TPS unveils plan to deal with missed class time


Toledo Public Schools has finalized its plan to make up days missed because of snow and cold with some longer school days, but the plan does not include a longer school year.

Superintendent Romules Durant said TPS students' last day will still be June 6, despite the district missing 13 days because of inclement weather. Students will receive take-home work — called blizzard bags — during spring break to make up some of the missed time.

TPS high schools will be opened between 9 and 11 a.m. on April 16 and 17 during spring break, with teachers available to provide students assistance with the work. The United Way, Boys and Girls Club, library system, and the YMCA will also have space or programs available to help students with assignments.

To make up additional time, TPS will add 30 minutes to the school day from April 25 to May 2 for elementary students, with 15 minutes at the beginning of the day, and 15 minutes added to the end. High School students will attend school on June 5, which had previously been scheduled as a teacher work day.

“Obviously, this is a winter to remember,” Mr. Durant said.

The extra 30 minutes at elementary schools is a revenue-neutral move for TPS, since teachers are already required to be at work 15 minutes before and after school, TPS Chief of Staff Brian Murphy said.