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High School

2013-14 high school girls basketball schedules

2013-14 high school girls basketball schedules



Nov. 22-Margaretta

Nov. 27-Rogers

Dec. 4-at Woodward

Dec. 9-at Scott

Dec. 11-Waite

Dec. 18-at Start

Dec. 21-Mohawk

Dec. 27-Keith Lowe Holiday Tournament

Dec. 28-Keith Lowe Holiday Tournament

Jan. 4-Lake Ridge Academy

Jan. 8-Woodward

Jan. 15-Scott

Jan. 18-Defiance

Jan. 22-at Waite

Jan. 25-at Sandusky

Jan. 27-at Rogers

Jan. 29-Start

Feb. 1-at Cardinal Stritch

Feb. 8-at Maumee


Nov. 27-at Bowsher

Dec. 4-at Waite

Dec. 9-Woodward

Dec. 11-Start

Dec. 14-at Africentric Early College

Dec. 18 at Scott

Dec. 21-Notre Dame

Dec. 26-Chicage Crete Monee

Dec. 30-Christian Academy of Knoxville

Jan. 8-Waite

Jan. 15-at Woodward

Jan. 16-at Wauseon

Jan. 19-at Classic in the Country

Jan. 20-at Classic in the Country

Jan. 22-at Start

Jan. 27-Bowsher

Jan. 29-Scott


Nov. 27-at Waite

Dec. 4-Start

Dec. 7-Highland Park (Michigan)

Dec. 9-Bowsher

Dec. 11-at Woodward

Dec. 14-at St. Ursula

Dec. 18-Rogers

Dec. 21-at Horizon Science Acad. (Dayton)

Dec. 28-MLK

Jan. 4 - Consortium College Prep (Michigan)

Jan. 8-at Start

Jan. 11-at Meadowdale

Jan. 15-at Bowsher

Jan. 22-Woodward

Jan. 25-at Lake Ridge Academy

Jan. 27-Waite

Jan. 29-at Rogers

Feb. 1-at Southview

Feb. 5-Oak Park (Michigan)


Nov. 22-Anthony Wayne

Nov. 23-Northview

Nov. 26-at Whitmer

Nov. 27-Woodward

Dec. 4-at Scott

Dec. 5-Detroit Country Day

Dec. 9-Waite

Dec. 11-at Rogers

Dec. 18-Bowsher

Jan. 4-at Southview

Jan. 8-Scott

Jan. 15-at Waite

Jan. 22-Rogers

Jan. 27-at Woodward

Jan. 29-at Bowsher

Feb. 3-Perrysburg


Nov. 23-at Laurel

Nov. 27-Scott

Dec. 4-Rogers

Dec. 7-at Meadowdale

Dec. 9-at Start

Dec. 11-at Bowsher

Dec. 16-Clay

Dec. 18-at Woodward

Dec. 23-at Rossford

Dec. 27-at Hughes Holiday Classic

Dec. 28-at Hughes Holiday Classic

Jan. 8-at Rogers

Jan. 14-at Chandler Park Academy (Michigan)

Jan. 15-Start

Jan. 22-Bowsher

Jan. 25-at Marion Harding

Jan. 27-at Scott

Jan. 29-Woodward

Feb. 10-Perrysburg


Nov. 22-St. Ursula

Nov. 27-at Start

Dec. 4-Bowsher

Dec. 7-Springfield

Dec. 9-at Rogers

Dec. 11-Scott

Dec. 16-at Otsego

Dec. 18-Waite

Dec. 21-at Lima Perry

Dec. 27-at Tinora

Jan. 6-Old Fort

Jan. 8-at Bowsher

Jan. 11-at Detroit Consortium

Jan. 15-Rogers

Jan. 18-at Evergreen

Jan. 21-Bowling Green

Jan. 22-at Scott

Jan. 27-Start

Jan. 29-at Waite

Feb. 8-at Tiffin Calvert



Dec. 3-Southview

Dec. 5-at Clay

Dec. 9-Notre Dame

Dec. 12-at Whitmer

Dec. 19-Lima Senior

Dec. 21-at Lake

Jan. 7-Findlay

Jan. 9-at Fremont Ross

Jan. 16-at St. Ursula

Jan. 18-Perrysburg

Jan. 23-Clay

Jan. 27-at Notre Dame

Jan. 30-Whitmer

Feb. 1-at Northview

Feb. 3-at Lima Senior

Feb. 6-at Findlay

Feb. 8-Anthony Wayne at BGSU Stroh Center

Feb. 10-Fremont Ross

Feb. 13-St. Ursula


Nov. 22-at Delta

Dec. 2-Lake

Dec. 5-Central Catholic

Dec. 7-Perrysburg

Dec. 9-Findlay

Dec. 12-at Fremont Ross

Dec. 16-at Waite

Dec. 19-St. Ursula

Dec. 27-Bowsher Holiday Tournament

Dec. 28-Bowsher Holiday Tournament

Jan. 4-at Bryan

Jan. 6-at Lima Senior

Jan. 9-at Notre Dame

Jan. 11-at Southview

Jan. 16-Whitmer

Jan. 23-at Central Catholic

Jan. 27-at Findlay

Jan. 30-Fremont Ross

Feb. 3-at St. Ursula

Feb. 6-Lima Senior

Feb. 10-Notre Dame

Feb. 13-at Whitmer


Nov. 22-Lima Bath Tournament

Nov. 23-Lima Bath Tournament

Dec. 2-at Mansfield Senior

Dec. 5-St. Ursula

Dec. 9-at Clay

Dec. 12-at Notre Dame

Dec. 16-Whitmer

Dec. 23-Celina

Jan. 2-at Defiance

Jan. 4-Lima Shawnee

Jan. 7-at Central Catholic

Jan. 9-Lima Senior

Jan. 13-at Anthony Wayne

Jan. 16-at Fremont Ross

Jan. 18-Southview

Jan. 23-at St. Ursula

Jan. 27-Clay

Jan. 30-Notre Dame

Feb. 3-at Whitmer

Feb. 6-Central Catholic

Feb. 10-at Lima Senior

Feb. 13-Fremont Ross


Nov. 22-Sandusky

Nov. 26-at Tiffin Columbian

Dec. 5-at Lima Senior

Dec. 9-at St. Ursula

Dec. 12-Clay

Dec. 16-at Sandusky

Dec. 19-at Notre Dame

Dec. 21-Fostoria

Jan. 4-at Bowling Green

Jan. 6-at Whitmer

Jan. 9-Central Catholic

Jan. 14-at Maumee

Jan. 16-Findlay

Jan. 18-at Marion Harding

Jan. 22-Port Clinton

Jan. 23-Lima Senior

Jan. 27-St. Ursula

Jan. 30-at Clay

Feb. 3-Notre Dame

Feb. 6-Whitmer

Feb. 10-at Central Catholic

Feb. 13-at Findlay


Nov. 23-at Columbus Grove

Nov. 26-Celina

Nov. 30-at Van Wert

Dec. 5-Fremont Ross

Dec. 9-at Whitmer

Dec. 12-St. Ursula

Dec. 14-at Lima Central Catholic

Dec. 19-at Central Catholic

Dec. 26-Elida Holiday Tournament

Dec. 27-Elida Holiday Tournament

Jan. 6-Clay

Jan. 9-at Findlay

Jan. 13-Elida

Jan. 16-Notre Dame

Jan. 23-at Fremont Ross

Jan. 27-Whitmer

Jan. 30-at St. Ursula

Feb. 3-Central Catholic

Feb. 6-at Clay

Feb. 8-St. Marys

Feb. 10-Findlay

Feb. 13-at Notre Dame


Nov. 23-at Reynoldsburg Tipoff Classic

Dec. 5-Whitmer

Dec. 9-at Central Catholic

Dec. 12-Findlay

Dec. 14-at St. Joseph's (Ind.)

Dec. 19-Fremont Ross

Dec. 21-at Rogers

Jan. 6-at St. Ursula

Jan. 9-Clay

Jan. 11-Northview

Jan. 16-at Lima Senior

Jan. 18-at Berlin, Classic in the Country

Jan. 19-at Berlin, Classic in the Country

Jan. 23-at Whitmer

Jan. 25-at Perrysburg

Jan. 27-Central Catholic

Jan. 30-at Findlay

Feb. 3-at Fremont Ross

Feb. 6-St. Ursula

Feb. 10-at Clay

Feb. 13-Lima Senior


Nov. 22-at Woodward

Dec. 3-at Bedford

Dec. 5-at Findlay

Dec. 9-Fremont Ross

Dec. 12-at Lima Senior

Dec. 14-Scott

Dec. 19-at Clay

Dec. 21-at Ottawa Hills

Jan. 6-Notre Dame

Jan. 9-at Whitmer

Jan. 11-Cincinnati St. Ursula

Jan. 16-Central Catholic

Jan. 23-Findlay

Jan. 25-at Fort Wayne Wayne

Jan. 27-at Fremont Ross

Jan. 30-Lima Senior

Feb. 3-Clay

Feb. 6-at Notre Dame

Feb. 10-Whitmer

Feb. 13-at Central Catholic


Nov. 22-Northview

Nov. 26-Start

Dec. 3-at SpringfieldDec. 5-at Notre Dame

Dec. 9-Lima Senior

Dec. 12-Central Catholic

Dec. 16-at Findlay

Dec. 30-Lake

Jan. 4-at Bedford

Jan. 6-Fremont Ross

Jan. 9-St. Ursula

Jan. 14-at Evergreen

Jan. 16-at Clay

Jan. 18-at Bowling Green

Jan. 23-Notre Dame

Jan. 27-at Lima Senior

Jan. 30-at Central Catholic

Feb. 1-Anthony Wayne

Feb. 3-Findlay

Feb. 6-at Fremont Ross

Feb. 10-at St. Ursula

Feb. 13-Clay



Nov. 22-at Start

Nov. 26-Bowling Green

Nov. 29-at Springfield

Dec. 3-Wauseon

Dec. 10-at Northview

Dec. 13-Southview

Dec. 17-at Napoleon

Dec. 20-Perrysburg

Dec. 21-Otsego

Jan. 3-at Bowling Green

Jan. 7-at Delta

Jan. 10-Springfield

Jan. 13-Findlay

Jan. 17-at Maumee

Jan. 24-Northview

Jan. 30-at Southview

Feb. 1-at Whitmer

Feb. 6-Napoleon

Feb. 8-at Central Catholic

Feb. 13-at Perrysburg

Feb. 15-at Liberty-Benton


Nov. 22-Eastwood

Nov. 26-at Anthony Wayne

Nov. 29-Maumee

Dec. 3-Elmwood

Dec. 6-at Perrysburg

Dec. 10-Springfield

Dec. 13-at Northview

Dec. 16-at Archbold

Dec. 17-at Southview

Dec. 20-Napoleon

Jan. 3-Anthony Wayne

Jan. 4-Fremont Ross

Jan. 10-at Maumee

Jan. 11-at Otsego

Jan. 17-Perrysburg


Jan. 21-at Woodward

Jan. 24-at Springfield

Jan. 30-Northview

Feb. 4-Bryan

Feb. 6-Southview

Feb. 13-at Napoleon


Nov. 26-Napoleon

Nov. 29-at Bowling Green

Dec. 3-Rossford

Dec. 10-Southview

Dec. 13-at Perrysburg

Dec. 17-at Northview

Dec. 20-Springfield

Dec. 28-at Ottawa Hills

Jan. 3-at Napoleon

Jan. 10-Bowling Green

Jan. 14-Fremont Ross

Jan. 17-Anthony Wayne

Jan. 21-Northwood

Jan. 24-at Southview

Jan. 28-at Bryan

Jan. 30-Perrysburg

Feb. 6-Northview

Feb. 8-Bowsher

Feb. 11-at Swanton

Feb. 13-at Springfield

Feb. 15-Eastwood


Nov. 19-Edgerton

Nov. 22-at Defiance

Nov. 26-at Maumee

Nov. 29-Northview

Dec. 3-at Patrick Henry

Dec. 6-at Southview

Dec. 10-Perrysburg

Dec. 13-at Springfield

Dec. 17-Anthony Wayne

Dec. 20-at Bowling Green

Dec. 26-NW Signal Holiday Classic Semifinal

Dec. 28-NW Signal Holiday Classic Consolation/Championship

Jan. 3-Maumee

Jan. 10-at Northview

Jan. 14-Southview

Jan. 24-at Perrysburg

Jan. 28-Ottawa-Glandorf

Jan. 30-Springfield

Feb. 4-at Archbold

Feb. 6-at Anthony Wayne

Feb. 10-Bryan

Feb. 13-Bowling Green


Nov. 22-at Whimter

Nov. 23-at Start

Nov. 26-Perrysburg

Nov. 29-at Napoleon

Dec. 60-Springfield

Dec. 13-Bowling Green

Dec. 17-Maumee

Dec. 20-at Southview

Dec. 27-at Holiday Classic (Pickerington)

Dec. 28-at Holiday Classic (Pickerington)

Dec. 29-at Holiday Classic (Pickerington)

Jan. 3-at Perrysburg

Jan. 10-Napoleon

Jan. 11-at Notre Dame

Jan. 17-at Springfield

Jan. 24-at Anthony Wayne

Jan. 30-at Bowling Green

Feb. 1-Central Catholic

Feb. 6-at Maumee

Feb. 13-Southview


Nov. 26-at Northview

Nov. 29-Southview

Dec. 6-Bowling Green

Dec. 7-at Clay

Dec. 10-at Napoleon

Dec. 13-Maumee

Dec. 14-Marion Harding

Dec. 17-at Springfield

Dec. 20-at Anthony Wayne

Dec. 21-at Solon

Jan. 3-Northview

Jan. 10-at Southview

Jan. 17-at Bowling Green

Jan. 18-at Central Catholic

Jan. 24-Napoleon

Jan. 25-Notre Dame

Jan. 30-at Maumee

Feb. 3-at Start

Feb. 6-Springfield

Feb. 10-at Waite

Feb. 13-Anthony Wayne


Nov. 26-Springfield

Nov. 29-at Perrysburg

Dec. 3-at Central Catholic

Dec. 6-Napoleon

Dec. 10-at Maumee

Dec. 13-at Anthony Wayne

Dec. 17-Bowling Green

Dec. 20-Northview

Dec. 21-at Lima Shawnee

Dec. 26-at Vicki Mauk Holiday Invitational (Elida)

Dec. 27-at Vicki Mauk Holiday Invitational (Elida)

Jan. 3-at Springfield

Jan. 4-Start

Jan. 10-Perrysburg

Jan. 11-Clay

Jan. 14-at Napoleon

Jan. 18-at Findlay

Jan. 24-Maumee

Jan. 30-Anthony Wayne

Feb. 1-Scott

Feb. 6-at Bowling Green

Feb. 13-at Northview


Nov. 22-at Swanton

Nov. 23-at Evergreen

Nov. 26-at Southview

Nov. 29-Anthony Wayne

Dec. 3-Whitmer

Dec. 6-at Northview

Dec. 7-at Woodward

Dec. 10-at Bowling Green

Dec. 13-Napoleon

Dec. 17-Perrysburg

Dec. 20-at Maumee

Dec. 27-at Keith Lowe Holiday Tournament (Bowsher)

Dec. 28-at Keith Lowe Holiday Tournament (Bowsher)

Jan. 3-Southview

Jan. 10-at Anthony Wayne

Jan. 14-Wauseon

Jan. 17-Northview

Jan. 24-Bowling Green

Jan. 28-Archbold

Jan. 30-at Napoleon

Feb. 6-at Perrysburg

Feb. 13-Maumee



Nov. 22-at Bowling Green

Nov. 26-Van Buren

Nov. 29-Rossford

Dec. 5-at Lake

Dec. 10-at Otsego

Dec. 13-at Genoa

Dec. 19- Woodmore

Dec. 23-at Swanton

Dec. 27-at Lakota

Dec. 30-Tiffin Columbian

Jan. 3-Elmwood

Jan. 7-Fostoria

Jan. 16-at Rossford

Jan. 21-Lake

Jan. 23-Otsego

Jan. 25-Oak Harbor

Jan. 28-Genoa

Jan. 31-at Woodmore

Feb. 1-Fremont St. Joseph CC

Feb. 6-at Elmwood

Feb. 13-at Fostoria

Feb. 15-at Maumee


Nov. 23-Fostoria St. Wendelin

Nov. 29-at Otsego

Dec. 3-at Bowling Green

Dec. 5-Woodmore

Dec. 10-Fostoria

Dec. 13-Lake

Dec. 16-McComb

Dec. 19-Genoa

Dec. 21-at Arcadia

Jan. 3-at Eastwood

Jan. 4-Van Buren

Jan. 7-at Rossford

Jan. 14-at Old Fort

Jan. 16-Otsego

Jan. 21-at Woodmore

Jan. 23-at Fostoria

Jan. 25-at Hopewell-Loudon

Jan. 28-at Lake

Jan. 31-at Genoa

Feb. 3-Gibsonburg

Feb. 6-Eastwood

Feb. 13-Rossford


Nov. 26-at Upper Sandusky

Nov. 29-Lake

Dec. 3-Lakota

Dec. 5-Genoa

Dec. 10-at Elmwood

Dec. 13-at Rossford

Dec. 14-Ottawa-Glandorf

Dec. 19-Otsego

Dec. 21-at Fremont Ross

Jan. 3-Woodmore

Jan. 4-at Hopewell-Loudon

Jan. 7-at Eastwood

Jan. 16-at Lake

Jan. 21-at Genoa

Jan. 23-Elmwood

Jan. 27-at Port Clinton

Jan. 28-Rossford

Jan. 31-at Otsego

Feb. 1-Sandusky

Feb. 5-at Woodmore

Feb. 8-at Tiffin Columbian

Feb. 13-Eastwood


Nov. 22-at Danbury

Nov. 26-at Oak Harbor

Nov. 29-Woodmore

Dec. 2-at Northwood

Dec. 5-at Fostoria

Dec. 10- at Lake

Dec. 13-Eastwood

Dec. 19-at Elmwood

Dec. 23-Cardinal Stritch

Dec. 30-Old Fort

Jan. 3-Rossford

Jan. 7-at Otsego

Jan. 13-Lakota

Jan. 16-at Woodmore

Jan. 21-Fostoria

Jan. 23-Lake

Jan. 28-a Eastwood

Jan. 31-Elmwood

Feb. 4-Toledo Christian

Feb. 6- at Rossford

Feb. 13-Otsego


Nov. 23-Northwood (at Owens CC)

Nov. 26-Swanton (at Owens CC)

Nov. 29-at Fostoria

Dec. 2-at Clay

Dec. 5-Eastwood

Dec. 10-Genoa

Dec. 13-at Elmwood

Dec. 19-Rossford

Dec. 21-Central Catholic

Dec. 28-Fostoria St. Wendelin

Dec. 30-at Whitmer

Jan. 3-Otsego

Jan. 7-at Woodmore

Jan. 13-at Port Clinton

Jan. 16-Fostoria

Jan. 21-at Eastwood

Jan. 23-at Genoa

Jan. 25-at Delta

Jan. 28-Elmwood

Jan. 31-at Rossford

Feb. 6-at Otsego

Feb. 12-Woodmore


Nov. 22-North Baltimore

Nov. 26-at Evergreen

Nov. 29-Elmwood

Dec. 2-at Lakota

Dec. 5-at Rossford

Dec. 10-Eastwood

Dec. 13-at Woodmore

Dec. 16-Woodward

Dec. 19-at Fostoria

Dec. 21-at Anthony Wayne

Jan. 3-at Lake

Jan. 7-Genoa

Jan. 11-Bowling Green

Jan. 16-at Elmwood

Jan. 18-Delta

Jan. 21-Rossford

Jan. 23-at Eastwood

Jan. 28-Woodmore

Jan. 31-Fostoria

Feb. 6-Lake

Feb. 8-Swanton

Feb. 13-at Genoa


Nov. 22-Oak Harbor

Nov. 26-Ottawa Hills

Nov. 29-at Eastwood

Dec. 3-at Maumee

Dec. 5-Otsego

Dec. 10-at Woodmore

Dec. 13-Fostoria

Dec. 16-Swanton

Dec. 19-at Lake

Dec. 23-Waite

Jan. 3-at Genoa

Jan. 7-Elmwood

Jan. 10-at Evergreen

Jan. 14-at Tiffin Columbian

Jan. 16-Eastwood

Jan. 21-at Otsego

Jan. 23-Woodmore

Jan. 28-at Fostoria

Jan. 31-Lake

Feb. 6-Genoa

Feb. 10-at Wauseon

Feb. 13-at Elmwood


Nov. 22-at Old Fort

Nov. 23-Port Clinton

Nov. 26-at New Riegel

Nov. 29-at Genoa

Dec. 3-Gibsonburg

Dec. 5-at Elmwod

Dec. 10-Rossford

Dec. 13-Otsego

Dec. 14-Oak Harbor

Dec. 19-at Eastwood

Dec. 21-at Hopewell-Loudon

Dec. 30-Ottawa Hills

Jan. 3-at Fostoria

Jan. 7-Lake

Jan. 9-at Margaretta

Jan. 16-Genoa

Jan. 21-Elmwood

Jan. 23-at Rossford

Jan. 28-at Otsego

Jan. 31-Eastwood

Feb. 5-Fostoria

Feb. 12-at Lake



Nov. 23-Fremont St. Joseph

Dec. 5-at Maumee Valley

Dec. 7-Tiffin Calvert

Dec. 12-Gibsonburg

Dec. 17-Danbury

Dec. 19-at Northwood

Dec. 23-at Genoa

Dec. 30-Evergreen

Jan. 3-at Emmanuel Christian

Jan. 6-Northwood

Jan. 9-Ottawa Hills

Jan. 11-Toledo Christian

Jan. 16-Maumee Valley

Jan. 18-at Gibsonburg

Jan. 27-at Fostoria St. Wendelin

Jan. 28-at Sandusky St. Mary

Jan. 30-at Danbury

Feb. 1-Bowsher

Feb. 3-at Swanton

Feb. 6-Emmanuel Christian

Feb. 8-at Ottawa Hills

Feb. 13-at Toledo Christian


Nov. 22-Genoa

Nov. 26-Huron

Dec. 3-Fremont St. Joseph

Dec. 5-Ottawa Hills

Dec. 12-at Toledo Christian

Dec. 14-Maumee Valley

Dec. 17-at Cardinal Stritch

Dec. 19-at Port Clinton

Dec. 28-Lakota

Jan. 3-Northwood

Jan. 6-at Oak Harbor

Jan. 9-Gibsonburg

Jan. 11-at Emmanuel Christian

Jan. 14-at Sandusky St. Mary

Jan. 16-at Ottawa Hills

Jan. 18-Toledo Christian

Jan. 21-at Old Fort

Jan. 23-at Maumee Valley

Jan. 30-Cardinal Stritch

Feb. 6-at Northwood

Feb. 8-at Gibsonburg

Feb. 13-Emmanuel Christian


Nov. 30-at Monclova Christian

Dec. 5-Gibsonburg

Dec. 12-at Ottawa Hills

Dec. 14-Toledo Christian

Dec. 17-at Maumee Valley

Jan. 3-Cardinal Stritch

Jan. 6-at Lima Temple

Jan. 9-at Northwood


Jan. 13-Ottawa Hills

Jan. 16-at Gibsonburg

Jan. 21-Monclova Christian

Jan. 23-at Toledo Christian

Jan. 27-Tiffin Calvert

Jan. 30-Maumee Valley

Feb. 6-at Cardinal Stritch

Feb. 8-Northwood

Feb. 13-at Danbury


Nov. 26-Old Fort

Dec. 3-at Woodmore

Dec. 5-at Emmanuel Christian

Dec. 9-Seneca East

Dec. 12-at Cardinal Stritch

Dec. 14-Ottawa Hills

Dec. 17-Northwood

Jan. 3-at Toledo Christian

Jan. 9-at Danbury

Jan. 11-Maumee Valley

Jan. 14-Hopewell-Loudon

Jan. 16-Emmanuel Christian

Jan. 18-Cardinal Stritch

Jan. 23-at Ottawa Hills

Jan. 25-at Fremont St. Joe

Jan. 28-Monroeville

Jan. 30-at Northwood

Feb. 1-at Arcadia

Feb. 3-at Elmwood

Feb. 6-Toledo Christian

Feb. 8-Danbury

Feb. 13-at Maumee Valley


Dec. 3-Monclova Christian

Dec. 5-Cardinal Stritch

Dec. 7-Vanlue

Dec. 9-at St. Wendelin

Dec. 12-at Northwood

Dec. 14-at Danbury

Dec. 17-Emmanuel Christian

Jan. 3-at Ottawa Hills

Jan. 4-Old Fort

Jan. 9-at Toledo Christian

Jan. 11-at Gibsonburg

Jan. 13-at Montpelier

Jan. 16-at Cardinal Stritch

Jan. 18-Northwood

Jan. 23-Danbury

Jan. 30-at Emmanuel Christian

Feb. 3-at Monclova Christian

Feb. 4-North Central

Feb. 6-Ottawa Hills

Feb. 8-Toledo Christian

Feb. 10-North Baltimore

Feb. 13-Gibsonburg


Nov. 23-at Lake

Dec. 2-Genoa

Dec. 5-at Toledo Christian

Dec. 12-Maumee Valley

Dec. 17-at Gibsonburg

Dec. 19-Cardinal Stritch

Dec. 21-North Baltimore

Dec. 28-Evergreen

Jan. 3-at Danbury

Jan. 6-at Cardinal Stritch

Jan. 9-Emmanuel Christian

Jan. 11-at Ottawa Hills

Jan. 14-Fostoria St. Wendelin

Jan. 16-Toledo Christian

Jan. 18-at Maumee Valley

Jan. 21-at Maumee

Jan. 25-Monclova Christian

Jan. 30-Gibsonburg

Feb. 3-at Old Fort

Feb. 6-Danbury

Feb. 8-at Emmanuel Christian

Feb. 13-Ottawa Hills


Nov. 26-at Rossford

Dec. 5-at Danbury

Dec. 7-Delta

Dec. 12-Emmanuel Christian

Dec. 14-at Gibsonburg

Dec. 17-at Toledo Christian

Dec. 21-St. Ursula

Dec. 28-Maumee

Dec. 30-at Woodmore

Jan. 3-Maumee Valley

Jan. 9-at Cardinal Stritch

Jan. 11-Northwood

Jan. 13-at Emmanuel Christian

Jan. 16-Danbury

Jan. 23-Gibsonburg

Jan. 30-Toledo Christian

Feb. 6-at Maumee Valley

Feb. 8-Cardinal Stritch

Feb. 10-at Evergreen

Feb. 13-at Northwood

Feb. 15-Swanton


Nov. 22-Evergreen

Dec. 3-at Edgerton

Dec. 5-Northwood

Dec. 12-Danbury

Dec. 17-Ottawa Hills

Dec. 20-Tiffin Calvert

Dec. 27-at Bowsher Holiday tourney

Dec. 28-at Bowsher Holiday tourney

Jan. 3-Gibsonburg

Jan. 9-Maumee Valley

Jan. 11-at Cardinal Stritch

Jan. 16-at Northwood

Jan. 18-at Danbury

Jan. 23-Emmanuel Christian

Jan. 25-at Swanton

Jan. 30-at Ottawa Hills

Feb. 4-at Genoa

Feb. 6-at Gibsonburg

Feb. 8-at Maumee Valley

Feb. 11-at Fremont St. Joe

Feb. 13-Cardinal Stritch



Nov. 23-at Edgerton

Nov. 26-Wauseon

Nov. 29-at Liberty Center

Dec. 3-Fairview

Dec. 6-Evergreen

Dec. 9-vs. Archbold at Clinic Classic (Defiance)

Dec. 10-at Clinic Classic (Defiance)

Dec. 13-Bryan

Dec. 16-Bowling Green

Dec. 20-at Montpelier

Dec. 28-at Pettisville

Jan. 7-Stryker

Jan. 9-Swanton

Jan. 16-Patrick Henry

Jan. 23-at Wauseon

Jan. 25-at Holgate

Jan. 28-at Springfield

Jan. 30-at Continental

Feb. 4-Napoleon

Feb. 6-at Delta

Feb. 11-Ottawa-Glandorf


Nov. 19-at Pettisville (OHSAA Foundation Game)

Nov. 26-Holgate

Dec. 3-Wayne Trace

Dec. 6-Wauseon

Dec. 13-at Archbold

Dec. 17-Edgerton

Dec. 20-at Liberty Center

Dec. 27-Holiday Classic

Dec. 28-Holiday Classic

Jan. 4-Clay

Jan. 7-Tinora

Jan. 9-Patrick Henry

Jan. 14-at Defiance

Jan. 16-at Montpelier

Jan. 18-Van Wert

Jan. 21-at Hicksville

Jan. 23-Delta

Jan. 25-at Ottawa-Glandorf

Jan. 28-Maumee

Jan. 30-at Swanton

Feb. 4-at Bowling Green

Feb. 6-Evergreen

Feb. 10-at Napoleon


Nov. 22-Clay

Nov. 23-at Edon

Nov. 26-at Pettisville

Nov. 29-at Patrick Henry

Dec. 2-Ayersville

Dec. 6-Liberty Center

Dec. 7-at Ottawa Hills

Dec. 10-at Hilltop

Dec. 13-at Evergreen

Dec. 19-Stryker

Dec. 21-at Holgate

Jan. 7-Anthony Wayne

Jan. 9-Montpelier

Jan. 16-at Swanton

Jan. 18-at Otsego

Jan. 23-at Bryan

Jan. 25-Lake

Jan. 30-Wauseon

Feb. 1-at North Central

Feb. 6-Archbold

Feb. 11-Fayette

Feb. 15-at Evergreen


Nov. 22-at Toledo Christian

Nov. 23-Springfield

Nov. 26-Otsego

Nov. 29-Wauseon

Dec. 2-Pettisville

Dec. 6-at Archbold

Dec. 13-Delta

Dec. 17-at Lenawee Christian (Michigan)

Dec. 20-at Patrick Henry

Dec. 28-at Northwood

Dec.30-at Cardinal Stritch

Jan. 10-Rossford

Jan. 14-Whitmer

Jan. 16-Liberty Center

Jan. 18-Woodward

Jan. 23-Swanton

Jan. 27-at Hilltop

Jan. 30-at Montpelier

Feb. 3-at Fayette

Feb. 6-at Bryan

Feb. 10-Ottawa Hills

Feb. 15-Delta


Nov. 22-Hilltop

Nov. 23-at Fayette

Nov. 29-Archbold

Dec. 3-at Holgate

Dec. 6-at Delta

Dec. 9-at Wayne Trace

Dec. 13-at Swanton

Dec. 16-at Edon

Dec. 20-Bryan

Jan. 9-Wauseon

Jan. 14-Ottawa-Glandorf

Jan. 16-at Evergreen

Jan. 18-at Edgerton

Jan. 20-North Central

Jan. 25-at Tinora

Jan. 28-Stryker

Jan. 30-at Patrick Henry

Feb. 4-Monclova Christian

Feb. 6-Montpelier

Feb. 11-Pettisville


Nov. 15-at Hilltop (OHSAA Foundation Game)

Nov. 22-at North Centra

Nov. 26-at Ayersville

Nov. 29-Swanton

Dec. 3-at Stryker

Dec. 7-Edgerton

Dec. 10-Edon

Dec. 13-at Wauseon

Dec. 17-at Paulding

Dec. 20-Archbold

Jan. 7-Hilltop

Jan. 9-at Delta

Jan. 13-Maumee Valley

Jan. 16-Bryan

Jan. 21-Pettisville

Jan. 23-at Patrick Henry

Jan. 25-at Fayette

Jan. 28-at Hicksville

Jan. 30-Evergreen

Feb. 4-Tinora

Feb. 6-at Liberty Center

Feb. 11-Fairview


Nov. 23-Ayersville

Nov. 26-Defiance

Nov. 29-Delta

Dec. 3-Napoleon

Dec. 6-at Swanton

Dec. 10-at Columbus Grove

Dec. 16-at Tinora

Dec. 20-Evergreen

Dec. 26-at Signal Holiday Classic at Napoleon

Dec. 28-at Signal Holiday Classic at Napoleon

Jan. 7-Holgate

Jan. 9-at Bryan

Jan. 16-at Archbold

Jan. 21-at Miller City

Jan. 23-Montpelier

Jan. 25-North Baltimore

Jan. 28-at Van Buren

Jan. 30-Liberty Center

Feb. 4-at Pettisville

Feb. 6-at Wauseon

Feb. 8-Continental

Feb. 11-at Leipsic


Nov. 22-Springfield

Nov. 26-at Lake

Nov. 29-at Montpelier

Dec. 3-Fayette

Dec. 6-Patrick Henry

Dec. 13-Liberty Center

Dec. 14-Holgate

Dec. 16-at Rossford

Dec. 20-at Wauseon

Dec. 23-Eastwood

Jan. 9-at Archbold

Jan. 14-at Pettisville

Jan. 16-Delta

Jan. 20-at Defiance

Jan. 23-at Evergreen

Jan. 25-Toledo Christian

Jan. 30-Bryan

Feb. 3-Cardinal Stritch

Feb. 4-at Hilltop

Feb. 8-at Otsego

Feb. 11-Maumee

Feb. 15-at Ottawa Hills


Nov. 15-at Fayette (OHSAA Foundation Game)

Nov. 22-Pettisville

Nov. 26-at Archbold

Nov. 29-at Evergreen

Dec. 3-at Anthony Wayne

Dec. 6-at Bryan

Dec. 13-Montpelier

Dec. 16-Stryker

Dec. 20-Swanton

Dec. 26-Signal Holiday Classic at Napoleon

Dec. 28-Signal Holiday Classic at Napoleon

Jan. 3-at Ottawa-Glandorf

Jan. 7-Defiance

Jan. 9-at Liberty Center

Jan. 14-at Springfield

Jan. 16-Rogers

Jan. 20-at Fairview

Jan. 23-Archbold

Jan. 28-at Tinora

Jan. 30-at Delta

Feb. 3-Ayersville

Feb. 6-Patrick Henry

Feb. 10-Rossford



Nov. 23-Hopewell-Loudon

Nov. 27-Leipsic

Dec. 5-at Hardin Northern

Dec. 7-at Seneca East

Dec. 12-Van Buren

Dec. 19-McComb

Dec. 21-Elmwood

Dec. 28-Carey

Jan. 2-Ada

Jan. 4-at St. Wendelin

Jan. 9-at Cory-Rawson

Jan. 11-Old Fort

Jan. 16-at Arlington

Jan. 18-at North Baltimore

Jan. 23-at Pandora-Gilboa

Jan. 25-at Mohawk

Jan. 30-at Liberty-Benton

Feb. 1-Arcadia

Feb. 6-Vanlue

Feb. 8-at Lakota

Feb. 11-New Riegel

Feb. 13-at Upper Scioto Valley


Nov. 23-Liberty Center

Nov. 29-at Pettisville

Dec. 3-at Swanton

Dec. 6-at Edon

Dec. 7-at Antwerp

Dec. 10-Edgerton

Dec. 13-Stryker

Dec. 14-at Fairview

Dec. 28-Morenci

Jan. 3-North Central

Jan. 7-Ayersville

Jan. 10-at Hilltop

Jan. 14-at Hicksville

Jan. 16-Pettisville

Jan. 21-at Sand Creek

Jan. 23-Edon

Jan. 25-Montpelier

Jan. 30-at Stryker

Feb. 3-Evergreen

Feb. 6-at North Central

Feb. 11-at Delta

Feb. 13-Hilltop


Nov. 23-at Elmwood

Nov. 29-at Hopewell-Loudon

Dec. 5-at Carey

Dec. 9-Maumee Valley Country Day

Dec. 13-New Riegel

Dec. 17-at Hardin Northern

Dec. 19-at Mohawk

Dec. 28-at Lake

Jan. 2-at Lakota

Jan. 4-Arcadia

Jan. 7-St. Mary Central Catholic

Jan. 9-Calvert

Jan. 14-at Northwood

Jan. 17-Old Fort

Jan. 20-Van Buren

Jan. 23-at North Baltimore

Jan. 27-Cardinal Stritch

Jan. 31-St. Joseph Central Catholic

Feb. 3-Upper Scioto Valley

Feb. 6-at Seneca East

Feb. 11-Cory-Rawson

Feb. 15-at Ridgemont


Nov. 22-at St. Peter's

Nov. 23-at Cardinal Stritch

Nov. 26-at Clyde

Nov. 29-Seneca East

Dec. 3-at Danbury

Dec. 5-Old Fort

Dec. 10-Monroeville

Dec. 19-at Calvert

Dec. 27-at Huron

Jan. 2-at North Baltimore

Jan. 7-St. Paul

Jan. 9-Mohawk

Jan. 14-Oak Harbor

Jan. 17-New Riegel

Jan. 23-at Lakota

Jan. 25-Gibsonburg

Jan. 31-at St. Wendelin

Feb. 1-at Eastwood

Feb. 4-St. Mary Central Catholic

Feb. 6-Hopewell-Loudon

Feb. 11-Toledo Christian

Feb. 13-at Carey


Nov. 23-at Stryker

Nov. 26-at Bryan

Nov. 30-Miller City

Dec. 3-Liberty Center

Dec. 7-at Leipsic

Dec. 12-at Continental

Dec. 14-at Swanton

Dec. 21-Delta

Dec. 26-at NW Signal Holiday Classic at Napoleon

Dec. 28-at NW Signal Holiday Classic at Napoleon

Jan. 3-at Tinora

Jan. 7-at Patrick Henry

Jan. 10-Wayne Trace

Jan. 17-at Antwerp

Jan. 23-Ayersville

Jan. 25-Archbold

Jan. 28-Pettisville

Jan. 30-at Edgerton

Feb. 1-McComb

Feb. 4-Kalida

Feb. 6-Hicksville

Feb. 13-Fairview


Nov. 22-Clyde Turkey Shootout

Nov. 23-Clyde Turkey Shootout

Dec. 2-Otsego

Dec. 3-at Fostoria

Dec. 5-at Mohawk

Dec. 10-at New Riegel

Dec. 13-at Carey

Dec. 19-Hopewell-Loudon

Dec. 27-Eastwood

Dec. 28-at Danbury

Jan. 2-St. Wendelin

Jan. 9-Old Fort

Jan. 13-at Genoa

Jan. 17-at North Baltimore

Jan. 21-Vanlue

Jan. 23-St. Joseph Central Catholic

Jan. 31-Seneca East

Feb. 8-Arcadia

Feb. 11-at Oak Harbor

Feb. 13-Calvert


Nov. 25-at Bellevue

Nov. 27-Pandora-Gilboa

Dec. 3-Riverdale

Dec. 5-Cory-Rawson

Dec. 10-at Shawnee

Dec. 12-at Vanlue

Dec. 17-Ottawa-Glandorf

Dec. 19-Leipsic

Dec. 28-at Ottoville

Jan. 4-Ada

Jan. 7-Wapakoneta

Jan. 9-at Hardin Northern

Jan. 14-at Carey

Jan. 16-at Van Buren

Jan. 20-at Kalida

Jan. 23-at McComb

Jan. 27-at Bath

Jan. 30-Arcadia

Feb. 4-at Miller City

Feb. 6-Arlington

Feb. 11-Bluffton

Feb. 15-Anthony Wayne


Nov. 25-at Perry

Nov. 27-at Hardin Northern

Dec. 5-Van Buren

Dec. 7-New Riegel

Dec. 12-at Cory-Rawson

Dec. 14-at Ayersville

Dec. 16-at Elmwood

Dec. 19-at Arcadia

Dec. 27-at Hopewell-Loudon

Dec. 28-at Fort Jennings

Jan. 4-Carey

Jan. 9-at Arlington

Jan. 11-North Baltimore

Jan. 14- Miller City

Jan. 16-at Pandora-Gilboa

Jan. 18-Ada

Jan. 23-Liberty-Benton

Jan. 30-Vanlue

Feb. 1-at Holgate

Feb. 6-Leipsic

Feb. 8-at Lima Central Catholic

Feb. 13-Ottoville


Nov. 30-Emmanuel Christian

Dec. 3-at Maumee Valley

Dec. 7-at Lima Temple Christian

Dec. 12-Harvest Temple Christian

Dec. 14-at Open Door Christian

Dec. 20-at North West Ohio Cougars

Jan. 4-Montpelier

Jan. 6-Liberty Center

Jan. 7-at Harvest Temple

Jan. 11-at Mansfield Temple Christian

Jan. 14-at Vanlue

Jan. 18-Christian Community (Grafton)

Jan. 21-at Emmanuel Christian

Jan. 25-at Northwood

Jan. 28-North West Ohio Cougars

Jan. 31-Washtenaw Christian

Feb. 3-Maumee Valley

Feb. 4-at Liberty Center

Feb. 14-Open Door Christian

Feb. 18-at Washtenaw Christian


Nov. 22-at Otsego

Nov. 26-Riverdale

Nov. 29-at Old Fort

Dec. 2-Perry

Dec. 7-at Arlington

Dec. 10-Hardin Northern

Dec. 13-at Calvert

Dec. 19-Seneca East

Dec. 21-at Northwood

Dec. 28-Vanlue

Jan. 2-St. Joseph Central Catholic

Jan. 4-at Ridgemont

Jan. 9-at New Riegel

Jan. 11-at McComb

Jan. 17-Lakota

Jan. 18-Arcadia

Jan. 23-St. Wendelin

Jan. 25-at Patrick Henry

Jan. 31-at Hopewell-Loudon

Feb. 6-Carey

Feb. 8-Mohawk

Feb. 10-at Maumee Valley


Nov. 22-at Rossford

Nov. 26-Genoa

Dec. 3-at Edison

Dec. 7-Huron

Dec. 10-Bellevue

Dec. 13-at Clyde

Dec. 14-at Woodmore

Dec. 17-Sandusky St. Mary

Dec. 21-at Sandusky Perkins

Dec. 28-at Margaretta

Jan. 4-Port Clinton

Jan. 6-Danbury

Jan. 11-Edison

Jan. 14-at Fremont St. Joe

Jan. 18-at Huron

Jan. 24-Clyde

Jan. 25-at Eastwood

Feb. 1-at Sandusky St. Mary

Feb. 4-at Port Clinton

Feb. 8-Sandusky Perkins

Feb. 11-Lakota

Feb. 13-Margaretta


Nov. 19-Bryan

Nov. 22-at Wauseon

Nov. 26-Delta

Nov. 29-Fayette

Dec. 2-at Evergreen

Dec. 6-at North Central

Dec. 13-Edon

Dec. 14-Edgerton

Dec. 20-Fairview

Dec. 28-Archbold

Jan. 3-Hilltop

Jan. 7-at Hicksville

Jan. 10-at Stryker

Jan. 14-Swanton

Jan. 16-at Fayette

Jan. 21-at Montpelier

Jan. 23-North Central

Jan. 28-at Holgate

Jan. 30-at Edon

Feb. 4-Patrick Henry

Feb. 6-at Hilltop

Feb. 11-at Liberty Center

Feb. 13-Stryker


Nov. 22-Bellevue

Nov. 23-at Woodmore

Dec. 3-Margaretta

Dec. 7-at Sandusky St. Mary

Dec. 10-at Norwalk

Dec. 13-Sandusky Perkins

Dec. 17-Huron

Dec. 19-Danbury

Dec. 21-Clyde

Dec. 28-at Edison

Jan. 4-at Oak Harbor

Jan. 7-at Galion

Jan. 11-at Margaretta

Jan. 13-Lake

Jan. 18-Sandusky St. Mary

Jan. 22-at Fremont Ross

Jan. 24-at Sandusky Perkins

Jan. 27-Fostoria

Feb. 1-at Huron

Feb. 4-Oak Harbor

Feb. 8-at Clyde

Feb. 13-Edison


Nov. 26-at Eastwood

Dec. 5-at McComb

Dec. 7-Shawnee

Dec. 10-at Hopewell-Loudon

Dec. 12-at Arcadia

Dec. 16-at Carey

Dec. 19-Arlington

Dec. 21-Bluffton

Jan. 4-at Elmwood

Jan. 7-at Cory-Rawson

Jan. 9-Pandora-Gilboa

Jan. 14-Ayersville

Jan. 16-Liberty-Benton

Jan. 20-at St. Wendelin

Jan. 23-Vanlue

Jan. 28-Patrick Henry

Jan. 30-at Leipsic

Feb. 1-at New Riegel

Feb. 6-Hardin Northern

Feb. 13-Riverdale



Dec. 3-St. Ursula

Dec. 6-at Monroe St. Mary CC

Dec. 10-at Ann Arbor Huron

Dec. 13-Saline

Dec. 17-Ypsilanti Lincoln

Dec. 20-at Ann Arbor Pioneer

Jan. 4-Whitmer

Jan. 10-Ann Arbor Skyline

Jan. 17-at Monroe

Jan. 21-at Dundee

Jan. 24-Ann Arbor Huron

Jan. 28-at Chelsea

Jan. 31-at Saline

Feb. 4-Dexter

Feb. 7-Ann Arbor Pioneer

Feb. 11-at Adrian

Feb. 14-at Ann Arbor Skyline

Feb. 18-Tecumseh

Feb. 21-Monroe


Dec. 3-at Whiteford

Dec. 5-Clinton

Dec. 6-at Summerfield

Dec. 13-Lenawee Christian

Dec. 17-at Hudson

Dec. 20-Dundee

Jan. 7-Hillsdale

Jan. 9-at Columbia Central

Jan. 14-at Erie Mason

Jan. 17-Onsted

Jan. 21-Britton-Deerfield

Jan. 23-Ida

Jan. 28-Hudson

Jan. 31-at Dundee

Feb. 4-at Hillsdale

Feb. 6-Columbia Central

Feb. 11-Erie Mason

Feb. 14-at Onsted

Feb. 18-Adrian Madison

Feb. 20-at Ida


Dec. 3-at Monroe-Jefferson

Dec. 10-at Lutheran South

Dec. 14-Sand Creek

Dec. 17-Dundee

Dec. 20-at Ida

Jan. 6-at Summerfield

Jan. 7-Columbia Central

Jan. 9-at Hudson

Jan. 14-Blissfield

Jan. 17-at Hillsdale

Jan. 21-Whiteford

Jan. 23-at Onsted

Jan. 28-at Dundee

Jan. 31-Ida

Feb. 4-at Columbia Central

Feb. 6-Hudson

Feb. 11-at Blissfield

Feb. 14-Hillsdale

Feb. 19-Monroe Jefferson

Feb. 20-Onsted


Dec. 2-at Addison

Dec. 4-at Dundee

Dec. 6-Blissfield

Dec. 10-at Adrian Madison

Dec. 13-Whitmore Lake

Dec. 17-at Whiteford

Dec. 20-Britton-Deerfield

Jan. 6-Erie Mason

Jan. 10-at Sand Creek

Jan. 14-Clinton

Jan. 17-Morenci

Jan. 24-at Whitmore Lake

Jan. 28-Adrian Madison

Jan. 31-at Britton-Deerfield

Feb. 3-at Ann Arbor Greenhills

Feb. 7-Sand Creek

Feb. 11-Whiteford

Feb. 13-Lenawee Christian

Feb. 14-at Clinton

Feb. 21-at Morenci


Dec. 3-Blissfield

Dec. 6-Ann Arbor Greenhills

Dec. 10-at Morenci

Dec. 13-at Sand Creek

Dec. 17-Summerfield

Dec. 20-at Whitmore Lake

Jan. 10-at Britton-Deerfield

Jan. 14-at Adrian Madison

Jan. 17-Clinton

Jan. 21-at Erie Mason

Jan. 24-Sand Creek

Jan. 27-at Addison

Jan. 28-Morenci

Jan. 31-Whitmore Lake

Feb. 4-at Lenawee Christian

Feb. 7-Britton-Deerfield

Feb. 11-at Summerfield

Feb. 14-Adrian Madison

Feb. 18-at Ida

Feb. 21-at ClintonF

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