British Isles Ceiliúradh
November 16, 2012, 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Venue: Nazareth Hall
Address: 25341 Appaloosa Court


Description: Tickets are on sale for “A British Isles Ceiliúradh”, hosted by Northwest Ohio Irish Dance Boosters. The event is a dinner show to be held at the picturesque Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, Ohio, on Friday, November 16, 2012, and celebrates Irish, Scottish, English and Welsh heritage.
Guests will be entertained by a long list of entertainment: a harpist, Grade 1 bagpiper, Irish Dancers, Scottish Storyteller, and Fiddles.
The dinner menu is a treasure trove of English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh delights. Tickets are advance purchase via either the website or by contacting

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Tickets are on sale for “A British Isles Ceiliúradh”, hosted by Northwest Ohio Irish Dance Boosters. The event is a dinner show to be held at the picturesque Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, Ohio, on Friday, November 16, 2012, and celebrates Irish, Scottish, English and Welsh heritage.
While the boosters club supports Irish Dance, it is made up of families and dancers from diverse ethnic backgrounds from all over the world. “We are all one family...the human family. English, Scottish and Irish history is so entwined you really can't separate them so for this event, we chose to celebrate them all. Each country is unique and offers something special to the evening. And, I want everyone to feel welcome. Not like ‘oh, this is just an Irish thing." - Molly Kujawa, Irish Dance Instructor, Toledo.
"I am thankful that my daughter has the opportunity to Irish dance through Perrysburg Academy of Performing Arts. She loves the quick steps and the Irish music. As a parent, I am glad that she is doing something she enjoys that also teaches her the culture and history of her ancestors."-Robyn Turk, Irish Dance Parent, Perrysburg.
“I think it’s important to remember and celebrate the heritage and cultures that come together to form our American landscape. Our kids are learning Irish Dance, and will share the amazing beauty and strength of that art form at the event--but more importantly they learn about the community and character behind the dance. They learn to work together and celebrate together!”- Holly Thomas, Irish Dance Parent, Event Chair, Perrysburg.
Guests will be welcomed to the event by the peaceful strums of harpist, Kaitlynn McCamey from Perrysburg, who is part of a long list of musicians, dancers and entertainers.
Open Grade Bagpiper, Andrew Bova, a Perrysburg native, will be performing. Andrew plays with a Grade I pipe band from Canada called the 78th Frasers, who recently competed in the final round of the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland in August. He has a BFA in Bagpipe Performance and is studying toward an advanced degree at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania.
Molly’s Irish Dancers, from Perrysburg Academy of the Performing Arts, will also perform. There are more than forty dancers in this group, ranging from beginners to advanced dancers. Elegant soft shoe dances will be performed, as well as the more intense, clap-along, hard shoe performances audiences have seen in shows like “Riverdance”.
The numbers have been choreographed by Irish Instructor, Molly Kujawa of Toledo. “Molly is the sunshine behind the rainbow for our dancers. Her positive teaching methods, creativity and incredible knowledge make for some amazing performances and happy dancers.”- Holly Thomas, Event Chair. Molly is a certified Irish Dance teacher who started dancing at age eight. Throughout the years she has performed at Epcot, for the Tampa Bay Lightning, for a nationally televised Millenium Event and many other festivals and events. As a dancer and teacher, she has been part of teams who qualified for the World Irish Dance Championships, which is the Super Bowl of Irish Dance.
“Irish dancing is such a part of who I am. It is in my soul. Being an Irish dance teacher is so special to me because I get to share something I love with the World and am able to pass it on for generations to come. When Irish dancing music comes on I can't keep my feet still. When I dance my heart and soul belong to the dance. It allows me to be so in the moment and forget about all the daily worries.”- Molly Kujawa, Irish Dance Instructor.
The list of entertainment will also feature an accomplished vocalist, Kasia Varsak, who will sing some Celtic melodies. Kasia is currently a student at the University of Toledo. In addition, Perrysburg High School Strings will perform fiddle music to entertain guests, and Molly will lead some Ceili dancing. Ceili dances are group dances and guests will be welcomed onto the dance floor to learn a Ceili dance or two.
The event will not be limited to music and dance. Historical storyteller, Elliot MacFarlane will entertain guests with his passion for all things Scottish. Dressed in full kilt, with a twinkle in his eye, this ruby bearded Scot is a wealth of knowledge and always good for a laugh. MacFarlanes' Company is a volunteer organization that uses Living History presentations to teach the rich history and culture of Scotland and the Scottish diasporas in North America. MacFarlanes' Company raises funds to support the outstanding stewardship and preservation work done by The National Trust for Scotland.
The evening will feature regionally themed foods such as Fish and Chips, Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Scottish Chicken and Mushroom Pie, Pratie Oaten and a decadent dessert buffet. Door prizes and raffles will also be held the night of the show. Depending on guests preferences, both family friendly and adult only banquet halls are available. Doors open at 6 p.m. and dinner will be served at 7 p.m., with entertainment and dancing all night.
Proceeds from the event will go to fund the first ever Feis in Northwest Ohio. A Feis is a community event to celebrate Gaelic traditions and include dance competition as well as other contests such as baking, art, music, Irish language. It is Molly’s vision to bring a feis to the Toledo area.
“I spent a good part of my life traveling to feisanna throughout the country. I always wished we could have one here so people in Northwest Ohio could experience competitive Irish dancing. It is amazing to watch even if you know nothing about Irish dancing. This has been such a huge part of Irish culture for a long time. It would also bring people from all over the Nation to Toledo. It would be good for our economy and for people to see what Toledo has to offer.”- Molly Kujawa, Irish Dance Instructor.
NWO Irish Dance Boosters is a non-profit organization located in Northwest Ohio, U.S.A. The group’s mission is to educate and enrich our community through Irish dance—and the community events that go hand in hand with this beautiful, strong and moving cultural dance. They are a group of moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, community members and Irish dancers, and the group is happy to welcome new members.
Their facebook page is at!/FeisFundraisingDinner and the event site is , where tickets can be purchased and donations can be made.

Venue Information:
Nazareth Hall
25341 Appaloosa Court
Perrysburg, OH 43551

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