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Columnist presents diverse world view

It is rather rare for a midwestern city the size of Toledo to have a columnist who not only offers an intellectual, diverse, and knowledgeable view of the world, but also writes about local issues as well. I am speaking of your columnist, Dr. S. Amjad Hussain.

Dr. Hussain's articles offer in-depth knowledge encompassing many fields. He presents to the reader current and past information about areas such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, the Middle East, Central America, and the United States as well as Toledo and the Midwest.

His topics are not limited to medical, historical, or political issues; they also include other social and personal information that I find very interesting.

In fact, his eclectic columns such as the ones about the Taliban, the Middle East, the history of the Toledo Medical Association, and his son's success in London's theater keep me waiting for the next column to appear, since one does not know which topic he will choose next.

Many columnists are very predictable; he is not one of them. There is an unbiased truth and objectivity in all his writings. That is another reason that I as well as many of my friends always look forward to his next column. Hopefully soon, his bi-weekly column will become a weekly feature of your great newspaper.

I commend The Blade for having such an insightful writer.




Recently, two articles on the front page were not only related but also insightful as to our priorities as a nation.

In one, the debate over the passage of a patients' bill of rights was presented. The part that is of interest is the attempt by some members of Congress to limit the amount of punitive damages in a legal action because juries can't be trusted to make proper decisions.

In the other, we learned that the governor of Texas had vetoed a bill that would have prevented the execution of the mentally retarded. Apparently, this was done because he felt that the decision about whether or not someone was mentally retarded should be left up to individual juries.

What struck me as both sad and chilling is the possibility that protecting our financial interests is more important to some than preventing the legally sanctioned murder of individuals suffering from mental defects.

No wonder the rest of the world looks at us and shakes its heads in bewilderment.




Celotex ... Uniroyal ... Quikut ... Eaton controls ... These are just a few of the small plants that have closed over the last 10 years and none of them has received the publicity that a couple small marinas that operate on the Toussaint River have. These small plants employed many hundreds of people who were productive tax-paying citizens, yet when their livelihood was taken away from them, The Blade and the TV stations didn't afford them the publicity that these few marinas have gotten.

Do we owe these people who own these marinas a living for the rest of their lives just because they are located on a body of water that has some major problems? What kind of payrolls did these places show? Do they even come near the amount that a place like Celotex's closing is going to affect the community of Port Clinton? Just how much is the community losing in proportion to the closing of an industrial facility?

The thing about the river that would concern most people more than anything is the ammunition in the river. The question never presented is: Has any ammo ever exploded and hurt anyone? The environmental issue is much larger than the loss of business for a few people.




Columnist Ellen Goodman encouraged those of us who oppose the tax cut to donate all or part of our refund to those who need it more. What an opportunity to test our principles and values. Instead of just talking about it, we can actually do something. Imagine the impact we could have on our community if we decided to give our refund to a family who needed it or a nonprofit organization that helps people become independent.

There are few American people I know, conservatives or liberals, who do not want to help those who deserve relief. Here is our chance.


Glanzman Road


Next, look for where the bodies are buried. It is a documented fact that most serial killers start out torturing animals. The case inciting outrage in California right now is a perfect example.

A slimy disgusting weasel was just convicted of throwing a little dog to its death on the freeway after a fender bender.

Guess what? His lawyers couldn't even put him on the stand to testify in his own behalf because of allegations that he had previously beat a stray dog to death. Throw the book at this creep. It may prevent much greater tragedy down the road.

Many talking heads in the media feel that the public's sense of outrage is misplaced in this case. They rant about it being “just a dog.”

Well, cruel and violent behavior starts with animals and then grows to frightening proportions. Remember Jeffrey Dahmer?

That is why it is important for children to have pets of their own, for parents to teach them the proper respect for their fellow creatures. It helps teach them kindness and compassion for beings that are otherwise helpless. If anyone knows of a youngster who is cruel or even tortures animals, run, don't walk, to get the kid to therapy before it's too late.

Then we won't have to worry about where the bodies are buried.


Wildwood Road


When I first started riding a motorcycle, some 35 years ago, helmets were mandatory. I was very happy when the law was repealed. It now sounds like all motorcycle accidents were caused because the rider wasn't wearing one. That is the first thing reported on the news: no helmet.

I have been hit by a car one time, not my fault. I was riding with six other bikers single file and a young man changed lanes without looking. I was fifth in line. Don't you think he should have looked to see if maybe one more may be coming?

On a recent day my wife and I got off U.S. 23 south at Salisbury Road and stopped for the red light. The light changed and out of the corner of my eye I saw something coming. A woman in a white Ford Explorer blew right through the red light going east while talking on her cell phone. She didn't even attempt to stop.

The law says we must ride with our headlight on at all times. No problem. What about the fellow on State Rt. 2? Having a headlight on and no helmet must have caused that woman to pull out in front of him.

In all the things I've mentioned it was not the bikers' fault. People need to be aware of their surroundings. Stop taking away our rights and let those who ride decide.




Shame on the American Heart Association for reversing their decision to support embryo research, just because the pro-life movement is pulling its financial support for their gala balls and benefits.

It is a sad day when money talks louder than helping patients and finding a cure for the nation's number one killer.

By the way, 70 percent of pro-lifers are men. They are also the gender most likely to die from heart disease.


Waybridge Street

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