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Families displaced in name of progress

Populations of many cities, including Toledo, are in decline. The money lovers are distraught. Where did these people go and why would they leave? Don't they know that the wonderful city will not get as big a torrent of cash from the feds? Some answers can be found by the movers and shakers simply by looking into a mirror.

They forget how many taxpaying families were displaced to make room for a new factory, casino, or school with the excuse that it is for the greater good. No hand can be too heavy in unceremoniously giving the bum's rush to any family standing in the way of progress. Like fathers in some countries who sell daughters into prostitution, these ego-driven, possible former school bullies do not think twice about anyone's future but their own. Maybe they will even have a bridge named after them.

But why even worry about money from the feds when the new factory, shopping mall, or casino will flood the city with money? Then we can afford to widen the streets, allowing all that money carrying traffic in to spend it. Of course this means that more families will be given the boot and sent packing to smaller, kinder, and gentler surrounding areas. But, hey, they can be annexed.



I cannot believe that WJR radio isn't going to broadcast Tiger baseball after airing it all these years. I'm 81 years old and kept my radio tuned to WJR all summer. I will certainly miss Ernie Harwell and Jim Price.

I never missed a game, whether it was afternoon, evening, or late at night. I especially enjoyed the late ones.

I will be so lonely without them as they were the highlights of my summer. I am sure any station that aired them would have a lot of new listeners, especially considering some of the uninteresting material they have on now.

Some station should help itself gain listeners and at the same time make a lot of Tiger radio fans, like myself, very happy.



Editor's note: Some of the games will be picked up by Toledo radio. Fans living within range of WMTR in Archbold will be able to hear all Tiger broadcasts.

It seems like years that I've been reading and hearing the debate over renaming a thoroughfare in Toledo for Martin Luther King, Jr.

One of the thoroughfares that I haven't heard being suggested is the Anthony Wayne Trail. I agree that Mad Anthony Wayne is a historical name in northwestern Ohio, but there are probably enough other namesakes in the area that we wouldn't miss one.

This would be a logical choice, since it is a thoroughfare that is used by most every area resident.

One of the objections I have heard about renaming any street is that the residents, and especially businesses, would have to change all of their stationery. But there are few businesses that use Anthony Wayne Trail as an address, so that would create fewer difficulties than other streets.

I realize to rename the entire “Trail” would necessitate the agreement of three governmental entities - the city of Toledo, the city of Maumee, and the Lucas County Board of Commissioners. Now, in view of past problems, therein lies the biggest roadblock.

If you know what I mean by roadblock.



“An across-the-board tax cut for all Americans will stimulate the economy.” Words of President Bush, right? Wrong. These are the words stated by the martyred President John F. Kennedy in his attempt to pass, at that point in time, one of the biggest tax cuts in American history. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Our President is using similar language to get his much smaller percentage tax cut through. Ingeniously, Mr. Bush and the Republicans are using these same Kennedy sound bites to convince sensible Democrats that a tax cut will help the working men and women of this country.

Now big media and the rest of the Bush-haters are whining that this is an inappropriate link to JFK. They don't want anyone to take notice of the similarities between the Republicans' tax cut plans and the tax cuts of President Kennedy. Instead, they choose to attack President Bush by pointing out how he doesn't have the Kennedy style, the Kennedy panache, the Kennedy grace, or the Kennedy verbal skills. According to them, these are the reasons why we shouldn't get a tax cut.

These extreme left-wing Democrats and other anti-tax cut groups claim President Kennedy would never have supported the Bush tax cut. Obviously, they don't understand that President Kennedy would have put the needs of the American people above party affiliation and the wants of the big government spenders. It's sad to see what the Democratic Party has become.



If I interpret Fritz Wenzel's March 25 article correctly, Jim Ruvulo has been in Toledo since the mid 1970s, yet is considered “an outsider.” How many years' residence do you require before those of us transplanted here are considered worthy of the title “Toledoan”? My gut is that Mr. Ruvulo was an active part of the community before many of the brain-drainers were even born. Yet while we fret their loss we refuse to fully welcome those who come here by choice.


Indian Road

I would like to point out some very positive work being done by a group of young people from our area for the Children's Lighthouse, a center located in Perrysburg for international children with medical needs, as well as assisting those locally with educational needs.

Jeremiah Hughes is a student at Whitmer High School who gave a week to work at the Children's Lighthouse to help finish a house that will assist children with medical and educational needs. Whitmer High School was gracious to allow him to take time off for this project.

Mike Marsh from St. Joseph's High School has given of his time to tutor Umed (a young boy from Tajikistan) and there has been remarkable progress in his grades.

Kendra Bixler (a local young adult) and Alethia Hemmert from Maumee High School have helped with the care of Doris, a young girl from Honduras.

Beth Crosby is a 17-year-old who completed school through a home school program and is close to obtaining her degree at Lourdes College. Beth is donating time to assist students at the Anthony Wayne Youth Center.

On March 31 a group of young adults and youth gave their time and energy to the Children's Lighthouse to help complete this project. Without the help of these youth and young adults, the Children's Lighthouse would not be nearing completion.

We commend these and the many others like them who are making a difference in our communities and in the lives of other people and feel it is imperative that we make this positive report.




Keeping a gun in the house makes about as much sense as keeping a pet rattlesnake in the house. Sooner or later, the snake is going to bite someone.

Sooner or later, some kid is going to find the gun and shoot someone, accidentally or on purpose.

Get rid of the gun. Save someone a lot of pain and anguish, including yourself.


Eleanor Avenue

Kennedy's words belong to all of us

President Kennedy's explanation of the need for, and benefits of, a broad tax cut are just as relevant today as they were in 1962.

His words do not belong to the Kennedy family, the Democratic Party, or The Blade. They belong to all of us.



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