Toledo Public Schools could try online courses to make up lost days


Ohio schools may get leniency on their schedules from the state, but Toledo Public Schools has a backup plan if extra snow days are not provided.

The district has been closed for eight days this winter because of snow or cold, three more than their schedule allows under state law. State lawmakers have proposed one-time legislation that would lower the number of instruction days needed for schools that closed because of inclement weather, but if those proposals fail, TPS and many other districts would have to make up class time in the summer.

Those days, however, would be after state tests are administered. District officials announced today they are preparing another contingency: they are creating plans to make up several days using online coursework or take-home materials for students without Internet connections.

Ohio allows schools to use the online option to make up some of the days; the take-home alternative is referred to as "blizzard bags."

Superintendent Romules Durant said today that district administrators would submit a plan to the Ohio Department of Education for the home work option, since state proposals may not pass, and winter is a long way from over.