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Letters to the Editor

President serves his country well

President Bush has demonstrated integrity, honor, courage, and character. The passion that George and Laura Bush have for their marriage is incredible. When was the last time anyone saw Bill and Hillary Clinton together?

Our President has enough faith in my family to allow us to keep more of our income. He knows that we are far more capable of making financial decisions than Ted Kennedy, Tom Daschle, and Hillary Clinton. The economy will continue to grow out of the recession that President Bush inherited from his predecessor.

Regretfully, many have forgotten the war of terror that was thrust upon us on Sept. 11, 2001. The growth of terrorism was allowed to go unchecked under President Clinton. Our commander in chief, by his leadership of our brave men and women, has kept our country free from terror since that dreaded day. He will not allow our soldiers to be under the control of the anti-American United Nations as the nine Democratic hopefuls demand.

The Iraqi people are free and we have destroyed many of the sources of terrorism. The liberal nine continue to call our nation's war on terror a failure. Thankfully, most citizens are proud to be Americans.

President Bush has dramatically increased social programs. He will sign a prescription drug benefit that will assist seniors.

But obstructionist Democrats will do everything they can to stop these plans because they want complete credit. As citizens, it is our responsibility, not government's, to raise our families, help others, work hard, and pray for our nation.

It is sad to watch the nine Democratic hopefuls spout their hatred for President Bush. No doubt as they continue to see their party's chances in the next election dwindle, they will get even more maniacal.



The Blade report on the resignation of John Henry Fullen as executive director of Toledo Sister Cities International noted that the “high point of his tenure” was the hosting of the Sister Cities International Conference in 2002 “which involved over 340 volunteers.”

As chairman of volunteers and a member of the steering committee for the 2002 conference, I was involved on a daily basis in the planning, organization, and implementation of this event. Your reporting gave the misleading impression that Mr. Fullen was responsible for the success of the 2002 conference. It's time to put the record straight.

More than 300 people helped in a volunteer capacity, but only 30 came from the 2002 membership roster of TSCI, and 20 were already on the TSCI executive board and/or steering committee. The volunteers who came from all parts of Toledo reached out to help because they are proud of Toledo and wanted the opportunity to welcome strangers to our community. Kenny Smith, Genevieve Kirkbride, and I recruited from outside TSCI; the executive director can take no credit for the overwhelming support of the community for this project.

The 2002 conference was managed by Tom Crothers and Sister Ann Francis Klimkowski, whose time was donated to the effort. The only full-time professional employee of TSCI, the executive director, was in charge of early-morning and late-night activities.

Let's give credit where it's due.


Swan Creek Drive

Bush is on his own

Our “Bring 'em on” arrogant President now wants help? If I were in the United Nations or in a European country, I would say: “You got yourself in this mess. Now get yourself out.”


Arlington Avenue

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