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Knee-jerk ignorance in Schiavo case

Shame on The Blade for sharing its appalling and ignorant opinion regarding the Terri Schiavo matter.

The Blade declared that Ms. Schiavo s case could affect everyone s freedom to choose or reject life support. The Blade failed to state that Ms. Schiavo never actually made her own “choice” in the matter concerning her life or death. How despicable to liken this woman s parents to alcoholics in denial who merely hate their son-in-law, Michael Schiavo, the poor guy who is charged with making all the tough decisions surrounding Ms. Schiavo s care (or lack thereof).

Perhaps you should spend a few minutes reviewing the contents of Be warned, however, that this web site contains written, audio, and video documentation of the “vegetable” in question and of poor Michael Schiavo s attempts to rid himself of her. Would that evidence make it even a little more difficult to support snuffing her out?

The knee-jerk ignorance that has occurred in this matter of “tough decisions” has not been displayed at the hands of the Florida legislature or Gov. Jeb Bush. A dangerous ignorance does thrive among the ill-informed and self-righteous who seek to extract themselves from uncomfortable and inconvenient responsibilities - even those that are not theirs to bear, oddly.

Congratulations for putting a face on that cowardly contingency.


Shenandoah Road

With all the press coverage the Terri Schiavo situation in Florida has garnered, I thought I would contribute my two cents.

How many of those who are ardent advocates of looking out for those on life support and protecting the unborn have signed up to be organ donors in the event of their untimely death?

Has the issue of looking out for only the helpless blinded them from looking out also for their fellow citizens, who in most cases look and function normally, but have a heavy burden of incrementally declining health while waiting for the transplant centers with whom they are associated to call?

I m afraid that too many advocates of narrow issues cannot step out of their ruts long enough to view the other issues that confront society that are fortunately not as filled with acrimony, but are just as brutally important to so many people who wait silently and patiently, not protesting about anyone or anything, just waiting.

Until those people or organizations listed above update their categories of altruism, I will have a little trouble taking them seriously.


Westbourne Road

Your article “Local hospitals rush to file building plans” should be of substantial concern to all residents and companies in the Toledo area. It listed six possible new specialty hospitals being constructed in the immediate Toledo area at a cost of $334 million. The fact is that adding even one of these new specialty hospitals would simply further increase health-care costs in the community and do little to address community need.

To contain unnecessary hospital construction throughout the state, Ohio lawmakers should promptly reinstate a certificate of need (CON) program that includes a retroactive date requiring all proposed hospitals to receive state approval. Only proposed hospitals that demonstrate “community need” should be allowed to be constructed.

Worthy projects have no problem passing “community need” guidelines. The replacement Bellevue Hospital that is currently being constructed within that city is an example. Several other local examples, however, illustrate the need to reinstate CON.

In 2001, ProMedica Health System opened the $60 million Bay Park Community Hospital in Oregon, despite the very adequate service capacity of St. Charles Mercy Hospital. Mercy Health Partners is currently constructing an 18-bed, $5.5 million hospital in cooperation with Defiance Clinic physicians, despite ProMedica s opening of the $60 million replacement Defiance Hospital in 2002. Having to first justify such duplicative facilities and services through a CON process is totally appropriate today, given the ongoing crisis related to health-care affordability.

The “open competition” model that resulted from the repeal of CON in the 1990s has serious flaws. It leads to increases in a community s health-care costs, often with limited community benefit. CON legislation enacted as described above would be a significant way of addressing the unnecessary proliferation of hospitals.



Editor s note: Mr. Lippman is a health care consultant and former president of Mercy Health Partners.

Opposition to bishop not based on politics

As a “biblically orthodox Episcopalian,” I am offended, disgusted, and saddened by the remarks of Bishop Gene Robinson alleging a plot by the right to stop his election.

My opposition to his election had nothing to do with plots, politics, or manipulation, but everything to do with my Christian faith as revealed in the Bible, the creeds, and through centuries of Christian tradition. I wonder what plot is behind the Primates of the worldwide Anglican communion since they also have condemned his election.

It is interesting to note that those who preach tolerance are so ready to marginalize those who do not agree with them by accusations, innuendoes, and guilt by association. “By their fruits you shall know them.”



I find it quite dictatorial that you would post your ballot picks in the newspaper. I will vote for myself, thank you very much!


Wright Avenue

I used to have a wife. That is, until she became a Toledo Public Schools administrator. Now, on most days, she leaves when it s dark and comes home just in time to say good night. I agree with the person who stated that administrators don t know what an eight-hour work day is. My wife works anywhere from 10 to 14 hours a day on average, and she doesn t work a 220-day year either. I tracked her working hours for one year and found that she worked more than 365 days in that year, assuming an eight-hour work day.

There was no overtime pay either, which is standard operating procedure for school administrators. If you disagree with my statistics, marry a TPS administrator and find out for yourself! Mine is principal of Bowsher High School.


Christie Boulevard

Prosperity is just around the corner!

A car in every garage!

Two chickens in every pot!

Bread lines.

Nine out of 10 workers unemployed.

No jobs. Not hiring.

Sound familiar?

Rhetoric from 1929 or 2003?

How many people have returned to work?

Are there fewer people in line at the “faith-based” soup kitchens or food pantries? How many businesses, corporations, or service jobs still remain in the United States? How much air is in the “upsurge” of the stock market? October, 1929, or October, 2003?

Quo Vadis, George W.?



Who gave Jeb Bush power to prevail?

What? Gov. Jeb Bush will have the power to prevail over the decisions of medical professionals, spouses, and other laws in the state of Florida regarding whether a feeding tube shall be removed? Guess I ve been going to the wrong church.



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