Student of the week: Ty Basilius

Lake High School

Ty Basilius
Ty Basilius


School subject: Art, calculus, physiology

Extracurricular activity: Free diving, scuba diving, swimming

Hobbies: Scuba diving, free diving, bike riding

Car: Chevy Caprice, or Yukon XL

Store: Sea Level Scuba

Musical artist: Linkin Park

Movie: Beneath the Blue

TV show: Great Barrier Reef



Cafeteria food must-have: Salad and pizza

Last book read that wasn't required: The Walking Dead, Return of the Governor

Person I'd like to meet: Stefan Rondig

Person most admired: Stefan Rondig

Items always in my locker: Water

First job: Sales associate at Dollar General

Top accomplishment: Getting the best grades I can get in school.



After-graduation plans: I want to get my final scuba diving certification license and go to college to study aquatic marine biology

Career goal: I want to become an aquatic marine biologist and help the environment because I love the sea life and it's so much fun going 40-200 feet down in the water.

Quote from teacher: "Ty is an excellent student with a positive attitude," said Dave Rymers, teacher. "He truly takes pride in his work and is extremely detailed and dedicated in everything he does. Ty is a great example for the students around him.

— Information is compiled for The Blade by the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West.