Daily Log: 3-18



ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Danielle Brown, Toledo, boy, March 14.

Monica and Ryan Cockerill, Toledo, boy, March 15.

ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital

Logan Benschoter, Wayne, Ohio, girl, March 16.

Salena Smorowski, Toledo, boy, March 17.

Krystal Johnson, Toledo, boy, March 17.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Amanda and Michael Waite, Sylvania, twin girls, Feb. 12

Kristen and Justin Hawkins, Whitehouse, girl, March 7.

Melissa Roberts, Toledo, girl, March 14.

Elizabeth Mohler, Toledo, girl, March 15.

Cailey Briceno, Toledo, boy, March 16.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Arielle Diaz, Toledo, boy, March 13.

Noel and Jeremy Maurer, Toledo, girl, March 13.

Sarah Lynn, Toledo, girl, March 13.

Delores and Feyman Moton, Sr., Toledo, boy, March 14.

Cathleen Wittman, Oregon, girl, March 14.

Monica and Mitch Shadday, Waterville, girl, March 16.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Feb. 27, 2014

Denton Parson, 45, director of business development, and Angela Parson, 42, administrative assistant, both of Toledo.

Bradley Shultz, 36, process technician, and Sarah Cooper, 32, factory worker, both of Toledo.

Rudy Strong, Jr., 25, crew member, and Joseigh Hartford, 21, nurse aide, both of Toledo.

Tony Mannies, 40, janitorial, and Rachel Rodriquez, 39, both of Toledo.

March 14, 2014

David Joaquin, 39, merchant marine, and Mancilla Arguello, 33, both of Monroe.

Alex Ramsey, 27, and Roseselia Adams, 32, chef, both of Toledo.

Bradley Farrel, 22, customer service, of Toledo, and Hope Harvey, 22, student, of Archbold, Ohio.

Randall Bauerschmidt, 39, network engineer, and Dianne Johnson, 38, assistant manager, both of Toledo.

Richard Coup, 30, and Brittany Mitchell, 25, both of Toledo.

Kevaughn Copeland, 23, crew member, and Lateshia King, 24, both of Toledo.

Nicholas Zimmerman, 23, security guard, of Maumee, and Ashley Mauder, 22, marketing assistant, of Graytown, Ohio.

Amador Santiago, Jr., 31, team leader, and Tiffany Wahl, 30, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Grinell Tyson, Jr., 24, and Unique Carter, 24, nurse assistant, both of Sylvania.

Raven Watson, 23, factory worker, of Toledo, and LaDonna Rowe, 36, of Columbus.

Sterling Mundy, 31, and Jasmine Deloney, 22, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Adamski, James, 76, Charlesgate Road, Sylvania, respiratory failure.

Baldridge, Tysan, 25, Willard, Ohio, pending.

Beaubien, Eleanor, 90, Indian Road, Alzheimer’s disease.

Biffl, Daniel, 20, South Holland-Sylvania Road, Maumee, pending.

Cashin, Gary, 70, Cable Avenue, Whitehouse, adenocarcinoma.

Davis, Patrice, 31, Collingwood Boulevard, pending.

Deatrick, Joanne, 89, Waterbury Lane, Maumee, presumed cancer.

Dunklin, Edgar, Jr., 53, Leisure Drive, cancer.

Goings, Malaika, 37, Breezeway Drive, multifocal leukoencephalopathy.

Grutzner, Michael, 49, pending.

Harris, Madeline, 96, Fairgreen Drive, congestive heart failure.

Harvey, Richard, 78, Hollybrook Lane West, Sylvania, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Herdter, Roland, 91, Clarewood Drive, cancer.

Hines, James, Jr., 72, Klondike Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Hott, Frederick, 58, Crosscreek Drive, Maumee, metabolic encephalopathy.

Hunt, Charles, 67, Monclova Road, Monclova, cancer.

Kaul, Althea, 89, Indian Road, failure to thrive.

Korakas, George, 73, Hilltop Lane, cancer.

Lee, Joseph, 92, Freedom Lane, Waterville, cerebral ischemia.

Lett, Nancy, 74, Elkhorn Lane, dementia.

Lyons, Mattie, 91, Melrose Place, dementia.

Maurer, Amira, 2 months, Woodbridge Road, pending.

McLennan, William, 93, Bellevue Road, vascular dementia.

Newman, Doris, 84, Radford Drive, hypoxic respiratory failure.

Odneal, Betty, 66, Roselawn Drive, cancer.

O’Leary, Timothy, 72, West Laskey Road, respiratory failure.

Parker, Gloria, 62, Napoleon, Ohio, encephalopathy.

Rife, Daniel, Jr., 43, Oak Harbor, Ohio, cerebral hemorrhage.

Robles, Debra, 56, Browning Road, Waterville, aspiration pneumonia.

Rogers, Vivian, 78, City Park Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Rothacher, Keith, 62, Brenner Court, respiratory failure.

Rowley, Meryle, 74, East River Road, Maumee, sclerosing cholangitis.

Sartor, Eugene, Jr., 84, Schroeder Street, cancer.

Scott, Sharon, 65, Continental, Ohio, cancer.

Steele, Theodore, 84, Woodside Trail, respiratory failure.

Strance, David, 84, Cresthaven Lane, renal disease.

Strauss, Douglas, Sr., 70, Berwick Avenue, endocarditis.

Swartz, Ellen, 72, Benalex Drive, Alzheimer’s disease.

Szempias, Wendy, 61, Cuba Street, cancer.

Warren, Shirley, 81, Country Commons, Sylvania, hemoptysis pulmonary edema.

West, Loretta, 80, Warren Street, respiratory failure.

Williams, Alberta, 85, Stickney Avenue, coronary artery disease.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Jennifer Smith from Christopher Smith.

Cassandra Green from Jeremy Green.

Brian Love from Marquetta Roberts-Love.

Tina Webster from Michael Webster.

Kimberly Howell from Tommy Howell.

Edwardo Torres, II from Kelly Torres.

Diana Devenney from Krik Devenney.

Ray Nelson from Patricia Nelson.

Donna Wellman from Mark Wellman.

Irene Glenn from David Glenn.

Robert Gargas from Kelly Gargas.

Kelly Gargas from Robert Gargas.

Karen Duschl from Frank Duschl.

Scott Kerschner from Dawn Kerschner.

Dawn Kerschner from Scott Kerschner.

Roxanne Fountain from Jason Fountain.

Jason Fountain from Roxanne Fountain.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Patrick Grames and Tiffany Grames.

Hanin Chouman and Ryan Dughayli.

Craig Gordon and Wendy Gordon.

Brian Vasquez and Lisa Savory-Vasquez.

Sally Franklin and Brian Franklin, Sr.

Barbara Lanzi and Michael Lanzi.

James Beach and Barbara Beach.

Christina Dickerson and Demond Dickerson.

Susan Galow and Raymond Galow.

Nicole Ray and Tony Ray.

Alex Debeukelaer and Tressa Debeukelaer.

Dennis Madlinski, Jr., and Tammy Madlinski.