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Hold Bush accountable for Iraq

Republicans are eager to blame anybody but President Bush for the Iraq war. With this administration, all the bucks stop at Halliburton. President Bush convinced Congress and "Joe Public" that war was necessary because Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein was somehow linked to al-Qaeda. Both claims were unfounded.

Instead of accepting responsibility for an unnecessary war, the Bush Administration blames the CIA for faulty intelligence and shifts the entire rationale for war. Now we are told we went to war because Saddam Hussein was evil. Republicans imply that fighting in Iraq somehow means we don't have to fight terrorism at home.

Americans are united in the fight against terrorism and their belief in war only when necessary. Senator Kerry supported the integrity of the office when he voted to give President Bush authority to attack Iraq. The President repaid this vote of confidence by claiming Senator Kerry flip-flopped on the war when he voted against the appropriations bill.

Instead of acting in good faith and working with the United Nations to avoid war, President Bush awarded a no-bid contract to Halliburton before the war even began. Millions were already spent building up to war. With the billions of dollars Americans spend for defense, there is no excuse for sending poorly equipped soldiers into combat. Why was more funding needed? Why did the Bush Administration rush to war? President Bush refuses to say.

I intend to hold President Bush accountable for his actions in Iraq and vote for a man of integrity and principle, Senator John Kerry. A man molded in the heat of battle will not squander our wealth and put our soldiers in harm's way without a just cause.

Linda J. Seifert

Piero Avenue

John Kerry purportedly threw blood-dripping red meat to the crowds in his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. That meat is half-baked tripe.

Senator Kerry repeatedly touted his Vietnam experience, claiming it makes him somehow superior to the President. But he betrayed his comrades in false testimony before Congress, and as a congressman he has always voted against the military.

He took pride in his medals. But not so long ago he scorned them. And for the sake of political expediency, his fellow liberals who once called Vietnam an illegitimate war now embrace it while calling the Iraq war illegitimate.

He promised to restore "trust and credibility" to the White House. But he confessed before Congress to committing war crimes in Vietnam. If he did so truthfully, then he's a war criminal. If not, then he's a liar. Either way, he's discredited as a candidate.

He accused the President of "pointlessly polarizing Americans." The Democrats polarized themselves in both their rage over the lawful outcome of the 2000 presidential election and their "anybody but Bush" hatred.

He promised to "never mislead us into war." But he voted for war, before he voted against it, based on the same information President Bush had. And he voted to slash funding for intelligence.

He lamented families having to buy body armor for their sons and daughters in the service. But he voted against funding for said armor - before he started missing most votes so he could run for President while still receiving his salary as a senator.

He claimed kinship with ordinary Americans. But he is, by marriage, the wealthiest presidential candidate ever.

He decried soaring health-care costs. But his running mate grew rich as a malpractice attorney.

Unlike Mr. Kerry's hypocrisy and doubletalk, President Bush tells it straight.


Bowling Green

The arrival of the Kerry campaign in Bowling Green was a stinging wake-up call that this candidate is a great enemy of the church he pretends to serve. It is unnecessary to reiterate his stances on abortion, stem-cell research, and gay marriages. It is only necessary to appeal to Catholics from every state and political affiliation to honor those oaths that bind our sacred community together.

For too long Catholics have debased themselves on the altar of political correctness. We have allowed the repugnant and heretical philosophies of moral relevance to enter our homes and schools, and to taint our mission in this world.

It was with great anticipation that I went to the Kerry rally. I wanted to gain a gain a better understanding of our politically active Catholics' thoughts and intentions. Not only was it nearly impossible to stop people from screaming partisan rhetoric, their lack of knowledge of the most basic tenets of the Catholic faith, including the identity of the supreme pontiff, made all conversation completely pointless.

Being a Catholic is not simply a label to be applied or removed at will. It is a mission, a duty to live our lives and to help others live theirs in service to God. Ignorance and especially refusal of faith is not only unacceptable, it is reprehensible. A candidate who labels himself as Catholic has a serious task set for him, for the road is narrow indeed. Failing to uphold faith in word or deed is not uncommon and is redeemable.

However, a disingenuous attempt to maintain the values of the Catholic Church, while leading others to hold immoral positions, is a condemning trait not to be tolerated.

Todd Grillot

Bowling Green

A recent letter about the Bowling Green smoking ban was another example of the hype used when trying to justify ever more government intrusion into matters that should be left for the free market to decide. There are approximately 34 restaurants in Bowling Green. The vast majority of these (about 70 percent) are sports bars, pizza shops, sub shops, and fast food establishments. The claim that there are 16 new restaurants since the ban is just not true. In fact at least two have closed and a few more have been sold.

If you want the real story of how the smoking ban has affected business, ask the restaurants owners. If you don't like the smell of smoke, then don't go to a smoking restaurant. That's what I do. It's a freedom of choice and property rights issue.

Craig Turnbell

Bowling Green, Ohio

To the woman who complained about the critter trappers trapping and killing her pet cat, I ask how were they supposed to know that it was a pet and not an unwanted stray?

It is every pet owner's responsibility to see that a pet is kept safe from harm. Many cats and dogs are killed and maimed by wild animals and vehicles because owners let them roam. Many pets that are not spayed or neutered will roam or get pregnant, which creates more animals that may not find loving, responsible homes. It is not the government's responsibility to protect our pets, it is ours.

When I was growing up, my parents allowed our pets to roam. We lost a number of pets to cars and disease. One cat I had to put to sleep because he got into a battle with a skunk and lost. I now have four house cats and one dog. They are all fixed and we keep them from roaming to keep them safe.

Liz Rowan


Yes, pet owners need to be aware that wild life companies trap and kill your pets.

So, why is your pet screeching and howling outside my bedroom window at all hours of the night? Why is your pet leaving skinned and eviscerated birds in my driveway and on my porch? Do you know where your pet is?


Waldmar Road

I realize that The Blade is a Republican newspaper, but give us a break. I am referring to the article about John Kerry costing taxpayers $25,000 for his rally in Bowling Green. Does it not cost the same when our great leader, George W. Bush, comes to town? Let's have both sides of the story.



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