Daily Log: 7-29



Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Amanda Gaynor, Toledo, girl, July 26.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Erica Rodriquez, Toledo, boy, July 25.

Noelle and John Dawley, III, Toledo, girl, July 26.

Lauren and Michael McGovern, Toledo, boy, July 26.

Lorie and John Harris, Toledo, girl, July 26.

Nicole Marckel, Toledo, girl, July 27.

ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Desiree Oviedo, Toledo, girl, July 25.

ProMedica Flower Hospital

Katie and Josh Miner, Northwood, girl, July 24.

Johna Rodgers, Toledo, boy, July 26.

Margaret and George Wesson, Sylvania, girl, July 26.

Trich Smith, Toledo, girl, July 27.

ProMedica St. Luke’s Hosital

Abigail Grinonneau, Maumee, girl, July 26.

Jessalyn and Brian Howard, Bowling Green, boy, July 27.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Alyssa Telners and Marvin Parker, Toledo, boy, July 26.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

July 25, 2014

Zachariah Baroudi, 26, manager, and Kendra Fairchild, 25, homemaker, both of Toledo.

David Shaffer, 35, shop manager, and Kristie Winterfeld, 35, custodian, both of Toledo.

David Sims, Jr., 26, loss prevention, and Jennifer Tober, 25, sales, both of Toledo.

Ure Brown, 36, auto mechanic, and Shanae Middlebrooks, 33, child care, both of Toledo.

Ian Smith, 25, teacher, and Janel Sweitzer, 25, life enrichment coordinator, both of Toledo.

Thomas Beck, 44, sales, of Perrysburg, and Sara Krezechzowski, 27, electrician, of Toledo.

Alan Sterling, 54, tool-and-die maker, and Lea Goldi, 46, shipper, both of Toledo.

Andrew Hammond, 26, professional hockey player, and Marlee Teadt, 23, both of Maumee.

Calvin Gifford, 44, truck driver, and Rebecca Healy, 52, assistant manager, both of Toledo.

Eugene Barrett, 36, manufacturer, and Maryanna Mason, 32, nurse assistant, both of Toledo.

James McGhee, 32, healthcare administrator, and Carla La Farga, 35, student, both of Toledo.

David Philips, 32, and Ashley Cook, 27, both of Toledo.

Sean Bearden, 28, flooring installer, and Nicole Greco, 23, both of Toledo.

Crime reports


Parrish Quinn, wallet and contents by man who shot him in 2200 block of Laskey.

Nelson Daniels, cash, wallet and contents by two men with a gun on Walnut at Palmer.

Oasis, cash, cell phone, food, wallet and contents from delivery driver by three men with a gun in 500 block of Apple.


Boy and Girls Club, video game, video controllers, and video cartridges from club in 2200 block of North Detroit.

Lylanne Musselman, laptop computer, security camera, and jewelry from residence in 3300 block of Sherbrooke.

Kathy Jones, no loss reported from break-in by known person at home in 800 block of Nevada.

Karma Stokes, no loss reported from break-in at home in 300 block of West Manhattan.

Don Lawson, TVs, jewelry, and personal papers from residence in 4400 block of 286th.

Michael Cherry, stereo equipment, TV, and DVD player from residence in 4800 block of 290th.

Derecka Boykin, TV from residence in 800 block of East Bancroft.

Stevom Groth, 400 block of North Erie, refrigerator and washer from home in 200 block of East Hudson.

Robert Domanski, no loss reported from break-in at home in unit block of East Hudson.

Shirley Crenshaw, no loss reported from break-in at home in 800 block of Division.

Guy Avalos, TV and cash from residence in 600 block of Starr.

Lucy Lopez, no loss reported from break-in at home in 1000 block of Freedom.

Shane Alberts, no loss reported from break-in at home in 2000 block of Northover.

Donald Ostrander, Jr., 2100 block of Airport, air conditioner and copper pipes from home in 200 block of Danberry.

Jeff Waganfeald, handgun, video games, video cartridges, tablet computers, camera, jewelry, radio, music player, lemonade, monitor, and ammunition from residence in 500 block of St. Louis.

Mary Ward, TVs, radio, desktop computer, and jewelry from residence in 500 block of Sunset.

David Pattin, TV, stereo equipment, and radio from residence in 2200 block of Forrer.

Whitney Tschirret, stereo equipment, TV, radio, jewelry, and wallet and contents from residence 3600 block of Anglebrook.

Nancy Grove, two ladders, pot, pans, DVDs, and air conditioner from residence in 1700 block of North Ontario.

Dollar Dollar Plus, tobacco products, cell phones, and cash from business in 1300 block of Dorr.

Britany Steel, credit cards, tablet computer, video game, cell phones, clothing, sunglasses, earphones, cigarettes, and purses and contents from residence in 1500 block of Vinal.

Angela Jones, laptop computer, child’s computer, medication, TV, and stereo equipment from residence in 4000 block of Wetzler.

Tiffany Cole, TVs from residence in 3600 block of Homewood.

Michael Neff, bicycle from garage of residence in 1900 block of Birkdale.

Kaylee Zender, TVs, video games, video cartridges, and DVDs from residence in 5800 block of Spring Hollow.

Family Dollar, hair clippers and clothing from business in 1100 block of West Bancroft.


George Medlin, Jr., rims and tires from vehicle at home in 3200 block of Corey.

Valerie Barnett, bank card and cash from residence in 900 block of Rogers.

Dennis Kamer, Hugo, Maumee, purse and contents from vehicle in 5900 block of Airport.

Shelly Bush, cash, shoes, global-positioning device, sunglasses, and suitcases and contents from vehicle at home in 3000 block of Pinehurst.

William Bartlett, assorted tools, chop saw, building supplies, and paint from residence in 500 block of Nevada.

Dianna Strong, 1200 block of South Byrne, purse and contents from vehicle in 3300 block of Glendale.

Megan Richards, air conditioner from residence in 3900 block of Willys.

Ashley Johnson, 2500 block of Lawrence, Ohio Direction card from 2100 block of Consaul.


Lucas County

Antanaitis, Albert, Jr., 45, Talmadge Road, pending.

Ashenfelter, Richard, 62, Rue Du Lac Road, Whitehouse, ruptured abdomen aoritc aneurysm.

Aurand, Cynthia, 65, Williston, Ohio, pneumonia.

Eaves, Edward, 73, Crowley, Tex., shock with multiorgan failure.

Goodell, Catherine, 83, Monroe, respiratory failure.

Harkless, Elizabeth, 89, Otterbein Way, Monclova Township, congestive heart failure.

Heath, Jane, 90, Jasper, Mich., congestive heart failure.

Kelly, Marion, 73, Montrose Avenue, heart disease.

Michalak, Nictasha, 36, South Dorcas Road, Holland, stroke.

Mollinger, Nancy, 81, Fremont, respiratory failure.

Nagy, Mihaly, 75, Genoa, Ohio, intracranial bleed.

Niolet, Janel, 50, Amelia, Ohio, pending.

Pfaff, James, 66, South Avenue, pneumonia.

Risner, Reva, 96, Walbridge, multisystem organ failure.

Sadowy, Anna, 85, East Park Street, ischemic stroke.