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A simple solution to traffic flow problem

I'm glad The Blade did a series on the problems of I-75 traffic flow through greater Toledo.

However, displaying my current speed on a permanent radar is not particularly useful. I'm most likely going to be traveling the same speed as those around me, and that should be OK. What I really need to know, in real time, is the speed of traffic two or three exits ahead. If the traffic is slower up ahead, I/we can start to slow down now, not when we begin to see brake lights. If the traffic ahead is stopped (0 mph), I have the choice of getting off at the next exit. If the traffic ahead is moving faster, I can be ready to increase my speed so that merging is safer for everybody.

I've seen this used in other states, usually when hills or curves prevent seeing ahead far enough for drivers to react. The same thing can help on the curves, ramps, and bridges of metro Toledo.

By the way, there's a trick to keep these kinds of traffic flow problems from developing and festering. Find out where the engineers in charge of such a stretch of highway live, and have them work on the opposite side of the problem(s). For example, if the ODOT people who are supposed to fix the Toledo problem happen to live in Wood County, rent them office space in Point Place so they are forced to commute through here daily, until things get better.


Shellbrook Lane


In response to Aug. 21 and Aug. 27 letters, I would like to clarify a few issues about Toledo's Electricity Aggregation Program. One gentleman calculated savings of $4.15/year as opposed to the $20/year that we projected. The reason for the difference is that he used the current 2001 price-to-compare (4.41 cents/kWh) rather than the 2002 price-to-compare (4.668 cents/kWh) that will be applicable to Toledo's program.

Based on his higher-than-average annual usage (8310 kWh), he would save $21.44 under Toledo's aggregation program. The price-to-compare will continue to go up according to the PUCO-approved tariff schedule, resulting in projected savings of $22.82 in 2003.

The other man's comment about the limited amount of savings is sadly accurate. There was only a very small amount of discounted power made available by FirstEnergy.

Earlier this year, power marketers AES PowerDirect and Shell Energy offered this low-cost power on a first-come, first-served basis to a few thousand applicants. Astute customers like these two took advantage of the one-time offer and received a very good rate. When the low-cost power ran out, the offer expired.

No marketers have since come close to that rate and, in fact, no marketer is offering individual customers anything close to the Toledo aggregation program price of 4.35 cents/kWh.

The limited group of customers already receiving low-cost power from suppliers like AES and Shell will be excluded from our program because we cannot beat their rate. For everyone else, an average yearly savings of $20 is the best offer to be had. We are proud to offer Toledo residents the opportunity to obtain these savings.


Utility Rate Coordinator

City of Toledo


I have seen and heard the claims for reparations for slavery for African-Americans and I feel that they are not remembering that women, no matter their color or ethnicity, are the ones deserving reparations. Women have been, and still are, enslaved. In fact, since time began, women have been the ones in slavery. This continues today.

The article in The Blade's Business Section illustrates this fact. Women earn less. How many for the same or equivalent work? Women have been killed, raped, beaten, and impregnated to death for thousands of years. Where are our reparations? Believe me, you could not afford it.


Sherbrooke Boulevard


As an employee of St. Charles Mercy Hospital, I would like to apologize to the general public who may have driven by St. Charles and witnessed a small group of St. Charles employees and presumably members of locals of the SEIU Union. This union is trying to convince St. Charles employees that we need it. These people were carrying signs with meaningless and untrue statements. The conduct of these people does not represent the overall majority of St. Charles employees.

I have worked at St. Charles 26 years. There have been times when I've been upset over some issues or changes, but I always had the option of resolving my concerns with management. I'm not against unions, but I don't believe we need one at St. Charles. Our wages and benefits are competitive with other local hospitals.

St. Charles has been a figure in this community for almost 50 years. I'm proud of the excellent care our patients receive and we always strive to add the latest medical equipment and knowledge that are available. Our doctors and nurses are caring people - the best!

One has to realize the health-care industry is daily changing. St. Charles is keeping up with the needs of our patients and employees, regardless of what a few unhappy employees think. SEIU has promised employees job security. There is no union in this land that can do that. The bottom line is, “Let's get in and get the dues.” We don't need to pay a third party for what we already have.

If things come to a vote, this union will not have my vote. I urge St. Charles employees to keep what we have been given. Keep up the good reputation and continue giving quality care to patients.


Luna Pier, Mich.


Let's see, Ohio Citizens became National City; Toledo Trust became Society, then it became Key; Mid Am became Sky; First Federal became Charter One; People's Savings is out of business; Home Savings merged with Key (I think); and, First National Bank became Fifth Third Bank.

So what do we call 5/3 Stadium when that bank changes its name or goes out of business? Just call it Mud Hens Stadium!




The Sept. 1 Blade article concerning the three Toledo mounted police officers finishing in the top 10 at the 18th annual National Mounted Police competition in Lexington, Ky., was read with interest. Congratulations to these officers.

A few questions remain unanswered after reading the article. Were the horses ridden during the competition from Toledo's mounted police unit, requiring transportation to Kentucky and back?

How many Toledo officers competed this year, including those who didn't finish in the top 10? How many officers and years have Toledo police competed in the past and where were the competitions held? Were the competing officers performing on the city of Toledo's time or competing on their personal time?

Considering that the city of Toledo is again requesting passage of the 0.75 percent income tax, these questions need to be answered.


Rushland Avenue


In seven short months, George W. Bush has already made two critical decisions that will shortchange millions of U.S. lives for years to come. One is the complete squandering of a surplus that could have launched immense benefits such as health care for the uninsured. The second is an illogically premised prohibition of federal funding for stem cell research on frozen embryos already slated for destruction, thereby stymying study on cures for devastating diseases.

The alleged threats to the country from Bill Clinton's foibles pale in significance.


Oaks Edge Drive

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