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Letters to the Editor

State Issue 2 would only fuel inflation

Raising the minimum wage (Issue 2) will accomplish one thing: It will fuel inflation.

In many businesses that hire a lot of minimum-wage workers, those who have had a good work record for a certain time, perhaps three or six months, receive a raise.

Now those people will also have to get a raise in order to keep them above the minimum-wage workers. This may place them too close to the next level, who will then have to get a raise to keep them sufficiently above the ones below them.

This may follow all the way up to the managers. Even if it does not have to go that far, all the people who received raises may force the cost of the product to be higher. Wages are often the biggest part of a product's cost.

In Michigan, where the minimum wage was recently raised, some businesses have already indicated that they will have to raise prices.

There will always be people earning the minimum wage, and they will always be on the bottom. There will always be people above them making more money.

In the long run, the people who really lose are the older people trying to get by on a very limited fixed income. These are the people who sometimes vote against school levies and other taxes because increased inflation makes their choices between food, medicine, gasoline, and the costs of their home that much more difficult.

Raising the minimum wage will increase the inflation spiral.


Alexis Road

A threat to privacy, economic growth

I have serious issues with the proposed constitutional amendment State Issue 2. Brilliant politically, it will doom the state's economic growth. Yes, people should earn a fair wage.

The problem is not so much the minimum wage portion of the issue, but the underlying pretext to the issue. If this issue passes your privacy as an employee is gone. Any person, or an agent of any person, can walk into any business and demand the company's entire payroll records.

Take a minute and think about all of the information that your employer has on you for your payroll records. All of that information must be given to the person requesting them immediately or the employer has very steep fines to pay.

The only information that cannot be given is your Social Security number and your phone number. Your full name, address, birth date, tax information, and more information than you want to think about must be supplied.

Read the entire amendment before voting. If Issue 2 passes, you not only eliminate business growth, you will force businesses to leave the state.

Joe Nagle

Georgetown Avenue

Negative ads do harm to our country

I am tired of negative political ads. They are misleading and depressing. They turn off voters and discourage qualified people from running.

By supporting these negative ads, the very people who publicly proclaim their patriotism actually undermine the political process, and thereby do our country harm.

I hope others will join me in voting against those candidates who use this degrading tactic.


Tanglewood Drive

Proposed increase in minimum too high

I feel the minimum wage does need to be raised, but much slower than proposed. I think it needs to be put at $6 an hour, and if those workers are still on the job after a year, $7 per hour; schedule increases only if they continue on the job.

Raising it by 30 percent now, without gaining anything from it, is a ridiculous requirement on an employer.

Many minimum-wage employees have not developed a good work ethic. They've never had a reason to. They know that they can go anywhere and begin again at the same rate. They often put no effort into their work, and their attendance is often poor. If they have something to work for, then maybe they would learn how to advance in their job instead of always changing jobs.

Increasing the minimum wage to the level proposed by Issue 2 will put many more employees who are currently above the minimum wage at minimum wage! I think it will make these employees feel less valued, as new hires will make as much as current employees.

A better plan is needed with input from employers.



COSI has important role in community

The recent Blade editorial in support of Issue 11 clearly stated the need to support COSI.

Communities are rated not only by the quality of their governments and businesses but also by the support services and recreational activities available to the public. Toledo is known for the Museum of Art, the symphony, and the Valentine Theatre.

We must remember the unique services provided by COSI have both recreational and educational value for children. This past year COSI was recognized as one of America's top five distance learning centers, underscoring its value to the reputation of our city.

It is a center available to kids in the heat of the summer and in the dead of winter, weekdays and weekends. It is a center available to local schools as well as out-of-town visitors. It is a center that has educational benefits as well as being fun for children and can be a welcome respite for parents and grandparents.

If we are able to support senior centers for adults, let us not forget to support a center exclusively for our children. On a personal note, all of our children have grown up, but we take our grandchildren to COSI every time they come to visit. Not at our request, but at theirs. With each visit, we anticipate their request to "Let's go to COSI, Gramme and Papa."

Join us and the children of Lucas County in support of Issue 11. COSI is the one center in Toledo exclusively for our children's education and entertainment.


Pelham Road

COSI a wonderful moveable feast

I support COSI of Toledo. The Institute of Museum and Library Services awarded COSI the nation's highest award for community service.

As a teacher for more than 34 years with Toledo Public Schools, I consider it a privilege to introduce my students to the wonderful moveable feast that is COSI. A moveable feast, because with every visit, one experiences a new treat for the senses.

My students have used COSI as a preview of lessons to come as well as a follow-up activity that ties all the information in the classroom to something they can see, touch, and hear.

My students and their families have also experienced math and science nights, science festivals, and interactive exhibits such as the current "Jump into Japan." This gives families an opportunity for quality time to learn side by side.

Hands-on learning is nothing new to COSI. Its focus has always been to find out what is going on in the educational arena and train staff to reach out to area professionals with the most current topics.

Professionals across the region can experience innovative training opportunities such as the ISIS program, which pairs university professionals with first- and second-year teachers, inquiry-based outreach programs for gifted and inner-city youth to become engaged in math and science, and educator's circles, which give educators an opportunity to learn about the array of regional services available.

COSI inspires everyone to use their imaginations to create, explore, and learn. This is why COSI is such an integral part of our Toledo community and is truly a moveable feast for us all to enjoy.

Let us congratulate COSI and support Issue 11 on Nov. 7 so we will never lose this valuable resource.


Elaine Drive

Beating the Yankees was a piece of cake. Sweeping the A's with Magglio Ordonez' walk-off homer was the icing on the cake.

OK, so the Cards kept us from putting sprinkles on the icing of the cake. It was a delicious season anyway. Thank you, Tigers!

Stephen Christman

Cloister Court

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