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Just how is Schiavo so honorable?

An Aug. 10 editorial talked about Michael Schiavo's so-called "honor." As usual, The Blade just doesn't get it. There are only two instances in which he could he be considered an honorable man.

First, if he truly wanted to honor Terri's wishes and was committed to his marriage vows to her, he would have remained at her bedside along with her parents and siblings.

Second, when he felt it was time to "seek companionship" with another woman and have a family life with another, that was when he should have handed the reins over to Terri's parents and siblings and moved on with his own life.

Somehow he couldn't give up that control. We will probably never know the full story. But with Michael, Terri didn't have a chance.

Incredibly, her life was disposable in the eyes of The Blade and much of our depraved society. The disabled must ask, "Who's next?"


Cyril Street

The Bush Administration claims to be winning the war on terror while in fact it has just been handed the first major defeat. The Israeli pull-out from Gaza can be viewed many ways but only one fact accurately describes this terrible defeat for democracy. Israel, a democratic and sovereign nation with an estimated population of less than 10 million, is being forced to give land to another Muslim theocracy (the term theocracy is used to describe a form of government in which a religion or faith plays a dominant role) which will add to the some 350 million Muslims currently living under terrorist regimes.

The so-called Palestinian constitution does not grant religious freedom, it does not grant freedom of speech, and it most certainly does not even come close to the freedoms American men and women are dying for in Iraq every day.

If the Iraqis deserve to live in freedom, why does the Bush Administration see fit to allow a bunch of terrorists to control the lives of the so-called Palestinians? Hamas will hold the majority of the local government seats in Gaza, and Hamas is still a terrorist organization even when dressed in suits and ties.

No democracy should be expected to give up land to a collection of terrorists for any reason. The Bush Administration is continuing down the dangerous path of appeasement and the unfortunate results will be more terror attacks against Israel.



I read in The Blade where Ohio is now number one in the country in loss of jobs. I have lived and prospered in Ohio for a lifetime. I sure would like to see my children and grandchildren do the same. Every citizen of every age should be working to help find the solution for the loss of jobs in our state. Giving China and other countries everything it wants will not return Ohio to economic vitality and security.

Hardworking Ohioans who believe in a level playing field and opportunity for all need to start paying attention to the issues to keep the American dream alive. It is time to leave old-fashioned partisan politics behind and get active for Ohio.

The solution is to stop corporations and Washington from shipping our good-paying jobs to foreign countries. The only way the working man can do this is by activism (the corporations have the money). There are many groups out there along with the steelworkers leading grass-roots campaigns to help Ohio, but they cannot do it alone and need the help of every Ohioan. Let's hook up and fight back before it is too late.



Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School in Fall River, Mass., has been the temporary home for the University of Toledo's Glassmen Drum and Bugle Corp while they compete in the DCI World Championships. The City of Toledo should be proud of this nonprofit organization. While staying with us, the young performers, volunteers, and staff have been a pleasure to deal with. I hope the local community realizes the Glassmen are great ambassadors for the Toledo area.


Committee Member

Diman Regional School

Swansea, Mass.

Remember George Bush's quick action during the Terry Schiavo sideshow? He and his Congress created a law intended to keep this tortured woman artificially alive, against her own wishes. Then he got on Air Force One in the middle of the night and flew from Crawford, Texas, to Washington in order to take advantage of this golden family-value photo-op.

Another tortured woman is now truly in need and actually asking for his attention, and this one is right there in Crawford. Cindy Sheehan is asking Mr. Bush to answer some painful questions about her son's death in Iraq.

So far, our President hasn't seen enough political advantage to warrant interrupting his five-week vacation and facing Ms. Sheehan even though he wouldn't have to get on Air Force One or even leave town.

Of course, there is nothing he can say that will bring Casey Sheehan back. But someone with true family values would take a few minutes to listen to this grieving mother, even though there won't be a juicy photo-op to make it worth his political while.

Casey was sent to face enemy fire and he came home in a coffin.

George Bush is being asked to face Casey's mother. The same George Bush that taunted the enemy to "bring it on."

Where is his courage now?

No matter how uncomfortable he is with Cindy's questions, he won't go home in a coffin.

Has he run out of his fabled "strength" and "determination" so that he can't "do the hard work" of facing a housewife from California?

Don't you wish someone in Washington would "do the hard work" of bringing our troops home?


Plymouth, Mich.

Cindy Sheehan is a typical liberal wacko. She continues to blame President Bush for the death of her son instead of the radical Muslim terrorists who continue to murder women, children, military, and civilian personnel - anyone who supports the idea of freedom in Iraq. We do have a stake in securing freedom in Iraq, and destroying our enemies who plot daily to murder our families and friends.

For Ms. Sheehan to suggest that the President's daughters should go fight in Iraq to take the place of her son is laughable. Her son voluntarily joined the military. The job of a soldier is to fight wars, period.

That is what they train for day in and day out. Soldiers must accept the fact that they may give their life for their country, but they train very hard to allow the enemy to die for his.

I have the utmost respect for her son, and I realize the scope of the sacrifice he willingly gave to help secure a nation from tyranny, and give them the opportunity to live in freedom. I have no respect or sympathy for Ms. Sheehan.

For a mother to disgrace her son's honor and noble sacrifice for his nation is unthinkable to me.


Cherry Hill Road

Gasoline - supply and demand? Baloney!

The percentage increase of the oil company's profits over the last year (33 percent) is identical to the percentage increase of the cost of a gallon of gasoline over the last year (33 percent).

Something's rotten in Denmark!


Douglas Road

What am I missing? Larry Sykes and other school board members are celebrating the fact they scored a 4 on the state report card. A 4 is nothing when the average from the ones listed in the paper is 15.5. I think Eugene Sanders should find something else to be jubilant about. Maybe his salary!


Kinder Road

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