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Outrageous demands diminish the ADA

I read with amazement the article about the deaf woman who wanted the Comedy Club owner to pay for an interpreter so she could attend a performance. I was further amazed that the Ohio Civil Rights Commission would even consider such a frivolous complaint.

The club owner offered her free admission, free admission for her interpreter, as well as the table of her choice. I would say that qualifies as “reasonable accommodation.” Why should the club owner pay for her interpreter?

This kind of outrageous and unnecessary demand diminishes the intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act and causes loss of support in the general community for legitimate cases of discrimination.


Bristol Court

Thanks to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, we citizens of the state of Ohio can now join the rest of the United States in enjoying a state motto, the Ohio ACLU notwithstanding!

While the ACLU dubs the court's decision as an “extraordinarily narrow view,” I would suggest the ACLU look unto itself for narrow viewpoints.

This organization touts itself as a defender of constitutional rights and strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution. Yet its recent letter of appeal for new members would indicate it is more concerned with promoting an anti-religious agenda.

The letter states that the U.S. attorney general is a “religiously motivated authoritarian”; emphatically points out that one of the Constitutional amendments to be considered by Congress would “impose majoritarian religious views” on the populace, and the bottom line of the letter solicits a membership fee of $35 because the ACLU must “confront a lavishly funded religious right.”

The letter aims at securing 60,000 new members. At $35 a pop, that is a sizable anti-religion war chest.



I cannot believe where our great country is going! We have to defend God and be threatened by the likes of the ACLU and other amoral factions of our society. Where are we going? At the same time we start a series in the paper asking parents to comment on bullying in schools. What can we do to prevent shootings in schools? How can God be confused with church? How can anything be superior to the almighty human?

Hasn't man screwed things up enough that just maybe we should all start believing that “With God, All Things Are Possible”?

Any judge on earth who would even waste time questioning the authority of God does not deserve to be a judge of mankind.



Yes, everything is hap, hap, happy since our new President and the Republican Congress have taken over. While everyone is ranting about the Marc Rich pardon, they have quietly begun the fleecing of the American working family with the best propaganda show I have seen in my lifetime.

The first bill through Congress was not an education bill, but one to reward their rich patrons - the banks and credit card companies. For you who have racked up huge debts on those plastic credit cards, you are in trouble.

The banks and Congress have now made it almost impossible for you to get relief from those 18-21 percent loan sharks by filing bankruptcy. You are in debt to them for life. MBNA, the largest credit card company in the world spent millions influencing our representatives with campaign contributions to get this bill passed.

While Congress is looking into cash for pardons, why doesn't it look at cash for policy? This is the real scandal.

Where is the outrage? Where are the media?

I am looking forward to my two extra cans of pop a day that the Bush tax cut will actually allow my family to buy. While I am enjoying my pop a day, I get to watch the infrastructure (roads, bridges, and rails) deteriorate, quality public education slide, the cost of fuel go through the roof (remember who comes from Texas and loves oil), and the national debt start piling up again.

Yes, happy days are here for the Lexus crowd, but not for us Chevy folks.



I hope all of the union members who voted for George W. Bush are paying attention. He has gone to work on your hides right off the bat.

He rescinded the workplace safety rules that President Clinton put in place and now he has interjected himself in the collective bargaining process. He proudly announced that he will not allow airline workers to strike, using the economy as his reason.

Of course, that would affect the profits of his big contributors. The same argument can be used if the autoworkers find it necessary to strike. And don't forget the railway workers; they, too, are a vital part of our economy.

On and on, taking aim at all organized labor. I know that Roosevelt and Truman did the same thing, but we were at war and our national security was a risk.

I started working on the railroad in 1940 and for the next 38 years until I retired in 1978 I was involved in union activities. For the life of me I cannot understand how a working man could vote for a Republican.

If you would like to know why, go to the library and study the labor movement in this country.

Starting with Eugene V. Debs, workers had to fight tooth and nail with the people that controlled the Republican Party to get the working conditions that are enjoyed by so many today, and the right to strike has always been their ultimate bargaining tool.

Watch this guy. He will set the labor movement back 30 years if union members are not vigilant.


Crestwood Road

A recent letter writer had the best idea yet for Toledo and its downtown.

Get rid of all the old downtown buildings and put up a real mall with plenty of parking, even a few theaters.

Why waste all that good farmland that can never be brought back?




I read with outrage that the court accepted a plea to sexual battery by a 20-year-old Toledo man for having “consensual” sex with a 12-year-old.

Since when can a 12-year-old consent to sex? No one at age 12 is old enough to make such a decision.

Sexual abuse, and that is what sex with a 12-year-old is, is a crime of adults. The 12-year-old was, and still is, a victim, not a participant.



Bush tax cut plan deserves support

In response to your editorial, “Bush budget doesn't add up,” I just want to know where did you find your poll? Or was it just a subliminal poll?

I did some research regarding Americans and their reactions to the President's proposed $1.6 trillion tax plan. CBS News conducted a poll recently and 88 percent of Americans polled approved of his proposals while 67 percent favor the tax cut plan. John Zogby also did a survey the second week of February, before President Bush's address to Congress, and found 57 percent Americans in favor of the President's tax cut plan versus 33 percent.

I personally am one American who strongly supports the President's tax plan and would do my fair share of stimulating the economy if I received a tax cut.



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