Local firm starts program to help veterans find jobs


Toledo employment firm Job1USA has announced a program to help military veterans find jobs.

Job1USA said the Veterans Services Program was created to help all veterans, but especially the veterans of the post-9/11 era.

Bruce Rumpf, the chief executive officer of Job1USA and a U.S. Army veteran, noted the national unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans is 11.5 percent, compared with 7.8 percent for the general population. For veterans ages 18-24, the unemployment rate is 30.2 percent.

Dan Stanton, a Marine veteran who will manage the Veterans Services Program, said it will provide training and education to veterans to help them communicate and market the skills they learned in the military. It also will educate employers about the value of hiring veterans.

Mr. Rumpf said in a statement that companies that hire veterans not only get motivated, loyal, adaptable employees, but also can benefit from tax incentives.

For more information, call 419-315-1998.