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Letters to the Editor

Cell phone concerns just don't ring true

Concern over the misuse of cameras in cell phones may be real, yet it reminds me somewhat of the hysteria over video-game arcades in the 1980s during which seemingly every city and village of any size rushed to pass a video-game ordinance.

Yes, cell phones with cameras are becoming popular, but somehow the concern over their misuse misses the point.

The real issue should be miniature digital cameras. In fact, digital cameras can be found embedded in such devices as binoculars, pens, and wristwatches. A person bent on espionage could find a much less conspicuous device than a cell phone for that purpose.

It may be possible to ban cell phones from certain places, but is it in any way practical to inspect every pen and wristwatch for a camera? Easily concealable digital cameras the size of credit cards and about three times their thickness are currently on the market, and if digital cameras follow the same developmental path as many other electronic devices, smaller and smaller ones will soon be sold.

It seems to me that if someone is determined to use a digital camera for some unethical, illegal, or immoral purpose they will find a way to do so, and they will not need to use a cell phone. Meanwhile, overzealous banning of camera cell phones will produce only unneeded inconvenience and ill will.


Bowling Green

I was saddened to learn of Boogie Records closing.

It was known in our family that my mom shopped at Jacobson's and I shopped at Boogie. All my lawn mower money was spent on records: Bob Seger, the Stones, Kansas, Boston, and Neil Young to name a few. Boogie expanded my music interests every time I'd walk in the door.

Over the years as Toledo changed I could always count on Boogie. From ages 14-43, from riding my bike over to its first store to driving my car, Boogie was the place to shop.

I appreciated all the help from the store owners and staff that helped me find new music. The laid back approach with their dogs in the store will be missed. Bye bye, Boogie.


Fir Lane

I heard that Mayor Jack Ford is offering aid or incentives for Farmer Jack stores to stay in Toledo upon the announcement that Farmer Jack might close the stores here. That angers me. Why Farmer Jack and not Food Town last year? Food Town was around a lot longer than Farmer Jack has been and nobody offered any aid to help it stay open.

What's so special about Farmer Jack that would make the mayor decide to aid them and not help a company that had been around for years?

Jennifer Segur

Jervis Street

What do Oklahoma and Howard Dean have in common? The pollsters loved them - early on.

In the fall the pollsters were sure Oklahoma was the greatest football team in the land and Howard Dean was way ahead in Iowa.

It turned out that Oklahoma wasn't even the best team in its conference, and Mr. Dean finished a distant third in Iowa.

So much for early polls.

Now we know why we play the games and hold the elections.


Lasalle, Mich.

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