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Letters to the Editor

Sore losers should just get over it

The Dec. 16 Readers' Forum featured three letters smashing the President and his morals.

One claimed the administration had no heart. The writer implied that it didn't care about dying soldiers.

Another writer claimed that before we fix Social Security, we should fund our troops.

Sounds reasonable, right?

Yeah, because the most powerful country in the world can't do two things at once.

Social Security is failing and in 20 years it will be bankrupt if we don't do anything about it. Liberals had their shot to do it their way; too bad they nominated John Kerry.

The third writer gave us a history lesson on U.S. military action of the last 60 years, stating apt reasons for why we got in to each conflict.

Apparently defending ourselves from terrorists, like Saddam Hussein, doesn't measure up to South Korea saying, "Please."

Quit being sore losers; 51 percent of this country, including Ohio's 20 electoral votes, went for the President.

You didn't get robbed; we didn't cheat.

My point is that this newspaper found three letters that trashed the President, and zero that supported him. Did you really not have any to balance the story, or did you just want to save the truth for a paper with integrity?

Neil Weinberg

Tottenham Road

I am amazed that you would endorse the efforts of Mayor Jack Ford, Commissioner Tina Skeldon Wozniak and Commissioner-elect Pete Gerken to change the economic development strategy for this area. No screaming about secret meetings or about the "sunset" law. Somehow these three politicians (all Blade endorsees) don't have to abide by the same rules as others. You write of "a more cooperative approach " Is it not necessary to include Republicans or even "B" team Democrats in these decisions? Some cooperative approach!

These machine-type politicians have a miserable economic growth track record in what is now the fourth year of their administration. They have succeeded in taking Toledo from an "All-America" city to 195th out of 200 in the Milken survey. Is that what you want for the entire region? If they continue their exclusive meetings and apply the tactics they've used the past three years it won't take long to bring the Toledo area to 200th.

Don E. Stathulis


I read with interest and agreement your editorial titled "The deregulation myth." I want to point out another myth - namely that Toledo Edison's price is 4.6 cents per kwh. An examination of my bill reveals "price to compare" of 5.0 cents plus "delivery charge" plus "transition charge" plus "generation-related component."

A little math reveals the cost per kwh in reality is 9.94 cents per kwh. This excludes the "customer charge" of $4.75 .

Joanne Pflager


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