Daily Log: 2/23

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  • Births

    ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

    Ashley and Gregory Gilbert, Oregon, boy, Feb. 22.

    ProMedica Toledo Hospital

    Lynnsella Brown, Toledo, girl, Sept. 27.

    Lauren and Gregory Radwan, Sylvania, boy, Feb. 19.

    Riley and Timothy Duncan, Rossford, boy, Feb. 19.

    Jasmine Bertram, Toledo, boy, Feb. 20.

    Caitlin and Andrew Naus, Toledo, boy, Feb. 20.

    St. Luke’s Hospital

    Katherine Pickett, Northwood, boy, Feb. 21.

    Crime reports

    Felonious assault

    Felton Benton, Jr., stabbed by known person in 4300 block of Merry.


    Tyrell Benton, cash by two teenagers who assaulted him on Earl at Leach.


    Rodney Haas, rug, gun and rifle from residence in 4800 block of South Village.

    Kenneth Rossler, snowblower from garage of residence in 4700 block of Suder.

    Charming Gal, unknown loss from business in 500 block of South Reynolds.

    Patricia Monroe, television from residence in 400 block of North Wheeling.

    James Rabara, television from residence in 1700 block of Starr.

    Terry Martin, meat from residence in 300 block of Parker.

    Kimberlee Taylor, jewelry, laptop computer, personal papers, cash, and credit card from 3000 block Kenwood.

    Jasmine Glover, television from residence in 5700 block of Silverside.

    Dondra Carter, no loss reported from residence in 1000 block of Pinewood.

    Joshua Wagoner, cash from residence in 600 block of Brighton.