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Letters to the Editor

Let's preserve our historical treasures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it is certainly worthwhile to make a visit to the third-floor local history department of the Main Library in downtown Toledo to view historical artist William Machen's 19th century painting titled Fort Industry. Rebekah Scott's Sept. 20 story called this painting an idealized view of the Maumee riverbank, which is undeniable. But, oh, the serenity of that water!

I found it interesting that Mr. Machen also painted the Stations of the Cross, which line the walls of St. Francis de Sales Parish on Cherry Street. Those paintings are certainly not an “idealized” version of a historical event. They are a treasure within a treasure. St. Francis de Sales Church was Toledo's first Roman Catholic cathedral. Its interior is beautiful and serene, and its atmosphere carries the mysterious odor of sanctity.

St. Francis de Sales Church is being renovated, and its Stations of the Cross are in need of cleaning and restoration. As we contemplate our historical treasures in a spirit of gratitude, wouldn't it be nice if some local artists decided to donate their time and talent to clean and restore these treasures?

The Fort Industry painting will have to be returned to storage in Cleveland in a year's time. But the treasure at the corner of Cherry and Superior streets will be with us for a long time if we apply some tender loving care.


Lott Court


There is no logic in the argument that a peaceful solution to terrorism is possible. In order to negotiate peace, both sides must desire peace. Terrorists do not want peace, as President Clinton found out all too well in his attempts to broker peace in the Middle East. We can sign innumerable peace treaties with our enemies, and their desire for terror will not change.

Don't like logic? Then consider history: The French, Polish, Russians, and Dutch thought they could find peace with the Nazis by signing treaties. The Nazis signed peace treaties with all of them, then proceeded to attack them all with a vicious ferocity never before seen in modern warfare.

President Bush is right - if you are not on our side, you are on the terrorists' side. Terrorists want us not to fight. Pacifists want us not to fight. If we do not fight, the terrorists will be enabled to attack again. Therefore, by listening to pacifists' faulty logic, we will enable terrorism to continue in our land.

Whose side are you on? Families of 6,400 dead in New York City and Washington, D.C., want to know. Families of the crew on the USS Cole want to know. Families from the U.S. embassies in Africa want to know. Your President wants to know. Our God already knows.




Recent issues of The Blade exemplify one of the guarantees in the Bill of Rights: freedom of speech. In a recent Sunday edition, The Blade enclosed a flag with the words “United We Stand,” so we could proudly display our faith in this country and its leadership.

On Sept. 25, Roberta de Boer spoke freely about the “warrior impulses” of “hawks” who “deride” the peace movement. America has given peace a chance.

The previous administration did nothing after the first World Trade Center bombing and the attacks on the U.S. embassies and USS Cole. Now it is time to again pay the price for our freedoms.

Ms. de Boer should know her guaranteed right to speak out against “hawks” was paid for by the bloodshed of the soldiers at Valley Forge, the Argonne, and on Omaha Beach. If this nation had done nothing then, which flag might have been in our Sunday paper?




I read the Sept. 29 editorial, “Why do they hate us?” with interest. However, I was disappointed that the point made was to understand the reasons. To understand for understanding alone is the intellectual booby prize. We, as Americans, must learn from our understanding of why and be willing to take actions that will seek peace and justice for all nations.

Military actions, although necessary in the short run, do not solve centuries of miscommunication and ethnocentric ways. Our political process has for centuries struggled with an isolationist versus domination policy.

We are the most technologically advanced nation in the world. Should we not use our expertise to begin to solve the problems of world hunger and poverty? Many journalists have expressed their opinions as to why this has occurred. Now it is time for Americans to step up to partnering with other nations in resolving the world's economic, health, and welfare problems.




I can't imagine how Maumee could permit the building of a mall on one of the few historic grounds that haven't been cemented over in this area. There are communities that take pride in preserving such historic grounds and encouraging visitors to view something as renowned at the Fallen Timbers area.

There have been several articles in The Blade and letters to the editor that agree with my thinking. Why can't the citizens who live here be given a voice in such a monumental decision? I hope it's not too late to reverse this decision.




Aren't representatives elected to represent us? I'm curious as to why our state representatives have taken it upon themselves to choose a name for the new I-280 bridge, when many citizens took the time to submit suggestions.

The people were given a chance to submit nominations and then select their favorites. Was “Veterans' Memorial Skyway” on that list? Don't the people have a say in this?

The Blade reported recently that there are at least six bridges in Ohio alone with names similar to Veterans Memorial Bridge. Shouldn't the name be representative of northwest Ohio? I've heard Toledo called “Glass City” and “Frogtown,” but never “Veteranland.”

I realize that recent events and an upcoming mayoral election have made bandwagon patriotism very popular, but isn't democracy what defines America? Shouldn't the people's voice be heard?


Princeton Drive


Respect toward us and compassion from us comes from our strengths, not from our weaknesses.

Our enemy has perceived us as being weak.

Our liberal politicians, liberal media, and liberal institutions have been at the forefront of developing this perception.

The citizens of this country, through our complacency and indifference, have allowed it.

Our enemy will find that this is not who we really are!

Is there a lesson we should learn from all this?


Cherrylawn Drive

If these terrorists aren't careful ...

How nice that our President has issued an executive order cutting off the money supply for some of the world's most notorious terrorists! Of course, this was done after they received millions in profits from futures trading just in advance of the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

And it is too bad that having our embassies in Africa bombed and the previous bombing of the WTC were not enough to prompt this action. If these terrorists are not careful, the United States just might stop giving them visas and stipends to attend schools in this country. Perish the thought!



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