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Letters to the Editor

Investigation cleared Israel in bombing

The Blade and many other newspapers ran a story June 10 that contained information about the horrible June 9 killing of seven Palestinian civilians on a Gaza beach. The reports said that these civilians were killed by the Israel Army.

However, investigation by the Israeli Defense Force determined that Israel was not responsible. Defense Minister Amir Peretz reported that results of the official inquiry exclude IDF implication. Shrapnel taken from two of the civilians evacuated to Israeli hospitals indicated that the explosives were not made in Israel.

The investigation noted the absence of a crater at the site, as would be expected if an IDF shell had landed there. The IDF accounted for five of the six shells fired in the area before the explosion and the shell that was unaccounted for was fired more than 10 minutes before the blast. Israel believes that an anti-personnel land mine buried by Palestinians caused the explosion.

The minister stressed these points: "Israel does not target innocents, yet must fight terrorists who willingly shield themselves behind their own population. Not only do these terrorists use the Palestinian population for cover, they manipulate and exploit the suffering they cause their own people in order to achieve fleeting advantages in their propaganda war against Israel and its legitimacy."

Since Israel's complete withdrawal from Gaza last August, more than 500 terrorist rockets have fallen on Israeli civilian targets, including kindergartens, schools, homes, and factories, the Israeli government bears the responsibility to protect the lives of its citizens and to defend it from terrorist threats.

Every other government would, in similar circumstances, act in a similar manner.

Blaming Israel for the world's woes is ridiculous. Israel is our ally. Sympathizing with terrorists is immoral. Be careful who you choose to help protect the world.

Wendy Goldstein

Community Relations Director

United Jewish Council

of Greater Toledo

The world's terrorists will not rest knowing the capability of our awesome soldiers and their dedication to freedom. There is no safe house for them or their ilk. It appears the last thing al-Zarqawi saw was a U.S. special forces soldier staring him in the face. Amen.

Tony Snow told reporters that when it came to his poll numbers or our nation's security, President Bush would always choose our nation's security - end of question.

A great Democrat, Harry Truman, did not care about polls when he ended war with Japan. Liberal Tony Blair recently articulated well the need to continue to fight the current war with increased fervor. Mr. Blair could care less about his low poll numbers. Bill Clinton's narcissistic obsession with polls caused him to waste cruise missiles and bombing missions on poor strategy. The terrorists laughed at our weakness and continued to build their resources.

Sen. John Kerry and Rep. John Murtha now call for a cut-and-run strategy after the killing of al-Zarqawi. The Democratic leadership demands increased funding for homeland security pork while they deny a war even exists. They will demand an investigation to see why al-Zarqawi wasn't given a fair trial and advanced medical treatment.

The Democrats were quick to salivate over our heroic Marines being shackled in prison for what looks to be questionable charges. The deaths in Haditha were more than likely caused by the likes of al-Zarqawi. With the end of the evil terrorist, Democrats have seen their political strength evaporate. They are grasping at old Vietnam-era attacks against our brave military and the American people are disgusted with their political games.

Howard Dean will dust off other failed strategies from the past for 2006 and scream: worst economy ever, more abortion needed, gay marriage, evil capitalism, evil military, etc.

Tim Mohler


I'm an hourly worker at DaimlerChrysler TMP in Perrysburg. We recently voted on a shelf agreement for new work. I'm appalled by the number of UAW "yes men" who dealt our future a serious blow. While we do embrace the idea that new work will keep our UAW brothers and sisters secure into the future, what cost is it worth?

The fine print says they can force a 12-hour shift. How many people want to line up for those working hours? The big dogs get family time. Where's mine? I always thought Toledo was a union town. I guess that doesn't count in Perrysburg. How could you vote yes on 800 job cuts?

Maybe the UAW should donate our dues back to Daimler. You know, help out a little!

Scott Collum


Before high school students and families take off for backyard or beach, they should consider one important thing to do now to protect their privacy before they hear that first school bell again in August.

Throughout this school year, we have encouraged Toledo Public Schools to inform families about privacy rights and military recruitment in schools, rights protected in federal laws. TPS has taken the first step by sending an important letter and pre-printed form to its high school families. It explains what private data are released by any request, and how families can protect privacy rights under state and federal laws.

TPS' form lets a family control who may receive that data. This allows families to choose, instead of someone else making privacy choices for them. This is a privacy success for families and for the school district. In schools around the country, when given direct notification, 85 percent or more of families refused student data being shared with military recruiters.

Another success is TPS' stated intent to inform recruiters that they must honor any family's request to have students left alone in school. If you do not want your student pursued by recruiters in school hallways, cafeterias, parking lots, or guidance counselor's offices, you should clearly tell administrators to act on your behalf. We are optimistic that the school district will stand by these protections on behalf of students.

In next steps, TPS and other schools should truly equalize access afforded the military recruiters, another requirement of law. The U.S. Army spends almost $17,000 per head to recruit. Universities, including the University of Toledo and many other Ohio colleges, are averaging about $455 per student who enrolls. Schools are for learning, not recruitment, especially given these funding inequities.

Peggy Daly-Masternak

Drummond Road

The incessant news slant against conservatives and those associated with conservative views is destroying our faith in your newspaper. Why not print both sides of a story and not just one-sided opinions by your half-truth brethren? Here is some revealing information about homeland security funding provided to New York City:

Embarrassed New York politicians discovered up to one-third of the $20 billion in federal aid awarded to the city after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to be misused, according to an analysis last December by the New York Daily News. But that hasn't been investigated by the liberal media or expressed by the same politicians complaining about a relatively small $80 million cut in New York City's federal anti-terrorism budget.

Democratic Sens. Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, and Rep. Peter King proclaimed their outrage over the new cuts, with Ms. Clinton and Mr. King teaming up to launch a postcard-writing campaign against the Department of Homeland Security.

They expressed no outrage six months ago when the Daily News uncovered evidence that billions in 9/11 cash had been misspent, gone unaccounted for, and, in at least one case, awarded to the mafia.

Why does The Blade not present more balanced reporting in its choice of editorial content?

Bob Chaney


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