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Did weather cause spike in accidents?

I have only on good thing to say of The Blade: It is predictable. As soon as results were released regarding increased accidents on the Ohio Turnpike due to a higher speed limit, I knew The Blade would kick in with an editorial.

Never mind looking at whether the increase was speed related. That would never enter The Blade's collective mind. Were the accidents in bad weather months? I seem to recall a not too pleasant winter for driving. And when the average speed for trucks is reported as 67, The Blade uses its scare tactics to talk of 80 mph trucks. I drive the turnpike weekly (in a big truck) at 65 mph and do not recall any 80 mph trucks passing me.

Do not let The Blade fool you. If the speed limit is lowered, trucks will leave the turnpike and return to secondary roads, There will be no incentive to stay on the turnpike. Also I find it curious that Indiana just raised its speed limit on cars to 70 and 65 for trucks on all interstate highways. Many other states including those with mountains (not Ohio's relatively flat surface) have up to 70 mph for all vehicles.



I applaud the Blade for its coverage of an exciting and expanded story, "An Oak Opening," July 31. There are two stories here. One is the wonderful act that resulted in saving wildlife in our region, including endangered species of plants and animals.

The other story is about the values and foresight of a human. "None of this would have been possible without the caring of Mike Perzynski." As you wrote: "He could have profited mightily by selling out to developers but wanted to share the savanna's magic."

Look at the contrast of this event and the qualities of the human spirit behind it; compare it to the daily, sad exposition of one using power, money, and political connections to accomplish what? Whom would you see as the genuine community leader or real hero?

I and the rest of the Perzynski family publicly applaud Mike for making us all proud. No doubt that his dad, mine,and all those before us look down with joy to acknowledge one great, selfless act and decision for our community.

Tony Perzynski

Darewood Drive

For those of us who use Front Street on a daily basis, we patiently endured a winter of playing pot-hole dodge 'em and are very thankful to the City for the unplanned, I'm sure, resurfacing this year. However, over the past several weeks, we now have had to endure dust storms and mud paddies, as whatever project that is moving dirt from one side of the old Edison plant to the other is making a mess out of Front Street.

Granted, there is a pathetic little street sweeper making a gallant effort to control the mess, but in its efforts it makes more dust and turns the rock-hard mud patties back into wet mud patties making the mess even worse.

I feel sorry for those residents living along Front Street; the dust haze is horrendous. I have no problem with progress, but why does it have to come at the inconvenience of those living in and driving through the area?

It seems pretty simple. By removing a couple sections of fence between the two dirt piles, the work could go on without having to use Front Street.

Give us a break!

Who is going to pay for repairs to newly paved Front Street for damages caused by this work?

Who is going to pay to have the homes cleaned?

And for those of us who travel Front Street every day, to whom do we send the car wash bills?

Dave Clarke


The latest energy bill, signed by President Bush, is yet another failure in this country's chance to remove itself from foreign oil dependency. Actually, our leaders should be looking out for the next generation of Americans who will have to scramble for a solution when the oil simply runs out. Experts can say that the oil will run out in about 40 years. I'm not buying into that theory. We need fresh new ideas and bold visionaries to develop total alternative energy methods and we need to start now, so that in 10 years we can be self sufficient and dependent on no one for our energy sources.

Marc E. Miller


I found the unkind remarks made recently by Lauren Bacall more than hypocritical regarding Tom Cruise as an actor and now a popular target resulting from his relationship with Katie Holmes. Everyone is aware of the "Bogey and Bacall" love fest which captures the hearts and minds of the public to this day despite Ms. Bacall being 25 years younger than Mr. Bogart. Would she tarnish their relationship by stating unacceptable commercialism or call into question his or her own acting ability? Of course not.

Cruise's film biography has allowed him to work beside Dustin Hoffman, Paul Newman, Robert Duvall, and Jack Nicholson, resulting in accolades, nominations, and awards as well as films that are considered classics.

Instead of joining the "pile-on" mentality being fostered in the media, Ms. Bacall, above others, should understand what's going on here and be above the fray.

A Hollywood romance creates an entertainment frenzy, which in turn can be very trying for the couple involved. As Humphrey Bogart said in the film Key Largo, "When your head says one thing and your whole life says another, your head always loses."

Let's wish the best for Tom and Katie, enjoy their films, and get on with our own lives.

Randy Whitman

Forestlawn Road

Oblivious to the history of Vietnam and the asymmetric warfare tactics Osama bin Laden used to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan, George Bush in a blundering move impaled us in the middle of a 1,000-year religious war in Iraq. To justify his mistake on Feb. 26, 2003, he announced that he was going to "democratize the whole Arab world."

Unfortunately George Bush, like most Americans, knows little about democracy. Vladimir Putin seemed to have a better handle on democracy when on 60 Minutes he said "democracy can't be exported. It has to come from within."

This is what America needs to understand. Democracy is not freedom. Thomas Jefferson warned us of "despotic democracies" and Adolf Hitler was a proponent of democracy. Democracy is simply majority or mob rule. This means that when the majority rules the minority is ruled.

The patriots who really desire freedom understand that freedom requires responsibility. These people don't want rulers, kings, or presidents. They don't even want a federal government. Give them the Articles of Confederation and turn them loose. Some would call them anarchists.

Who are these people? Patriots like Patrick Henry, abolitionist Lysander Spooner, writer Henry David Thoreau, economists Murray Rothbard and Hans Herman Hoppe, columnist Joseph Sobran, and me.

Conditioned Americans will need a major reality check to shift to this paradigm.


Drummond Road

Tom Noe accepted a large amount of money from the Bureau of Workers' Compensation for his personal use. He also contributed a large amount to Republican candidates George Bush, Robert Taft, and others.

The Workers' Compensation funds belong to all working citizens of Ohio. Therefore, it seems, everyone, Republican and Democrat alike, contributed unwittingly to these Republican candidates - and we didn't even get kissed!


121st Street

Isn't it amazing that DNA test results can get a person out of prison after years have passed by, but O.J. Simpson had positive DNA test results at the time of a crime but couldn't get convicted?


Brock Drive

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