Team is in place to lead merged MUO-UT


Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, president of the Medical University of Ohio, has announced his "senior leadership team" that will help him run a merged institution of MUO and the University of Toledo if the proposal pending in the legislature is approved.

MUO and UT announced last year they hope to merge the two institutions effective July 1, creating the third-largest university in Ohio. Under the proposal, Dr. Jacobs - whose current salary package is worth $362,120 - would become president of the merged institution. Daniel Johnson, UT president, would be appointed president emeritus and distinguished university professor in urban affairs. Mr. Johnson, whose current salary is $245,616, also would have authority and responsibility for development of a science and technology corridor proposal he has advanced.

A bill permitting the merger sailed through the Ohio House, receiving unanimous approval. A similar bill is now before the Ohio Senate, where Dr. Jacobs and Mr. Johnson are expected to appear today in Columbus to testify in support of the merger. Gov. Bob Taft has endorsed the merger.

Matt Lockwood, MUO spokesman, and Tobin Klinger, UT spokesman, said the naming of the leadership team has not resulted in layoffs. They said the compensation levels of everyone named to the team remain the same.

Asked whether the merger would result in any cost savings from streamlining administrators sharing the same high-level posts, Mr. Lockwood said, "There may be some cost savings, but at this point, it would only be based on attrition."

He added that it's expected there will be some streamlining as the merger process moves forward.

"Reorganization is not an event, but an ongoing process, and we will continue to reorganize. It's by no means a finished product," Mr. Lockwood said.

Most of those on the new leadership team held nearly identical positions at UT or MUO. One key exception is Lawrence Burns, who was vice president of institutional advancement at MUO. Mr. Burns will now oversee all communications and marketing, as well as enrollment services, for the merged institution. He will also remain as president of MUO's non-profit foundation. His salary package is worth $202,027 annually, about half of which comes from the foundation.

MUO and UT will have two executive vice presidents and provosts: Dr. Jeffrey Gold from MUO and UT s Alan Goodridge.

Dr. Gold, dean of the MUO s medical school, was senior vice president for medical affairs. He will help Dr. Jacobs oversee what is now the MUO campus. His official title is executive vice president and provost for health affairs. His annual salary package, which includes physician practice income, is worth $450,000.

Mr. Goodridge had been provost and executive vice president for academic affairs and enrollment services. He will help Dr. Jacobs oversee what is now the UT campus. His current salary is $213,627.

The other posts that make up the leadership team, with their old titles and current annual salary in parentheses, are:

• General counsel: Sandra Drabik (UT vice president and general counsel, $177,484) and Lauri Cooper (MUO vice president and general counsel, $131,580).

• Vice president for institutional advancement: C. Vernon Snyder (UT president of institutional advancement, $155,496).

• Vice president for administration: William Logie (MUO vice president for human resources, $132,555).

• Senior vice president for finance and strategy: Daniel Morissette (MUO senior vice president for finance and administration, $218,117).

• Vice president for finance and planning: Dawn Rhodes (UT interim vice president for finance, technology and operations, $175,000).

• Athletic director: Michael O Brien (UT athletic director, $145,635).

• Executive assistant to the president: Penny Poplin Goseti (UT executive assistant to the president, $102,439).

• Faculty representatives: Andy Jorgensen (chairman of UT faculty senate) and Dr. Larry Elmer (president of MUO faculty senate).

• Vice president for governmental relations: William McMillen (MUO vice president for governmental relations, $98,226).

• Vice president for student life: Kaye Patten Wallace (UT vice president for student life, $150,000).

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