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Liberals need to join war on terror

America faces as perilous a future today as at any time in our past. We are at war with radical terrorists whose aim is to kill as many Americans and westerners as possible. Anyone doubting this is not paying attention to periodic bin Laden and al Zawahri messages which promise more 9/11-type attacks.

The Bush Administration is working on many fronts to aggressively pursue terrorists, weaken their ability to acquire weapons, and disrupt their operations. Iraq is one of those fronts in the war on terror. Saddam's regime was a dangerous threat to stability in the Middle East and had to be dealt with, as acknowledged by a unanimous vote of the U.N. Security Council in 2002.

There are numerous accounts of al-Qaeda-Iraqi clandestine meetings in the 1990s, and suspicions of Iraqi WMDs and Saddam's efforts to acquire more, and regime-sponsored terrorist training camps.

But close-minded liberals scoff at these reports and dismiss them as hype by the President. Rather than acknowledging the threat and joining forces in the war on terror, they would rather engage in gutter politics with reckless accusations, distortions, and misinformation.

In their headlong rush to "get Bush," they have lost their objectivity and moral compass. Their incessant drumbeat of negativity undermines antiterrorist efforts and plays into the enemy's hand. They have no original ideas, stand for nothing, and are against everything.

In spite of their actions, we are gradually winning the war on terror thanks to President Bush's leadership. Additionally, scores of countries have worked with us by hunting down thousands of terrorists and foiling their plots.

Think how much faster victory could be achieved if liberals would stop their political bickering and get on board to display a united America.



I disagree with Russ Lemmon that religion is being "forced" on the public.

If Waterville council members choose to open their meetings with a prayer asking for God's guidance, I think that is their business.

The public is free to approve or disapprove, and also to pray or not to pray. I doubt the populace feels "forced" in any direction.

A federal judge has ruled that a decades-old granite monument of the Ten Commandments can remain standing on the grounds of the Lucas County Courthouse. The public is free, however, to like or dislike the monument, to agree with the judge or rail against his decision, but I doubt that anyone will feel "forced" to embrace its presence and what is written on it.

In incorporating our state motto, "With God all things are possible," in her campaign ad, Betty Montgomery is expressing her personal belief, as she has a right to do. Surely, Mr. Lemmon must know that over the centuries our presidents have expressed faith in religion. If this is "a blatant attempt to mix religion with politics," more influential politicians than Betty Montgomery have set the precedent. Even so, I doubt that anyone will feel "forced" to have his or her religious views coincide with Ms. Montgomery's.

Mr. Lemmon also writes, "I mean it's not like society's moral compass has improved since the so-called 'religious right' started becoming more vocal."

Nor has it improved since the far left has intensified its attack on religion.


River Road

Wow. President Bush names Tony Snow from Fox News as his new press secretary. Once again, the President makes an appointment from within his administration.

Hal Simon


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