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Letters to the Editor

There's more to the story of Smarty Jones

Much of America watched this year's Belmont Stakes to see if Smarty Jones could win the Triple Crown. Most of us wish he had. His ride through the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness was a great story. In a world filled with tragic events, he captured our imagination and sense of optimism.

As powerful as this story was, there was an even greater story involved - that of the recovery of those close to the horse from alcoholism. It was widely reported that Smarty Jones' jockey and owners are recovering alcoholics. They arrived at this moment of success after overcoming their own personal battles with this difficult disease.

There is a lesson in that for all of us. When considering alcoholism and other drug addiction we quickly and rightly focus on the many problems associated with addiction. Which is why the reality and potential of recovery are so powerful and deserve so much more of our attention.

Alcohol and other drug addiction affects people of all types and, like those surrounding Smarty Jones, all have the potential to overcome this disease through recovery. It makes such good sense for us to be sure that treatment programs and supportive services exist to assist them in this effort.

Recovering people are all around us, as are young people who choose not to use alcohol and other drugs because of prevention activities they have experienced. These are real, every-day successes. When considering the grief caused by addiction, think also about the success of all those in recovery and the benefits of this to their families and communities. That's the real story.


Executive Director

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services Board of Lucas County

Too many of us don't think for ourselves

Reading, listening, and watching the news in today's world is very confusing. Some media will tell you one thing; others will tell you something very different. To all who are confused, let me give a piece of advice that will help.

Think for yourself.

Too many people in today's world take the media's or someone else's position on a particular matter. I have asked many people various questions about various subjects and they take someone else's position. When you ask them why they feel or believe the way that they do, they do not have an answer.

Too many people in today's world are out of touch with thinking and believing for themselves when we need to the most. This is a very important time for the whole world, and I ask all of us to think for ourselves, and believe what we think.


Caroline Avenue

Haiti 'crisis' was created by U.S.

A May 30 editorial stated that "the United States placed 2,000 troops in Haiti in March to deal with a crisis that had erupted."

The "crisis" had not just erupted. It was in fact created by the United States. Two hundred U.S. Special Forces were in the Dominican Republic to train the so-called Haitian rebel forces before going into Haiti to depose President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

This was verified by criminal justice professor Dr. Luis Barrios after making a trip to the Dominican Republic and interviewing lawyers, journalists, and Dominican soldiers.

Bruce Wharram


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