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Democrats lying about war on terror

Apparently, the Democrats have decided the only way they can win the White House is to lie about the war on terror and generate hatred against President Bush. They believe by repeating a lie often enough and loud enough, voters will blindly believe it.

With the enthusiastic help of the press, the Hollywood liberals, and myriad hate web sites funded by rich radicals, they continue their rant that the President lied about the threat of Saddam Hussein and liberated Iraq for no good reason. It has become their mantra, their doctrine, and the dogma of their campaign.

They summarily ignore the fact that U.S. intelligence agencies, Britain's Tony Blair, Russia's Vladimir Putin, the United Nations, and the Senate Intelligence Committee, all truly believed that Iraq had anthrax and other weapons of mass destruction before and after 9/11. If President Bush had ignored all of these warnings and al-Qaeda had attacked us again using weapons from Iraq it is hard to imagine what the outcome would have been.

The bipartisan 9/11 Commission clearly reported that while pre-war intelligence was faulty, no one intentionally lied about it. As it turns out, the commission was wrong. Democrats are still lying about it in an effort to win the presidential election.

Fortunately, smart voters will not buy into this rubbish. They recognize that the terrorists who want to kill us, and the Democrats who want to win the White House, have one thing in common: they will go to any length to defeat President Bush. That one of many reasons why Americans will re-elect him.



Not only would the economy of the area suffer if the National Guard base closed, but what of homeland security for this area? If there is a threat at Davis-Besse, help could be there in a matter of minutes.

Carl Zellner


The Blade's recent editorial, "Bush-Cheney's crude gamble," is another attempt to distort the facts and cloud the issues regarding Operation Iraqi Freedom. You conclude that Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney are betting that voters will not inform themselves on the truth regarding the war. Your negative columns continue to slam every administration effort to protect our freedom without offering any constructive alternative.

I would think The Blade would enthusiastically support efforts being made to help another country gain its independence. But since it is the Bush Administration leading the way, you ridicule every step being taken.

The truth is Saddam's brutal regime was ousted in a month and 26 million people were liberated from a ruthless dictatorship that had developed weapons of mass destruction, and cultivated contacts with and harbored terrorist groups as early as the 1990s. It defied more than a dozen U.N. Security Council resolutions.

After the unanimous passage of Resolution 1441, President Bush sought United Nations cooperation by waiting five months for it to bring about a diplomatic resolution to the threat before taking action. Additionally, information is now surfacing that Saddam did seek to buy uranium from Africa, a story which you chose to bury on Page 6.

The gathering threat needed to be addressed and President Bush answered with a decisiveness not seen since the Reagan years. Yes, the cost of war in Iraq has been high. But if we choose to sit idle and hope the threat will go away, we will pay a much higher price later. There is no "gamble" when truth is on your side. The voters will recognize that Mr. Bush made the correct decisions on the war and is the clear choice to lead us.



When is Monroe Street going to be totally repaved, not just given a "Band-Aid" treatment? The condition of this major artery from the city to the suburbs is disgraceful. If you don't believe it then drive in the curb lane from downtown toward Sylvania to get a firsthand feel for this condition.

John Shelly


Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11 skips over important items.

Attorney General John Ashcroft's son is currently serving in the military in the Middle East.

Terrorist cells in New York, Oregon, and New Jersey have been dismantled. Because of information sharing between government agencies enabled by the Patriot Act, an al-Qaeda group that tried to acquire missiles in San Diego was nabbed.

The Patriot Act was instrumental in rescuing a 13-year-old girl from Pennsylvania who had been lured from her home and was being held captive by a 38-year-old man she had met online. FBI agents were able to quickly request information from an Internet service provider to locate this kidnapper. Go to the Department of Justice Web site,

In the British papers, Mr. Moore is quoted as saying that "Americans are possibly the dumbest people on the planet We Americans suffer from an enforced ignorance." We lost 400,000 soldiers in World War ll to liberate Europe from a tyrant.

That may have not been possible with today's media.

Mr. Moore's anti-war , anti-administration movie complicates the current war effort. Schools, medical clinics, neighborhood markets, etc., are being rebuilt in Iraq by our soldiers. This is not covered by this film.

The Blade recently reported about a Waterville restaurant owner who has been in Iraq as an interpreter for our military. She says our officers treat the people with complete respect. We need to see more of this kind of balanced reporting, rather than Mr. Moore's one-sided bashing of the President.

Chuck Childers

Bowling Green

The choice for president comes down to a few issues.

If you believe that people should not be responsible for their own actions and the choices they make, vote for John Kerry. If you believe that society is the cause of every problem and that government should solve them all by throwing more money at them, vote for John Kerry. If you believe that higher taxes, more regulations, and frivolous lawsuits (that only make lawyers rich) benefit the country, vote for John Kerry. If you believe that environmental fanatics should make policy and destroy jobs based on phony science, vote for John Kerry. If you believe that our national security concerns should be subordinate to the will of other nations, vote for John Kerry. If you like higher taxes, sluggish job growth, high inflation, high interest rates, bigger deficits, sluggish economic growth, and enjoyed the economic malaise of the 1970s, vote for John Kerry.

If you believe that the American people are resilient and should take responsibility for the choices they make in their lives, vote for George Bush. If you believe that lower taxes for everyone, less regulation, a sound environmental policy based on science and not fanaticism, vote for George Bush. If you believe in a strong foreign policy that does its best to involve other nations of the world yet is willing to go ahead with the responsible nations of the world to protect us from very real threats, vote for George Bush. If you believe that trial lawyers treating our legal system like a lottery is bad for our country, vote for George Bush. If you believe in solid, steady economic growth, and a quick return to a balanced budget, vote for George Bush.

It is really quite simple

Glenn Maxwell

Charlestown Avenue

LIBERAL n: one who is liberal: as a: one who is open-minded or not strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional, or established forms or ways b: a member or supporter of a liberal political party c : an advocate or adherent of liberalism especially in individual rights - Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary circa 1973

Now Mr. and Mrs. Conservative, what is it about a person with such qualities that makes your nose crinkle and your lip curl when you read this description of such a person?


W. Alexis Road

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