Jobless rates increase in Toledo, Lucas Co.

Workforce increases by 3,300 people

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  • Lucas County’s unemployment rate was 8 percent in May, up from 7.8 percent in April and 7.6 percent in May, 2012.

    The unemployment rate in Toledo also rose in May to 8.7 percent. The city’s rate was 8.4 percent in April and 8.2 percent in May, 2012.

    Part of the reason could be that more people are looking for jobs. Only people who are working or actively looking for jobs are considered part of the labor force.

    Data released Tuesday by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services said the labor force in Lucas County increased by 3,300 from April to May, while the number of unemployed rose by 600, to 16,900. That means 2,700 more people had jobs.

    In Toledo, 2,200 people joined the workforce, and the number of unemployed rose by 500 to 11,500.

    The state released May data Tuesday for each of Ohio’s 88 counties and the state’s large cities. Most counties saw a small increase, though some, including Fulton County and Ottawa County, had a lower rate.

    Ottawa County, with an economy heavily reliant on tourism, typically has a higher rate in cold months and a lower rate in warm months. Its rate fell from 9 percent in April to 7.7 percent in May.

    Fulton County’s rate dipped to 7.4 percent in May from 7.9 percent in April. Wood County’s rate was up to 7 percent in May from 6.6 percent in April.

    State officials said Ohio’s seasonally adjusted rate for May was 7 percent, unchanged from April.

    — Chip Towns