Toledo, girl, Jan. 24.

Julie Ingle, Swanton, girl, Jan. 26.

Cameron and Jason Albring, Sylvania, boy, Jan. 27.

Erin and Travis Hafner, Perrysburg, girl, Jan. 27.


St. Luke’s Hospital

Lauren Miller, Perrysburg, boy, Jan. 28.

Cynthia Wright, Jr., Toledo, girl, Jan. 28.


Toledo Hospital

Jessica Smith, Wauseon, girl, Jan. 18.

Ginette and Jonathan Heazlit, Toledo, girl, Jan. 27.

Nicolette Hughes, Temperance, girl, Jan. 27.

Chardaye McCoy, Toledo, boy, Jan. 28.

Sara and Nathan Ehmann, Toledo, boy, Jan. 28.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Jan. 27, 2014

Jamaine Williams, 32, self-employed, and Donnesha Johnson, 20, both of Toledo.

Oscar Garcia, 21, factory worker, and Hayleigh Rowan, 19, manager, both of Toledo.

Jerry Shirk, 37, and Loretta Hughes, 41, both of Toledo.

Sunjae Lee, 31, and Angeliki Papadopoulos, 28, student, both of Toledo.

Donald Rison, 33, computer technician, and Tara Baun, 38, nurse assistant, both of Waterville.

Peter Schram, 58, and Tabatha York, 40, both of Monroe.



Lucas County

Banks, Michael, 40, Oakwood Avenue, septic shock.

Frieson, Johnnie, 70, Vance Street, cancer.

Hayes, Ray, 95, Keil Road, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Maurer, Harold, 71, Timbers Edge, Waterville, renal disease.

Roberts-Williams, Shirley, 68, Merry Lane, hypertensive heart disease.

Stovall, Shirley, 62, Oak Hill Court, cancer.

Watkins, Mary, 72, Belmont Avenue, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


Crime reports


Stop ’N’ Go, cash from clerk by man with a gun from in 2200 block of Holland Sylvania.

Boost Mobile, cash from clerk by man with a gun in 500 block of South Reynolds.