Student of the week: David Hanely

Lake High School

David Hanely
David Hanely


School subject: Science

Extracurricular activity: Drama

Hobbies: Video games

Car: DeLorean DMC-12

Store: Game Stop

Musical artist: Cream

Movie: Inception

TV show: Code Lyoko



Cafeteria food must-have: Pizza

Last book read that wasn't required: Carrie

Pet peeve: Littering

Person I'd like to meet: Dr. Michio Kaku

Person most admired: Too many to compare

Items always in my locker: Writer's Inc. book

First job: Limo service

Top accomplishment: Black Belt in Karate



After-graduation plans: Attend the University of Toledo and study bio-engineering

Career goal: I would enjoy researching nano-technology and bio-chemistry.

Quote from teacher: "David is a very conscientious and dedicated student who always finds a way to be a positive influence in the classroom," said Dorian Boggs, teacher.

— Information is compiled for The Blade by the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West.