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Letters to the Editor

If you don't want a baby, don't have sex

I must have missed something in the news. A recent letter writer seems to think the President has been sneaking into women's homes to try to impregnate them while they sleep! She wrote, "women should be allowed to grow and flourish without government forcing motherhood on any one of us." Who is forcing women into unwanted pregnancies?

OK, a tiny fraction of abortions are sought by rape victims. But basically, if you don't want a baby, don't have sex. It's that simple, people. And if you don't have any more self-respect and self-control than a stray cat and you do end up pregnant, who's to say you can't still "flourish" as a woman? Give the baby to someone else who wants desperately to have one but can't. Whether it lives inside your body or out, it's never OK to kill a person who simply got in the way of your plans, especially if you created that person yourself.

The letter writer can teach her daughter to wait until she wants a baby and then have sex. She can teach her daughter that we are all responsible for the consequences of our actions. And, most important, she can teach her daughter - whom I presume she loves - that a baby is not a life-destroying entity. Many of us are thrilled that we have our children - planned or not - and we all "flourish" as a family.



Tell Cheney it's time to leave the bunker

Can someone please tap Dick Cheney on the shoulder and tell him it's time to leave his bunker and address the American people? It seems the only time Mr. Cheney makes a speech it's in front of a military audience (sworn to protect our leaders), or it's for his friends in the oil or defense industry. When you're elected to the highest office in the land, you're duty-bound to answer to all the citizens of this republic. We weren't overtaken by an illegal cabal, were we?

Maybe our democracy has been hijacked by a select few who think they don't have to answer to the American public.

How else can the Republicans explain that Dick Cheney, the guy with those deferments, can attack a decorated U.S. Marine named John Murtha for trying to have our elected leader explain the lack of a strategy regarding Iraq?

The reason we attacked Iraq was to remove Saddam. Don't we have him in custody? Doesn't that mean "mission accomplished"?

Wasn't another reason we attacked Iraq was because we need to fight the terrorists over there and not here on our streets? Well, let's try this strategy: We put our ground troops in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait (lots of oil there), and we let the terrorists (really Kurds, Shiites, Sunnis) fight themselves. Then we use our excellent Air Force to bomb from the air the terrorists on the ground.

Make no mistake about Iraq: The reason we're there is not to spread democracy, it's for Dick's friends to profit from the cheap oil. I'm willing to bet any Republican that Dick Cheney returns to Halliburton or some other Republican-run defense contractor when his time in office ends. Anyone want to take that bet?



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