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Letters to the Editor

Let's show we are the 'best fans'

For decades Ohio State University has been known across the land for its great tradition in football. However, the fan reputation as respectful and friendly towards our opponents has declined in recent years.

As a student of the Ohio State University, I feel it is important to challenge that changing reputation and fortunately, I am not alone.

The student body of Ohio State has taken initiative to promote good sportsmanship through the development of the Sportsmanship Council, which strives to create a respectful environment for not only Buckeye fans, but for all visiting teams and their supporters as well.

Athletics is a large stage on which the university's reputation is based. Through direct displays of good sportsmanship and attempts to reach out to everyone who visits Ohio State University on game days, we can ensure that Ohio Stadium will be an enjoyable experience for all who have that opportunity to be a part of that tremendous atmosphere.

History and tradition are very important to students, alumni, and fans of Ohio State. The Sportsmanship Council hopes to develop a realization that recognition as the "Best Fans in the Land" is one of those traditions.

On Saturday, Ohio State and Michigan will collide as two of the best teams in the nation and, as a student who grew up along the Ohio-Michigan line, I can fully appreciate and look forward to that intensity which has distinguished this rivalry between the Buckeyes and "That Team Up North" as the best in sports.

On game day, the students of Ohio State ask that all Buckeye fans will join us in committing to respectful fan behavior and sportsmanship as we support the Buckeyes. Go Bucks!

Reid Rice

Sportsmanship Council

Ohio State University

Why blame Pelosi with GOP in charge?

You knew it must be election time when the twin hatchet men of Thomas Sowell and Mona Charen go to town on the Democrats. Mona Charen is so contemptible with her villification of Americans she disagrees with that she is beneath rebuttal. I used to at least respect Mr. Sowell's opinion until the hack piece he did on Nancy Pelosi.

Did he listen to a thing he was saying? He blamed Representative Pelosi for illegal immigration and then praised Dennis Hastert for preventing the Republican majority (his party) in the Senate from pushing amnesty in the Republican-controlled House. Geez, Mr. Hastert protects the country from Republicans - maybe he should run for president.

Then Mr. Sowell blamed runaway deficit spending on Ms. Pelosi because she didn't vote to cut welfare. Just who does he think controls both houses of Congress and the executive branch?

As far as I'm concerned, President Bush, Dick Cheney, and Thomas Sowell can all hop in the same car and ride right out of Dodge.

John Chadwick

Penn Road

No excuse for traffic jam in parking lot

Recently, I enjoyed the political satire of The Capitol Steps at the Valentine Theatre on Superior Street. The REU Park parking lot across from the theater was filled with cars, including mine. The $5 parking fee seemed fair for the convenient location. After the performance, however, the only exit open was the one on Superior. The exits on Huron were locked.

The resulting traffic jam, frayed tempers, and unnecessary loss of both time and gasoline were inexcusable. This same situation had occurred following the Late Night Catechism performance at the Valentine earlier this season. I foolishly assumed this was an accidental oversight, as my sister-in-law and I have been buying season tickets to the Valentine for several years and have always exited the parking lot onto Huron along with at least half of the other attendees.

Two traffic jams in a roware no oversight. I issue this complaint in the hopes that REU Park and the Valentine will work together to rectify this situation.

Patricia L. Watkins


Citizens got the wake-up call

I am generally an optimist. I believe things will always work out OK if you just give it your best shot, if you just hang in there long enough. Even if you do not reach your goal, you will learn something about yourself and about life.

But the last six years have been murder for this optimist. I lost faith in the citizens of this country. Had the majority gone mad? Was there no one who cared anymore about the senseless murder of innocent people through a misguided war entered into under false pretenses? Was there no one else who could see the hypocrisy of a far right claim to morality while engaging in the same behavior they condemned others for? Was I the only one to wake up every morning and wonder what happened to the backbone of this country, forged in love, and compassion for our fellow man?

Then I walked into my polling place on Election Day. I saw the line almost out the door and into the parking lot. I saw people determined to make their voices heard, their feelings about the way this country was going known. I swelled with pride and silently thanked everyone there. It did not matter at that moment who they were voting for, only that they were there to vote.

But watching this country come back to its senses in one swift bold stroke was amazing. The election results were merely icing on the cake.

Marsha Manon


Oust the king with court: Impeach him

The voters have spoken and finally ousted the king's court. Should the person responsible be allowed to reign?

King George bears the burden of this long overdue upset. His arrogance knows no end. His failed polices, unlimited spending, and poor judgment have caused such disgust with the peasants of this country (and the world), that I wonder why this king should allow to rule for two more years?

Let the king follow his court responsible for their demise. Impeach this arrogant king!

Steve Price

Penelope Drive

At best, the election was a hollow victory

As a strong critic of George Bush's war in Iraq, I suppose I should be happy that the results of the midterm elections can be seen as a repudiation of the war. It seems the election outcome is more a repudiation of how the war was waged than with the morality of the war itself. Presumably, if the war had been successfully prosecuted with few American casualties,the Republicans would not have lost control of the House and Senate. Sadly, it took the deaths of more than 2,800 American soldiers and more than 600,000 Iraqis to bring about these election results. So for those of us who opposed the war from the beginning, the election is a hollow victory at best.

As a Christian, I believe this war to be morally wrong and should have never happened. Hopefully, the new Congress will have the courage to examine and debate not just this war but the nature of war, itself. A very dangerous precedent was set by President Bush when he initiated this war of preemption. There was no overwhelming evidence of a clear and present danger to our country or any ongoing genocide in Iraq that could have possibly justified the war.

That lesson must not be forgotten.

Bob Pacer


Citizens will still get the insurers' bills

City Councilman Mark Sobczak would rather go after the insurance companies than "stick" our citizens with the bill for the fire department's response to injury accidents. It doesn't take a scholar to realize that the insurance companies will pass on this cost to their customers, so in the long run, we're getting stuck anyway.

Walter Faust

Belvoir Drive

It's true: Ohio's turned blue

Who would have ever thunk that Ohioans in the month of November would so dramatically shout "Go Blue!", albeit politically?

Stewart Wilkins


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