Dec. jobless rates fall in Toledo, Lucas Co.


The jobless rates for Toledo and Lucas County each dropped more than half a percentage point from November to December, according to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

According to the state, Lucas County’s December unemployment rate was 7.4 percent. The county was at 8 percent in November. The rate within the city of Toledo fell even more, dropping from 8.6 percent in November to 7.9 percent in December.

The city and county also both had lower unemployment rates in December, 2013, than they did in December, 2012. The rates for counties and cities are not seasonally adjusted, so officials warn against making too much out of month-to-month fluctuations, but say year-over-year comparisons can help show where the economy is trending.

In December, 2012, Lucas County was at 7.5 percent. Toledo was at 8.1 in December, 2012.

The state said Fulton County’s unemployment rate was at 7.3 percent in December, up from 7.2 percent in November but down from 7.6 percent a year earlier.

In Ottawa County, where many jobs have seasonal tourism links, the December unemployment rate was 11.5 percent, up from 11.1 percent in November and 10.8 percent in December, 2012.

Wood County’s unemployment rate fell to 6.3 percent in December from 6.9 in November. A year earlier it was 6.1 percent.

Statewide, jobless rates ranged from 3.8 percent in Mercer County, bordering Indiana, to 14.6 percent in Monroe County in the southeastern part of the state.