Deadly Harvest--the Creature Walks Among Us
October 12, 2012, 7:00 PM - 11:45 PM

Venue: Kelleys Island Venture Resort
Address: 441 West Lakeshore Dr.

Event Website: or

Description: All of Kelly's Island part of the game. As scarecrows guide detectives in fall mystery adventure.

There's been a murder and Kelley's Island has sprung a crop of malevolent scarecrows clearly designed to frighten something more dangerous than hungry birds! What does it all mean?

That's what teams of guest detectives will be trying to uncover as they visit mystery sites and search every inch of the island in their quest for clues when Ohio's Shadow Stalkers presents Deadly Harvest--The Creature Walks Among Us October 12-13, 2012.

Designed as a nerve-jangling adventure with no time-outs and no safe places, Deadly Harvest is anything but dinner theater. It's a hands-on think-on-your-feet affair that begins the moment guests check into their rooms and continues nonstop until bandages and promotions to the Kelley's Island Detective Agency are awarded on Sunday morning.

The killers will be playing too--our record is 13 guests murdered in a single night--and our detectives will have access to poison, blackmail and bribery in their search for a solution. The emphasis is on fun, guest initiative and imagination. Advance problems and clues will be mailed out weeks or months in advance, making anticipation and planning a part of the game and guests have the option of conducting their investigation as any detective or villain from film or literature. It's not unusual to meet Columbo, Charlie Chan, or Hannibal Lecter at a Shadow Stalkers event.

Shadow Stalkers shows are built on 20 years of experience exploring the dark corners of our minds. Ciphers, torn maps, poisons and invisible ink are commonplace and guests are encouraged to bring props and false clues of their own. For prices and reservations call Kelleys Island Venture Resort at 419-746-2900.

For information about the mystery itself check or call that nice Mr. Denham. Forms notifying guests' next-of-kin will also be available.

Contact: Kelleys Island Venture Resort, 419-746-2900 or Denham, 419-663-4103; or

More Info:

The mystery adventure runs the entire weekend, ending at breakfast on Sunday morning with the awarding of promotions to the Kelleys Island Detective Agency.

Venue Information:
Kelleys Island Venture Resort
441 West Lakeshore Dr.
Kelleys Island, OH 43438

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