Daily Log: 3-14



ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Elizabeth Fenner, Toledo, boy, March 11.


Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Amanda and Ryan Alek, Toledo, boy, March 10.

Katherine and Joshua Ankney Roggelin, Toledo, girl, March 11.


Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Heather and Luke Taylor, Rawson, Ohio, girl, March 11.

Francoise Jones, Toledo, boy, March 11.

Rachel Ferguson, Toledo, girl, March 11.

Shaquiellie Himon, Toledo, girl, March 11.

Shayla Shands, Toledo, girl, March 12.


ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital

Ashley Parks, Toledo, boy, March 13.


ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Joy and David Barnes, Perrysburg, boy, March 12.

Stephanie and Aaron Garmmon, Toledo, girl, March 12.

Shawnay Tompkins, Toledo, boy, March 12.

Tracey and Eric Wasielewski, Temperance, boy, March 12.

Lisa MacPherson, Toledo, boy, March 13.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

March 11, 2014

Gregory Fackler, 47, pipefitter, and Corey Reece, 40, lab technician, both of Toledo.

Joshua Horner, 25, U.S. army, and Hannah Lockard, 25, both of Toledo.

Kenneth Ritenour, 53, chauffer, and Debra Wilkinson, 56, clerical, both of Toledo.

Demitrius Coachman, 25, factory worker, and Janice Morgan, 22, food service, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Cann, Kenneth, 89, Sherwood Forest Manor Road, dementia.

Gault, Rick, Jr., 10, Forest, Ohio, bowl obstruction.

Hughes, Brian, 52, Kenilworth Avenue, ishemic cardiomyopathy.

Irish, Una, 89, Wilshire Avenue, cerebrovascular disease.

Johnson, Omar, 47, Lagrange Street, intracerebral hemorrhage.

Jordan, Yolanda, 33, Woodstock Avenue, pending.

Keener, Shirley, 75, Scott Road, Swanton, cerebrovascular accident.

McClorrine, Patricia, 59, Garrison Road, ventricular tachycardia.

Nesby, Inez, 90, South Byrne Road, respiratory failure.

Parker, Betty, 82, Lake Township, cardiorespiratory failure.

Parott, Beth, 68, Monroe, cardiogenic shock.

Quinonez, Lisa, 47, Centennial Road, Sylvania, multisystem organ failure.

Smith, Carolyn, 86, Richfield Center Road, Berkey, acute myocardial infarction.

Smith, Kathleen, 69, Monroe Street, coronary artery disease.

Spoerke, Joseph, 64, Copley Drive, sarcoma of left thigh.

Waardenburg, Johanna, 97, Port Drive, Maumee, congestive heart failure.


Crime reports


Antonio Harris, threatened with knife and robbed of cash on street at Oak and Starr.

Alfred Lopez, assaulted and robbed of cash and medicine on street in 900 block of Booth.

Diane Sharlow, assaulted in parking lot in 1500 block of East Alexis by man trying to rob her.



George Barrett, firearms and jewelry from residence in 1400 block of Crestwood.

Anthony Anderson, package of chicken from residence in 600 block of Cherry.

Toledo Sign Co., copper pipes from business in unit block of City Park.

Richelle Williams, television, laptop computer, and video-game system from residence in 5900 block of Livingston.

Jaryl Newby, television and video-game system with games from residence in 1300 block of Vance.

Samuel Jones, cash, televisions, cameras with lenses, computer, and video-game system from residence in 4200 block of Luann.

Christina Barrera, television, computers, and video-game system with controllers from residence in 1100 block of Pinebrook.

Robert Kirk, television and guitars from residence in 300 block of Burger.

Pine Place Apartments, cable modem for surveillance camera from maintenance room at apartment complex in 1200 block of Collingwood.

Shemar Freeman, handgun from garage in 1400 block of Upton.

Larry Sparks, gun safe, rifle, ammunition, fish tank, DVD collection, and set of rims from storage unit in 200 block of North Summit.

Frank Grice, television and medicines from residence in 3100 block of Chase.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Amanada Jachimiak from Benjamin Jachimiak.

Jessica Strong from Justin Strong.

David Sherriff from Carla Sherriff.

Gary Hamilton, Jr., from Donna Upchurch.

Demetric Kelley from Michelle Mentzy-Kelley.

Rosie Acosta from Phillip Acosta.

Patricia Davis from Anthony Davis.

Chris Mack from Trinette Mack.

Jason McCloskey from Tiffany Sambiagio.

Will Goodale from Glenna Goodale.

Melissa Jackson from Michael Jackson.

Floyd Smith, Jr. from Diane Smith.

Matthew DeWitt from Laura DeWitt.

Laura Dewitt from Matthew Dewitt.

Amador Santiago from Alejandra Santiago.

Alejandra Santiago from Amador Santiago.

Debra Rinker from William Rinker.

William Rinker from Debra Rinker.