‘Freedom Shrine’ dedicated at high school


Lake High School is the recipient of a Freedom Shrine donated by the Exchange Club of Greater Maumee Bay.

The shrine was dedicated at the high school last week in a ceremony that included a special assembly in the school gym, where speakers included students as well as school principal Lee Herman, Exchange Club Executive Vice President Tracey Edwards, and Bob Bochi, president of the Exchange Club Greater Maumee Bay chapter.

The shrine dates to 1947 and the Freedom Train, which toured the country then with an exhibit of historic documents. The Freedom Shrine consists of 30 photographic reproductions of original documents from U.S. history such as the Mayflower Compact, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the “I Have a Dream Speech” of Martin Luther King, Jr.

More than 12,000 Freedom Shrines have been dedicated in schools, military bases, and government buildings since the program began in 1949.