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Letters to the Editor

Democratic ideals not for everyone

Not everyone is ready for a democratic republic. Democracy in any form cannot be pushed upon people, societies, or cultures.

If we are intent upon spreading the ideals of a democratic republic, we should provide and make universally available copies of "Common Sense," by Thomas Paine, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. The people within a given society can then embrace the principles contained within these publications in full, in part, or not at all.

If the majority of a society rejects the principles buttressing a democratic republic, that society is either not ready for, does not want, or cannot successfully manage such a form of government. We cannot force our ideals upon people who do not embrace the underpinnings of a democratic republic. Our birth as a nation should be instructive.

We must understand a democratic republic does not translate across all cultural lines. This is particularly true when dealing with countries whose boundaries were drawn by the winners of the last two World Wars without consideration for the histories, ethnicities, and values of their populace. A democratic republic is not right for everyone, everywhere, every time.

Robert W. Bryce


"I can't be guided by what people think of me." - Mayor Carty Finkbeiner

Wow! What's up with that? Seems not too long ago Mayor Finkbeiner sent (then) Toledo police Chief Mike Navarre packing and hired Jack Smith. Now Mr. Finkbeiner has sent (most recent) Toledo police Chief Jack Smith packing, only to rehire (then - now) Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre.

Better than a soap opera! More like an episode of Survivor. By the way, when can we vote the mayor off the city payroll?

Brian Smith

Indian Knoll Drive

My name is Carty and I want you to know,

This is my city and what I say goes.

I'll hold my breath and stomp my feet,

And get in your face whenever we meet.

I'm the King of this town and you need to know.

If you don't do it my way, you've got to go.

So be gone those of you who disagree.

My name is Carty and it's all about me.

Susan Jesionowski


Mayor Finkbeiner has his work cut out for him. Why are people moving out of the city?

My mother celebrated her 60th year in her home near Walbridge Avenue and Spencer Street in the Old South End.

But in the past year, her porch has been damaged by a motorcycle crash, her house burglarized and door destroyed, garage broken into, aluminum downspouts stolen, and even her cane taken from her back porch. Of course, now her basement is flooded.

How can an 88 1/2 year old widow afford this?


Bowling Green

A forum writer from Carleton, Mich., claims the Democrats are uneducated, morally bankrupt leftists.

Here is a test for this person:

1. Who has borrowed $200 billion from the communist Chinese? And now $2 billion a week!

2. What party just cut $14 billion from the student loan program?

3. Is it a viable way to run a government to run up $3 trillion in debt in five years?

4. What election was stolen in the year 2000? Ask Al Gore. He knows.

The facts are these miscreants running our government now only know how to give $100,000 tax cuts to millionaires.

Ronald Reagan was in office eight years, George the elder for four years and George the younger for five years, a combined 17 years, and they couldn't and won't put the abortion issue up for a vote.

Why? Because they don't want it stopped as it incites clueless people who vote. Marilou Johanek follows the Harry Truman principle, to wit: "Don't give Republicans Hell, just tell the truth and they'll think it's Hell."

Gay marriage must be a huge problem in Carleton. Why else be concerned?



A June 19 letter, "Clowns on the left," was so well written that it inspired me to respond. I can't stand the "wacko whining" that goes on in today's media. Seriously, it seems like every time I turn on the TV, I hear someone telling me to be gay. I also hate that it is illegal to say "God."

Jim Adams was totally correct in his fear of Democrats "hijacking" elections. I would much rather have my elections stolen by Republicans. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last election "hijacked" by Democrats. The "verifiable facts" show that George W. Bush won the 2000 election 5 to 4. At least 2004 was clean. Wait, Ken Blackwell and company disenfranchised thousands of voters in the swing state of Ohio. That is a "verifiable fact," but maybe if I dress it in abortion and homophobia nobody will notice.

Mr. Adam's treatise was chock-full of un-"verifiable facts," illogical accusations, and paranoid nonsense and is highly illustrative of the misinformation propagated by those on the right. If Democrats would filibuster Osama when they haven't used a filibuster on a judicial nomination then he hasn't read a newspaper, let alone a tabloid. If he thinks that the "clowns on the left" want to make Spanish the national language, he obviously ignores the immigration debate. No senator or representative has endorsed such a measure.

Lastly, if he wants a 90 percent flat tax to fund "government 'pork,'●" go ahead, pork at home and young soldiers' lives are more valuable than nonexistent weapons and Halliburton no-bid contracts. I really need to get his cable provider.

Maybe I'm "morally bankrupt." I need a morality loan. Has Tom Noe been sent up yet?

Richard Ellis

Bowling Green

It was the night of June 21, of electrical storms, flooded streets, and raging waters. I tried at least five routes from downtown to Secor Road and Monroe Street, and had to make just as many U-turns away from flooded streets and underpasses. Safety seemed in sight when I reached Douglas Road and turned on to Kenwood Boulevard. Mistake! We were forced to abandon our flooded, waterlogged, stalled car.

This is where I met an "angel," a young man in jeans, with body piercings and tattoos. He was standing at an apartment door observing the disaster. We waded in knee deep water to his doorway, used his cell phone, and accepted his offer for a ride to safety. Until his car had to be deserted also. After helping several other vehicles to safety, he led us, he said, seven blocks, through front yards and back yards, through parking lots and streets, and around buildings, all in lightning, and drenching rain to the safety of Dunkin' Donuts on Central Avenue. The place was filled with "angels" offering care and concern, hot drinks "on the house," a blanket from someone's car - just loads of kindness.

The cell phone located a sister "angel" who chanced the flooding streets to get to us. Home was filled with "angels" worrying, phoning, praying for our safety. I am grateful to all the "angels" from the streets of Toledo to the Notre Dame convents. We're home safely!

If you met a similar fate on the night of June 21, you will understand. Hopefully, you, too, met Toledo's angels. There may be crime in our city, but there is much good here also.


Sylvania Avenue

C'mon people. Cut some slack for Carty. How many big city mayors could come up with two excellent, experienced police chiefs in six months? The Blade is fun to read again and, as a bonus, Toledo is back in the national news. That ain't all bad, folks!

Delmer O. Gasche

Morenci, Mich.

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