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Stock contest comes down to wire

Perrysburg High team maintains lead by just $55

With just a week to go in The Blade’s School Stock Contest, it has become a tight race to the finish.

For the second consecutive week, the PB Stock team from Perrysburg High School has a grip on first place. But it’s a tentative grip.



Its imaginary portfolio of four stocks totaled $44,044, up 10 percent for the contest, but it was down just under 1 percent for last week.

PB Stock leads the second place Alpha team from Rossford Junior High by just $55. The Alpha’s total was $43,989, also up 10 percent for the contest, and the team’s portfolio gained 1.7 percent last week.

In third was the previous second-place team, the Devils of Springfield High School. Its portfolio stood at $43,820, just $169 out of the runner-up spot and $224 out of first.

The first through fifth places are separated by just $870, making the final week of the 12-week competition anybody’s contest. It’s important because the top three finishers get money.

Participating teams started with a hypothetical $40,000 to be split evenly among four U.S. stocks. After 12 weeks, the team whose portfolio has grown the most wins. The first place team and school get $1,500, second place gets $250, and third place $100.

Sponsoring the contest are the University of Toledo’s College of Business and Innovation, which is tabulating the results; Fifth Third Bank; The Blade’s Newspaper in Education program, and the Taylor Automotive Family.

Ron Belle, Jr., a senior vice president and the top regional investment adviser for Fifth Third Bank, said of the standings, “Last week was a down week primarily due to political activities taking place around the world. 

All markets felt the weight of uncertainty. If tensions remain or lessen from current levels, markets can turn their attention to earnings season which thus far has been primarily positive.”

PB Stock, a team of two Perrysburg High School students, is banking on a portfolio of Tesla, Facebook, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc., and HCP Inc., a real estate investment trust.

Tesla has been the shining star for both PB Stock and the Devils — the electric carmaker’s shares have risen 18 percent in just 11 weeks to $304 a share. 

But on Monday it opened $2 a share lower and continued to head down, losing 0.84 percent.

Heading into the final week, 49 of 85 teams participating in the contest have portfolios that are above $40,000 and in the black.

Here are the Week 11 standings, with team name, school, city, and portfolio amount.

1. PBStock, Perrysburg H.S., $44,044.14

2. Alpha, Rossford Jr. High, $43,989.00

3. Devils, Springfield H.S., Holland, $43,820.49

4. JMDR, Springfield H.S., Holland, $43,425.90

5. Klang, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $43,174.37

6. Frights, St. John's Jesuit Academy, Toledo, $42,640.85

7. eagles, Regina Coeli, Toledo, $42,633.71

8. Diamond, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $42,480.41

9. GBumpus, St. John's Jesuit Academy, Toledo, $42,390.87

10. Cards, Cardinal Stritch Catholic H.S., Oregon, $42,291.27

11. 9Gs, St. John's Jesuit Academy, Toledo, $42,287.16

12. TKDB, Springfield H.S., Holland, $42,221.14

13. Sporkz, Rossford Jr. High, $42,193.05

14. squad, Regina Coeli, Toledo, $42,183.96

15. Panther, Stryker Local School, Stryker, $42,130.90

16. JETS216, Riverside, Toledo, $42,040.03

17. suphero, Springfield H.S., Holland, $41,718.29

18. noodles, Regina Coeli, Toledo, $41,680.05

19. MbcD, Springfield H.S., Holland, $41,625.69

20. CBI710, Penta Career Center, Perrysburg, $41,601.59

21. K5MLK, Martin Luther King Jr. Academy for Boys, Toledo, $41,581.93

22. Sbeezts, Springfield H.S., Holland, $41,532.67

23. 752DAVE, Riverside, Toledo, $41,500.09

24. Savages, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $41,496.12

25. PLever, St. John's Jesuit Academy, Toledo, $41,266.26

26. K4MLK, Martin Luther King Jr. Academy for Boys, Toledo, $41,262.81

27. H Heat, St. John's Jesuit Academy, Toledo, $41,206.27

28. Niffler, Springfield H.S., Holland, $41,178.36

29. Gray, Anthony Wayne H.S., Whitehouse, $41,171.34

30. rainbow, Regina Coeli, Toledo, $40,949.56

31. DDA, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $40,705.54

32. Stocker, Anthony Wayne H.S., Whitehouse, $40,603.34

33. Venals, Springfield H.S., Holland, $40,484.40

34. 3LChap0, Penta Career Center, Perrysburg, $40,451.41

35. Wiggles, St. John's Jesuit Academy, Toledo, $40,336.80

36. Blue, Stryker Local School, Stryker, $40,333.72

37. 13Kyles, St. John's Jesuit Academy, Toledo, $40,317.35

38. Kilshot, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $40,146.00

39. Fab5, Springfield H.S., Holland, $40,136.98

40. 6simon, Edgewater Elementary, Toledo, $40,071.51

41. TAAA, Springfield H.S., Holland, $40,052.61

42. Trump, Anthony Wayne H.S., Whitehouse, $40,043.48

43. Apache, Anthony Wayne H.S., Whitehouse, $39,996.20

44. BookIt, St. John's Jesuit Academy, Toledo, $39,991.07

45. Stockup, Fallen Timbers M.S., Whitehouse, $39,899.91

46. JaJeLa, Springfield H.S., Holland, $39,880.66

47. MLK5, Martin Luther King Jr. Academy for Boys, Toledo, $39,853.82

48. Pumas, St Pius X, Toledo, $39,836.37

49. JHall, St. John's Jesuit Academy, Toledo, $39,820.22

50. JJGA, Springfield H.S., Holland, $39,552.91

51. 3 Mmms, St. John's Jesuit Academy, Maumee, $39,367.18

52. Forte, Springfield H.S., Holland, $39,323.51

53. Avocado, Fallen Timbers M.S., Whitehouse, $39,224.20

54. 5Riley, Edgewater Elementary, Toledo, $39,139.07

55. Thunder, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $39,048.97

56. General, Anthony Wayne H.S., Whitehouse, $38,920.07

57. AWECON7, Anthony Wayne H.S., Whitehouse, $38,884.91

58. AWBiz, Anthony Wayne H.S., Whitehouse, $38,706.02

59. Jordans, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $38,644.85

60. Oreo, Springfield H.S., Holland, $38,641.65

61. Stritch, Cardinal Stritch Catholic H.S., Oregon, $38,451.86

62. ChaseJH, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $38,420.92

63. TXDA, Springfield H.S., Holland, $38,309.86

64. Unlucky, Anthony Wayne H.S., Whitehouse, $38,240.09

65. Patches, Anthony Wayne H.S., Whitehouse, $38,099.07

66. bestMLM, Riverside, Toledo, $38,010.26

67. ChaseSS, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $37,751.03

68. JJRT, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $37,736.63

69. IDC, Rossford Jr. High, $37,704.92

70. Ksquad, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $37,631.41

71. YBAS, Springfield H.S., Holland, $37,551.32

72. Googol, Springfield H.S., Holland, $37,367.68

73. Nerds, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $37,216.50

74. Delta, Springfield H.S., Holland, $37,178.26

75. JohnSon, St. John's Jesuit Academy, Toledo, $37,088.31

76. Delph1, Penta Career Center, Perrysburg, $37,020.10

77. BEAST45, Riverside, Toledo, $36,997.48

78. Gold, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $36,748.30

79. TJMP, Springfield H.S., Holland, $36,389.45

80. 4 Star, Anthony Wayne H.S., Whitehouse, $35,998.85

81. MLK6, Martin Luther King Jr. Academy for Boys, Toledo, $35,905.62

82. Yaross, St. John's Jesuit Academy, Toledo, $33,849.49

83. Delph2, Penta Career Center, Perrysburg, $33,648.72

84. MKMJ101, Chase STEMM, Toledo, $33,262.42

85. Kodak, Rossford Jr. High, $29,017.44

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