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It's a shame that concert was canceled

Reading about the Rossford concert brought back memories of a concert I went to in high school days during the 1970s. We had a Christian band come to Woodward High School and it was well received. I still remember their message about drugs and a little bit of Christianity thrown in. I'm totally upset that the concert was canceled at Rossford.

What's the difference if it's a Christmas program put on by the school or a Christian band?

I feel the decision was a violation of freedom of speech. Or maybe they are carrying out the spirit of the atheists?

As long as a child is not forced to go to the concert I see no problem with it. School buildings have been used as a source for other activities; why not this one?


106th Street

Once upon a time, boys and girls, your schools were filled with Christmas trees, decorations, and songs of the coming Christmas holidays in the hallways. The ACLU is going to protect all of you from that. It will now be cops and condoms for the coming joyous season.

Merry Christmas, everyone!



I wonder how long misinformation will continue to prevail when it comes to religious speech in schools. Even the school's law firm doesn't know the law. There is no prohibition of having religious music in schools. In fact, religious speech is protected in schools.

When will school administrators and lawyers educate themselves concerning equal access and limited open forums with regard to religion? By not allowing the band to perform, they are simply demonstrating their ignorance. I would be embarrassed to have these people in leadership positions in my school district.


Borger, Texas

Just so you know what America thinks:

First of all, thank you for reporting this. Too often these types of events go unreported.

The most disheartening thing about this story is that it seems the thought is that this type of event is somehow not legal. The person who said, "There is a line and this is crossing it," shows herself to be totally ignorant as to what is and is not legal (though seems to know very well what is politically correct).

Here's a secret for you. This type of action is the "morality" issue everyone is speculating about related to the election. We Americans are sick and tired of socialists and communists in this country (especially in our school systems) tampering with our Constitution to a point where it isn't worth the paper on which it is written.

We will not allow this any longer! God bless America!


Irvington, Ill.

I just read your story about the Christian rock band, Pawn, which has been banned from performing at the Rossford High School anti-drug assembly.

Personally, I think it's a sad statement when parents reject the positive message that a teen band is trying to pass along to its peers. If the students have no desire to hear the band, fine; provide an alternate location for them to gather.

Incidentally, my wife is the former Bridget Mergens of Omaha, Neb., who filed a lawsuit against her school district when she was denied the right to hold a Bible club at the school during school hours. The case finally ended up at the U.S. Supreme Court, where her side won 8-to-1.

I hope we'll hear more on this issue.


Kaiserslautern, Germany

So, you can have a hard-rock band play at a school, making reference to Satan, drugs, exploiting women, etc., but it's against the law or "inappropriate" for a Christian band to play?



Clymena Street

As attorney Harland Britz says in your article on the cancellation of the Christian Rock band "Pawn" from playing in Rossford schools, this issue is a "no brainer." Religious music of any sort is out of place in the public schools.

One of the band members makes the best case against the band playing in schools when he says, "I'm hoping because of what happened to us, that more schools and people will be aware of what their rights are instead of living in fear of getting sued."


American citizens have the right not to be exposed to proselytizing in schools and other government-sponsored institutions. (That's aside from the fact that the band itself has not be threatened with any lawsuits, as the statement implies.) Furthermore, when he says, "I hope we can get more publicity to take Jesus Christ to more levels and follow whatever his plan is," he digs himself even deeper into constitutionally forbidden territory.

This isn't about "Christian music"; it's about all religious music, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or whatever. "Pawn" may be a great band and the message of their music may be quite uplifting, but neither the band nor the music should be heard in public schools.



To the Rossford school system: Your example of leadership is a poor education to offer to the students of Rossford. Nobody succeeds without sometimes making bold decisions with the backbone to take responsibility and willingness to stand in defense. Such a spectacle reveals lack of educational commitment and a pedagogy for the safe and selfish benefits of being cowards.


Powell, Ohio

Political correctness has sunk to a new low. How can a concert at Rossford High School by the Christian band Pawn be so controversial due to references to Christ when, at the same time, public schools all over the country are celebrating the birth of same said Savior in concerts and pageants?

If the band sang traditional Christmas tunes instead of Christian rock songs, would this non-mandatory concert have been praised by these concerned parents?


Burroughs Drive

It's sad in this day and age that a school cannot have a rock band play at a school function because it is categorized as a "Christian band." The event was for an anti-drug assembly, but I guess a "Christian band" speaking out against drugs is not acceptable.

I have to wonder why the children in the Toledo Public School system are off for the last two weeks of December. Oh, that's right, its Christmas. As we all know, Christmas is not a religious holiday. Christmas is for getting gifts, period. Am I the only one who sees the irony?


Bronson Avenue

On behalf of the Old Newsboys Goodfellow Association a sincere salute goes out to everyone who supported our 75th Diamond Anniversary charity paper sale. From labor to management to teachers to administration to anyone else who so graciously donated to our cause for the children of Toledo and the surrounding northwest Ohio community, the Old Newsboys wish each and every one a most joyous holiday season.


First Vice President

Old Newsboys

Goodfellow Association

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