Restaurant Inspections: 3-24


Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Golden Rule Lodge, 636 Junction, inspected Feb. 25. Kitchen hand-wash sink with outside splash guard. Cross contamination happening on nearby table with open food-contact packaging, utensils. Either add a guard or relocate food-contact surfaces to prevent cross contamination. Unprotected light bulb above hallway ice maker. Must be protected against breakage and contaminating ice machine area. Either repair or replace with approved containment. Inspector: Markan.

Shankland’s, 851 Islington, inspected Feb. 25. Cannot verify plumbing meets two-inch air gap of prep sink. Current sink drain tube sits at/​slightly below line of sight of PVC plumbing. Modify or verify that air gap meets code, which prevents back-flow bacteria contamination of prep sink. Inspector: Markan.

Glass City Cafe, 1107 Jackson, inspected Feb. 25. Improper cooling — too hot and covered — in refrigerator for soup at 155 degrees and chili at 133 degrees. Corrected by taking both covers off, soup placed in ice bath. Chili left in refrigerator with lid off. Proper cooling prevents bacteria issues. Unprotected light in kitchen/​stove sink area (repeat from 2/​21 visit). Two unprotected ceiling lights in downstairs storage area for ambient temperature of food and food-contact packaging. Fix with containment shields so if bulb breaks, glass/​brittle plastic is not a contaminant. Inspector: Markan.

Glass City Cafe, 1107 Jackson, inspected Feb. 20. Person-in-charge needed on site during operation hours for awareness of food safety, bacteria, and prevention of chemical or physical contamination. Prep table with incorrect temperatures ranging from 42 to 43 degrees: cole slaw, potato salad, and macaroni salad. Ice down individual units and lower unit thermostats to colder temperatures to prevent bacteria growth. Reinspection within 24 hours. Some perishable items dated correctly and others have incomplete date marking such as open container of prepared chicken salad (3/​14/​14 sell by), nearly 80% gone but no date marking. Issue is bacteria growth once open. Day One is day that container is first opened and then used for six days. Discard is at end of seven days total. Owner/​operator corrected and did same for cut onions, green peppers. Inspector: Markan.

7-Eleven, 1101 Western, inspected March 6. Deli fresh oven-roasted turkey breast meat at 28 degrees in refrigeration but had 3/​4/​14 expiration date. Food-safety issue with bacteria growth. Discarded. Raw hot dogs and cooked, glazed chicken with Monterey jack cheese at 33.5 to 38.5 degrees in cabinet. Date marking an issue with hot dogs. Marked as 3/​3/​14 with 3/​10/​14 expiration, this is eight days when it should be seven to prevent bacteria growth. Day One is 3/​3, so Day Seven is 3/​9. Incorrect holding temperatures of hot dog cabinet and chicken Monterey jack cheese dogs cabinet, 118 and 125 degrees respectively. Food safety issue is bacteria growth when below 135 degrees holding. Either destroy or heat to 165 degrees and maintain at 135 degrees. Turn up the holding cabinet temperature. Inspector: Markan.

Senior Independence Adult Day Center, 545 Indiana, inspected Feb. 20. Raw hamburger stored at same shelf level as pasteurized eggs and lettuce. Concerned with bacteria contamination. Correct and re-shelf by re-stacking (raw on bottom shelf and ready-to-eat on top shelf). Date marked paper towel resting directly on clean ready-to-eat grapes in refrigerator. Concerned with bacteria cross contamination from porous paper towel onto the grapes. Correct with approved signage; prevent contamination by using cleanable, nonporous surfaces. Inspector: Markan.

Sakura Express, 1385 Conant, Maumee, inspected March 4. Both hand-washing sinks blocked. Rice warmer blocking front hand sink and a pitcher of water in back hand sink. Hand-washing sinks must be maintained clear and accessible for hand washing. Hand sinks may not be used for storage or dumping. No sanitizer bucket set up, and a wet wiping towel out on a work surface. A sanitizer bucket with the correct concentration of sanitize must be set up at all times of operation. Food-prep surfaces must be periodically sanitized throughout the day. Also, wet wiping towels must be stored in sanitizer when not in use. Raw shell eggs stored above cut produce in glass-door cooler. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats, seafood, and poultry products separate from or below ready-to-eat food and beverages. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.


Recently inspected restaurant with no violations:

Rally’s, 1647 W. Laskey.