Wealthiest in Ohio, Michigan

Forbes annual list of 400, with locals extracted.


Ohio and Michigan residents on Forbes' list of 400 richest Americans, with rank, name, age, city, type of business, and net worth as calculated by Forbes:


73. Leslie Wexner, 76, New Albany, retail, $5.7B

273. Clayton Mathile, 72, Brookville, pet food, $2B

327. Catherine Lozick, 67, Chagrin Falls, manufacturing, $1.7B


49. Hank and Doug Meijer, Grand Rapids, supermarkets, $8.3B

60. Richard DeVos, 87, Holland, Amway, $6.8B

118. Daniel Gilbert, 51, Franklin, Quicken Loans, Cavaliers, $3.9B

157. Michael & Marian Ilitch and family, 84, Bingham Farms, pizza, Tigers, Red Wings, $3.2B

166. Ronda Stryker, 59, Portage, Medical equipment, $3B

201. Alfred Taubman, 89, Bloomfield Hills, real estate, $2.7B

352. John Brown, 79, Portage, Medical equipment, $1.5B

352. Manuel Moroun and family, 86, Grosse Pointe Shores, transportation, $1.5B

371. William Ford, Sr., 88, Grosse Pointe Shores, Ford Motor Co., $1.4B

371. Jon Stryker, 55, Kalamazoo, medical supplies, $1.4B

386. Roger Penske, 76, Birmingham, cars, $1.3B

Source: Forbes.com