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A radical desktop agenda Same bang for the buck

We all owe a debt of gratitude to a recent writer to the Readers' Forum. Risking ridicule and the scorn of her neighbors, she pointed us to the path of righteousness - at least when it comes to buying office supplies. You see, this brave soul pointed out that the Post-it Note was invented by a heterosexual and therefore is not part of the conspiracy by gay Americans to influence our shopping habits.

This revelation begs the question, “If my Post-it Notes are straight, is it possible some of my other supplies are gay?” As a former high school newspaper reporter, I felt it was my duty to investigate this issue so that I can save Toledo (and America) from the radical homosexual office products agenda.

My initial findings:

Stapler: Secures two or more pieces of paper together by thrusting the top half of the apparatus down on the document, which is laying helplessly on the bottom half. Definitely heterosexual, and most likely male.

Paper Clip: Temporarily holds two or more pieces of paper together. Flexible and will bend in different directions. Hmm ... probably bisexual.

Scissors: Allows the user to cut paper or fabric in a straight line. Do I really need to say more? Praise!

Paper: Comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors for numerous applications; literally the backbone of any project. Well, if that doesn't say lesbian feminist, I don't know what does.

Computer: Oh, no! The encyclopedia says that it was Alan Turing, a gay mathematician, whose “Turing Machine” is considered the model for the modern day digital computer. How can this be?

Well, there are miles of office products to examine before I sleep. Rest assured that I will continue to work hard so that all Americans will know the truth about their next purchase at Office Depot.



Toledo voters will get a rare opportunity on Nov. 4 to right a wrong. Toledoans again will get an opportunity to pass the renewal levy for Toledo schools. For Toledo kids' sake, this time it needs to pass.

Forget the Urban Coalition, a well-intentioned but disgruntled and misguided group. This levy is not about them, although they would have you believe it is. Think about neighborhood schools closing, larger class sizes because of teacher cuts, reduction in bus service for students, and the elimination of extracurricular activities. Toledo kids deserve better.

As a businessman with businesses in Toledo, I realize the importance of a school system to a town. A town regenerates itself over time through its school system. We get our future city leaders, taxpayers, businesspeople of tomorrow, and future stars from the little “bright eyed rough cuts” toiling in our schools today. This town needs bright, well prepared students for a vibrant tomorrow.

Most people live an average life. You work hard, pay your bills, and provide for your families as best you can. You have probably never split the atom, run a sub-four-minute mile, or been consulted by world leaders on events in the Middle East. You had your shot at the big time and, for whatever reason, it did not happen for you.

Now it is your children's turn. You get your chance for the “do over.” You get your chance to have a say in your children's shot. You may not be able to give your kids that European vacation, but you can give them your vote on this renewal levy.

So as you make your way to your kids' rooms the night of Nov. 3 to sneak a kiss and adjust their bed covers, think of the future you want for them. Then, head to the shower, get a good night's sleep, and rise early and cast a positive vote for your children, Toledo schools, and the city of Toledo.



I was disappointed to read that teachers would not sacrifice a few dollars toward their medical benefits. So I will not vote for Toledo Public Schools' renewal levy. I will expect my property tax to go down. That will be put toward my medical benefits of which I pay nearly $200 a month out of my pocket. The Fortune 500 company I worked for also stripped our dental benefits from us. All these dollars come out of a small monthly pension check. I don't know of anybody who doesn't have a co-pay medical insurance. The teachers are paid well enough, they can afford the co-pay. After all, how many times a year does one go to the doctor?


Dana Street

Who wasn't shocked by the story of the 2-year-old left to fend for herself for nearly three weeks? You may have wondered what can be done to prevent and properly address these situations? You can play a simple, yet vital part in protecting our children.

Lucas County is lucky to have a group of dedicated caseworkers, nurses, and staff at Lucas County Children Services. Without their hard work, our children would suffer. Continued funding is vital. I am asking for you to vote “yes” on Issue 15 for the Lucas County Children Services Renewal levy. This is not a new tax. In fact, the renewal amount requested is less than previous years.

Our community does not need another shaken baby, or more beaten or molested children. You can help demonstrate Lucas County's commitment to protecting children and serving families by voting “Yes” on Issue 15.



Child Maltreatment

Mercy Children's Hospital

A recent Forum writer suggested that the Three Stooges must be running Davis-Besse.

Are we to assume that the type of TV show he enjoys speaks to his intellect?

In defense of management and the ranks of workers at Davis-Besse, may I suggest that he tune his TV to the Discovery Channel or maybe even the popular Trading Spaces!

To all the hard-working individuals at Davis-Besse and FirstEnergy (putting in long hours away from their families and comedy TV), thank you for your dedication to safety and the discoveries making way for improvements at the one-time No. 1 nuclear power plant in the nation.


Clyde, Ohio

When I read about Manitowoc Marine Group receiving yet more public monies from government, I could not believe my eyes. Yet again, the government is giving money to large, out-of-state companies, with the hope of “job creation.” Hasn't Manitowoc done this in the past, with no apparent increase in employment at all - at least in the local area?

I work for a well-run local company, H Hansen Industries, which is Manitowoc's competition in Toledo, and I find it hard to stomach my tax dollars going to out-of-state competition.

In a climate where The Blade and all other Democratic mouthpieces are crying “the sky is falling” (when it comes to the economy and loss of local jobs) why take taxes from local workers to give to an out-of-state company? This seems to be so irresponsible, especially when the city, state, and federal governments are all crying poverty. I'd like to know what cuts or tax increases would be incremented in order to give all of this money to Manitowoc?

Quoting the article: Manitowoc officials estimate that up to 300 jobs could be created, depending on the contracts awarded, paying $18 per hour and up” (emphasis mine). In summary, our tax dollars are going to an out-of-state company who “estimates” jobs that “could” be created, “depending” on the contract awarded. Sounds like shoulda, coulda woulda to me.


Edgebrook Drive

I can't help but wonder how much money our federal government is spending on advertising to extol the virtues of our new $20 bill. It's not like we have the option to choose to use another brand.


Rolandale Avenue

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