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Stories about zoo appear one-sided

Although a brief article in Sunday's Blade outlined the great progress the Toledo Zoo has made since ownership was transferred by the City of Toledo to a nonprofit corporation (and the zoo was removed from day-to-day politics), by far the bulk of the coverage results from Dr. Tim Reichard's comments, resulting in very one-sided coverage.

Employers (whether the zoo or The Blade) are very restricted in what they feel able to say about an ex-employee due to litigation concerns. Employers are advised to give no performance information to a prospective new employer of a former employee, and to say only that a person worked for them, and for how long.

It is not fair of The Blade to say that the zoo is wrong to remain silent when this situation exists. Will Dr. Reichard waive any claims relating to full disclosure by the zoo? He may not like what they have to say.

I have voted for every zoo levy in part because the tax money does not have to go through the hands of the usual Lucas County people, whose management of county affairs I would gladly trade for the zoo board (or the museum, symphony, or other local nonprofit boards). Would the community have been better served over the years since the zoo escaped the City of Toledo if former Lucas County Treasurer Ray Kest had been responsible for our tax payments? The zoo would have gone back to a collection of woodchucks and rabbits.

Dick Sanderson


One of the many negative consequences of the Bush foreign policy is the erosion of respect and admiration for the United States abroad. Given this administration's penchant for escalating the nuclear arms race, pre-emptive wars, and "axis-of-evil" style rhetoric, this erosion is well deserved.

If there were any nations which held the United States in high esteem, that opinion quickly changed with the appointment of John Bolton as U.N. ambassador.

This is the main consensus from both liberals and true conservatives alike. Chas Freeman, the U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia under President George H.W. Bush, said naming Mr. Bolton to the U.N. job was "the equivalent of dropping a neutron bomb on the organization."

Sens. Chuck Hagel (R., Neb.) and Richard Lugar (R., Ind.) have also expressed their concern.

A lawless, arrogant, and rude foreign policy has severe consequences for our local economy here at home, too. Disrespectful foreign policies damage the global operation and expansion visions of corporations such as Owens-Illinois and Jeep. Benign or otherwise, any U.S. interest in another country is suspect when the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. claims "There's no such thing as the United Nations."

Paul Szymanowski


I have been reading with interest some of the letters to The Blade about a handle, or nickname, for the new bridge across the Maumee River. The State of Ohio has named it The Veterans Memorial Skyway. We all know that this is too long for people to say. There is a lot of passion by those close to the workers who were killed while building it to name it after them.

That would leave out those whom the State named it after, the veterans. My solution is to just call it The Memorial Skyway. In so doing, we will be honoring not only all those who have given their lives while building it, we will honor those who have served their country with their lives, and those who have served their city, such as police, firemen, city officials and workers with their lives.

It has a good ring to it also. Let's go, Toledo. We call all the other bridges by nicknames, let's start one for this one. This bridge will be a thing of beauty.

Hiram Lanning


The tsunami of religious change sweeping America has brought great gains to the neoconservatives, but has left in its wake severe losses to the Christian community. Thousands of militant-hawk converts, previously self-acclaimed Christians, shamefully supported the unprovoked war with Iraq. They coldly displayed little anguish and watched self-righteously as American bombs rained down on Iraqi men, women, and children, causing them to suffer and die by the tens of thousands.

Later, as the dubious reasons given for war proved false, trancelike denial and a frantic scramble for new justification took the place of mandated apology. Motivated by misguided vengeance and zeal, they conveniently ignored New Testament directives to replace vengeance with love and caring. They enthusiastically oppose Christ's clear directives to avoid violence and seek peace. Yet, many of these hawks continue to claim Christianity, while hypocritically complaining about the actions of others.

The Bible gives no list of exceptions to these New Testament instructions. No justification is given for unprovoked war, not to force our political system or religious beliefs on others, not because we think it's the "End Days," or for any other reason! There is no mandate to force Christianity on others, as it can only be attained by personal choice. We are simply directed to spread the word to those willing to listen, while making a sincere effort to live by that word.

Many of these hawk converts are still claiming Christianity as their religious faith. But a "Christian Hawk" is no more possible than an "Islamic Terrorist." To become a hawk, warmonger, or terrorist is to oppose your religious faith. Claiming both is only a self-serving attempt to distort religious faith into false justification for bad attitudes and evil behavior.


Rowland Road

I am one of the taxpayers accused of not caring for my child, a Lake Local student. Maybe the levy would pass if the amount requested were not astronomical. I believe it is such a great amount because of the waste in our district.

Our school bus drivers are permitted to drive buses home, and to their other jobs. Some of these buses are seen at peculiar times, and places, on nights and weekends, even when there are no sporting events. The board members condone this practice. Have you seen the price of fuel?

Unlike other public schools, Lake students must pay a "fee," with the average being $50, some much higher. Fees are based upon each child's curriculum, and they include field trip fees for the year. My child did not have one field trip this year;where's this money?

We have a brand new junior high. Granted, a new building was mandatory. However, they could have reduced this cost dramatically by merely waiting until state funds were available.

I have attended meetings between the board members and the voters. I find these school board members arrogant and close-minded. At the start, they wouldn't even discuss pay-to-play sports. Why? They used sports as a bargaining tool. That idea, along with the levy, failed.

Now, pay-to-play is fine. The bargaining tool now is transportation, ironically, just before the next levy attempt. After struggling a month to get our children to school, they figure we'll run to the polls, and drop to our knees.

Funny, they tell our kids we don't care about them, yet they are willing to let them walk down State Rt. 795 with no sidewalks, crossing a four-lane highway, with no crossing guards.

As far as I see it, the "Lake" is dried up.

C. Betz


I see columnist Russ Lemmon wants the sheriff to know that more than 100 Blade employees used no sick time last year.

When was the last time a Blade employee went to work and was attacked by a raging printing plate? When was the last time the stress of being in a fight with a dangerous typewriter left an employee shaken?

When these people go to work at the sheriff's office, they have no idea what the day will bring. These officers are dealing with the scum of Toledo, not a waste can that is capable of violence. Don't compare apples and oranges. It won't work.

Carl Zellner


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