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Letters to the Editor

Celibacy is not the issue in church scandal

Crimes against children are most appalling and perpetrators must be punished severely. I believe there is a hotter place in hell for those who harm God's innocent ones.

However, it is predictable that the media try to relate the issue of celibacy to the current scandals involving wayward Catholic priests. The correlation being proposed is absurd and is a contemptible attack on an honorable vocation.

Child molesters have long sought out positions in education, Boy Scouts, YMCA, and other institutions that allow them easy access to their victims. Sadly, the church is just one more of their targets and must make better efforts at screening unscrupulous seminarians.

A tiny fraction of all pedophiles are priests. The vast majority of pedophiles are married or otherwise sexually active. In fact many homosexuals are, or tend to be, pedophiles, and their promiscuous sexual habits are far from celibacy, (the pedophile group NAMBLA is a regular participant in homosexual marches), yet media liberals demand we allow them to adopt children.

How preposterous is it then to even suggest that this grave disorder has anything to do with celibacy? All but a few priests are faithful. Priests are not deprived of anything; they knowingly and voluntarily forgo marriage, children, and sexual intimacy to dedicate their entire being for the service and glory of God and His church. The consecrated life has a long and honorable history. Polls routinely show the priesthood to be among the most rewarding/worthwhile occupations. But in popular society where sex is god and Viagra reigns, Hollywood types can't comprehend this.

Jesus said “the gates of hell will not prevail against my church.” Neither will CNN, the New York Times, Boston Globe, etc.




Regarding the controversy over whether intelligent design (creationism) should be taught in our schools along with evolution, it seems that only creationists are willing to debate the issue based on the scientific merits of each model.

I am sure that if the discussion were over whether a flat-earth theory should be taught, evolutionists would present much scientific evidence showing fallacies of the flat-earth theory. But with the creation model, they seldom use any scientific argument or approach to support the evolution model or to contradict the creation model. Instead they recite statements such as “evolution is a proven fact,” or “evolution is science and creation is religion,” or “don't teach religion in science,” or “all reputable scientists accept evolution as fact,” etc.

If creationism or intelligent design is so unscientific, or cannot be supported scientifically, then show that. Otherwise, let the scientific data be presented and the chips fall where they may. The only reason I've heard evolutionists use for not giving scientific arguments is that they are so complex as to be beyond the ability of the average layman to grasp.

Also, evolutionists seem to have no qualms in declaring that some stones (ancient arrowheads, etc.) have been shaped by intelligent design, or that in listening to signals from outer space, they will be able to distinguish signals created by intelligent design from those created by natural processes. Yet when it comes to even a single living cell, which is infinitely more complex than these other phenomena, they can't bring themselves to permit any consideration that intelligent design was involved in creating life.

It seems evolutionists simply want all science to be presented through their rose-colored glasses, and reject outright any other scientific model for consideration.


Indian Road


I must respond to Mayor Ford's April 2 letter. As an employee of Columbia Gas, I am also concerned about pipeline safety. Had our mayor talked with someone in our inspection department, he would have heard a different story. While we use the best technology in the inspection of our pipelines, it is the reduction of these inspections from decades of past practice that is upsetting. Safety standards are slowly being reduced or eliminated.

I asked why these standards were being changed and was told Columbia has overdone safety inspections in the past and is now getting in line with other utilities to be more competitive. Safety is something that should never be compromised. I wonder where this will all end. I still believe in the old adage: I'd rather be safe than sorry. I wish our gas company felt the same way.


North Lockwood Avenue


It is wrong to categorize the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as Palestinian provocations and Israeli retaliations. Both are trapped in a vicious cycle of revenge. One cannot analyze the conflict without accounting for the poverty which creates the desperation that results in terrorism. The only difference between Israeli terrorists who use tanks to kill Palestinian children and Palestinians who use nail bombs to kill Israeli children is that one side has better equipment.

The United States gives $5.3 billion in annual military aid to Israel and $0 to Palestine. Our best contribution to peace would be to establish our neutrality and end our direct support for one party in the conflict by discontinuing our military aid to Israel.

Otherwise, we must more vigorously critique and monitor the Israeli military whom we finance than Palestinian paramilitary forces that owe us nothing.


Collingwood Boulevard


As a country, and along with the rest of western civilization, we should fast-track renewable energy research and development funding, and stop wasting time and money on the ungodly likes of energy companies and 16th century Middle East hotheads.

Like the Vietnamese, they simply wish to be left alone, and do not like their culture being “corrupted and polluted” by western capitalistic nonsense. They should not have to tolerate that on their own land simply because Americans are beholden to the interests of Big Oil.

There must be a way to develop alternative energy sources. Let the Big Oil companies have the rights to it if necessary, but let's just do it! We are a nation of entrepreneurs, great inventors, and thinkers. Just turn 'em loose! And let's get on with peaceful living within our means.


Bowling Green


For more than three years, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Lt. Frank Ramirez in his duties with the Toledo Police Department. Throughout the adversities that have had the misfortune of entering his life, he has remained steadfast in his commitment to eliminate illegal narcotics use and trafficking in our community. While I do not condone domestic violence, I am very happy to see the jury was able to differentiate the facts and truth in his recent court case.

Those who have had the good fortune of knowing Frank over the years know that drug users would never be a part of this man's life on a personal basis, no matter what the circumstances. It's time we all stepped back and looked at the positive programs and efforts Frank Ramirez has brought to Toledo.

We all need to give him our respect and support as he now goes about rebuilding his life in the shadow of this unfortunate incident.


Meadowcroft Lane

The writer who objected to the name of Toledo's new ballpark will be interested to know that Dayton has a ballpark that was built two or three years ago with the same name, Fifth Third Field, and fans are proud of it. Oh yes, when the game is sold out, fans are allowed to bring lawn chairs and sit outside the fence and watch the game for free. They love the name and the field.


Cincinnati Street

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