Daily Log: 3-07



ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Sara and Joshua Adams, Toledo, boy, March 5.

Marisa and George Murphy, Northwood, boy, March 5.

Jennifer Desellems, Toledo, girl, March 6.


ProMedica Flower Hospital

Danielle and Alexander Richardson, Toledo, girl, March 1.

Stephanie and Jon Perkins, Toledo, boy, March 4.

Sha’Ron Green, Toledo, twin girl and boy, March 5.

Haley Twine, Sylvania, girl, March 5.


Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Jikisha and Jitendael Patel, Monroe, boy, March 3.

Patricia Marshall, Toledo, girl, March 4.

Nicole and Todd Snyder, Jr., Lambertville, girl, March 4.

Amanda and Kenneth Treadway, Monroe, boy, March 5.


ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital

Jaclyn and Matthew Herman, Genoa, girl, March 5.


ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Kiara Simmons, Toledo, boy, Feb. 19.

April Barnett, Greenwich, Ohio, boy, Feb. 26.

Lakata Goodsite, Toledo, girl, Feb. 26.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

March 4, 2014

Donald Szczublewsk, 47, retired, and Kimberly Hart, 47, hospitality management, both of Toledo.

Richard Burbey, 37, U.S. Army, and Angela Scott, 39, assembly line worker, both of Toledo.

Tyler McDowell, 24, cook, and Katherine Cargill, 26, child care, both of Toledo.

Robert Sciplin, 60, rehab specialist, and Eloise Rios, 58, medical transcriptionist, both of Toledo.

Jason Bailey, 31, and Virginia Villa, 24, both of Toledo.

Thomas Carros, 50, production control manager, and Melissa Rodriguez, 45, both of Holland.

Nicolas Bailey, 29, fabricator, and Jessica Rickard, 28, pharmacy technician, both of Toledo.

Michael Toth, 23, mechanical engineer, and Giovanna Pescara, 22, nurse, both of Oregon.


March 5, 2014

Martin Nagy, 64, arts administrator, and Andreea Borca, 27, youth worker, both of Toledo.

Patrick O’Brien, 55, forester, and Kelly DeBruyn, 51, engineer, both of Toledo.

Marc Mason, 43, security guard, and Jennifer Smith, 36, both of Toledo.

Emery Corbiere, III, 39, loader, and Tara Erford, 35, property manager, both of Monroe.

Brian Stull, 26, warehouse worker, and Stephanie Nowak, 34, store clerk, both of Whitehouse.



Lucas County

Arnold, George, 65, Atlantic Avenue, carcinoma.

Chenault, Pearlie, 82, Vermont Avenue, cancer.

Cleaves, Floyd, 80, Calumet Avenue, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Davis, Irma, 89, Jackman Road, sepsis.

Durell, Robert, 50, Birchall Road, heart disease.

Eder, Russell, 72, Parkcliff Lane, Alzheimer’s disease.

Eitniear, William, 58, North Centennial Road, Sylvania, liver disease.

Fulton, Thomas, Jr., 54, Temperance, cancer.

Harris, Linda, 61, Balkan Place, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Hartman, Glenna, 83, Malcolm Road, malignant neoplasm lung.

Heabler, Susan, 69, River Road, Maumee, coronary artery disease.

Johnson, Harold, Jr., 56, Stickney Avenue, hypertensive heart disease.

Jones, James, 83, Richards Road, cerebrovascular accident.

Kolby-Sharp, Renee, 58, Temperance, respiratory distress syndrome.

Konecny, Marian, 98, Alvison Road, coronary artery disease.

Ladd, Lue, 88, Cuba Street, coronary artery disease.

Lebay, Kenneth, 90, Deepwood Lane, renal failure.

Lissek, Raymond, 88, Belmar Avenue, cancer.

Maish, Joy, 91, Temperance, kidney disease.

Marshall, Arlene, 74, Angola Road, cancer.

Mayberry, Harvey, 58, Oak Green Court, Holland, multisystem organ failure.

Mens, Susan, 53, Metcalf Road, cancer.

Miller, Beverly, 79, Livingston Drive, myocardial infarction.

Mundt, Adela, 77, Doe Court, Maumee, pulmonary embolism.

Myers, Ian, 42, Swanton, Ohio, pending.

Nusbaum, Janet, 78, Juniper Drive, cancer.

Oliver, Julian, Jr., 54, St. Louis Street, liver disease.

Petersen, Eva, 92, Port Clinton, pending.

Puesey, Diane, 67, Tiffin, cardiomyopathy.

Raymer, Edward, 53, North Summit Street, cancer.

Reifert, Charles, 73, Greenville Crossing, Waterrville, cancer.

Rodriguez, Richard, 51, Bronson Avenue, pending.

Salona, Lenore, 85, Burger Street, cancer.

Saunders, Jack, Sr., 71, Lambertville, sepsis.

Schmenk, Jeffery, 68, Waterville-Monclova Road, Waterville, acute myocardial infarction.

Shoemaker, Stephen, 60, Bucyrus, Ohio, gastrointestinal bleeding.

Shope, Peggy Jo, 56, Robinhood Lane, cancer.

Siebenaller, Jeffrey, 65, Collingwood Boulevard, respiratory failure.

Soto, Manuel, Jr., 66, Temperance, coronary artery disease.

Steel, William, 67, South Reynolds Road, adenocarcinoma.

Steusloff, Lowell, 90, North River Road, Waterville, pending.

Tansey, Rita, 76, Kingsgate Drive, melanoma.

Ticchi, Ronald, 62, Winchester Road, carcinoma.

Vanderpool, Victor, 66, Hudson, Mich., coronary artery disease.